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n e m p o l e v e nD g i a p m a C Oxfam D&AD Amy Weston



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I will briefly research Oxfam’s target audience, brand identity and style of advertising they adopt to gain a better understanding of the organisation before developing a final concept. Oxfam have a diverse existing target audience and it is important that my campaign doesnt focus on just one group or isolate any existing customers. I want to develop a campaign concept that appeals to the existing audience and also appeals and engages ‘new’ audiences. I would like to use a concept that challenges the stereotypes of “Who supports Oxfam’s campaigns”.


rement i u q e r f e i r B

The D&AD website provides a short video interview with Matt Jackson, The head of public engagement within the campaigns department. This offers an insight into the fundamental criteria required for a sucessful Oxfam campaign. As an oxfam supporter, I found this video motivational and inspiring as it offers the opportunity to develop a diverse campaign. I will revisit all the points raised in this interview throughout my development process to ensure I am adhearing to the right guidelines and taking advantage of the advice avaliable.

It is important my campaign engages the audience and provides an undestanding of how, who and where your support can help all around the world. I really like the idea of making a relevant connection between the campaign cause and the people who donate. I want to get the audience actively involved in the campaign so their support and donations can be beneficial all round and continue in their daily lives and routines.

“Oxfam is a high profile, global charity that has a strong high street presence with 750 shops throughout the UK.”


m. a f x O o t n i rch a e s e r l a i t i In Identity. d n a r B m a Oxf I have looked through Oxfam’s Corporate branding guidelines to gain basic knowledge about the fonts, colours and other design attributes used.

Dark Green

Pantone 3425C

Light Green

Pantone 376C

Oxfams existing advertising campaigns vary in media from simple illustration to conceptual photography to convey their message. I have researched the style Oxfam adopts within their previous and existing advertising campaigns. This has helped me to gain a good understanding of the right direction for my campaign.

paigns. m a c g n i s i t r Adve The style of existing campaigns is sending out a positive message and i want to explore how they– achieve this through their visual campaigns. Oxfam also uses photography to capture a ‘real’ message and insight into the particular campaign cause featued. These are my favourite examples of existing Oxfam campaigns and advertising. The message is clear, positive and I think it also modernises the brand in a clean, sleek style. The basic mesage is communicated sucessfully as a visual outcome through photography. Above: Celebrity emdorsed campaigns are popular advertising methods to attract media attention,

Below: Another wity campaign that provides a positive message to any potential customers.


. s a e d I t p e c Initial Con cause. n g i a p m a c The

After thinking about what makes people want to support charities and get actively involved, i decided to ask my friends and family their opinions on donating to a charity. The general response was positive and people were enthusiastic about supporting a good cause. I found that the most common negative point was that you cant see exactly where and how your money help after the payment. Another issue raised was by my Grandmother who gives to several charities every month. Her point was that money doesnt grow on tree’s, and everyone is aware of that so we need to share our resources. This is a popular expression based on common knowledge that money doesnt grow on trees. Although money cant actually be grown, there are opportunities to grow crops in developing countries where they are treated as a currency and enrich their communities with trade income. I really like this concept for the base of a campaign so i will now develop this initial concept of “growing money” in different communities.

“In the world’s poorest places, people rely on being able to grow their own food to survive and it’s women who do most of the agricultural work. Now, the changing climate is putting whole communities at risk. Rains are becoming erratic. Floods and droughts more frequent. Crops are dying. Making it increasingly hard for people to provide for their families. You have the power to plant the idea. You can sow the seed.” - Oxfam.

“ Money doesn’t grow on trees you know... ”


n. g i a p m a c g stin i x e n a g n i Extend “What can you do? 1. Grow your Seed Download our Sow the Seed action kit ( and grow some cress or sprouts (or use your favourite plant) onto the head of your environment minister. If you can’t grow a seed, or you live in a country not listed below you can take part by adding Sow the Seed to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture with our Twibbon.

2. Show your Seed Take a photo of your growing seed (or your favourite plant) and share it to your Flickr, Facebook , YouTube and Twitter profiles, with this link http://bit. ly/anr4tG to our site and this tag #sowtheseed. 3. Send your Seed The most important step. Add your photos to the Sow the Seed Flashcrop photo petition by putting them in the Facebook Photo Album and Flickr group and send us a quick tweet or Facebook message to tell us. If you can’t grow a seed, add your Facebook or Twitter profile picture with our Twibbon . It’s easy! We’ll use you photos and messages during meetings with governments, with media and at campaign events to make sure our world leaders hear your demands for them to tackle climate change, secure food supplies and reduce poverty.”

I love the idea of the existing ‘Sow the Seed’ campaign and the opportunity it offers to Oxfam supporters to get actively involved in the campaign. I think there is room to develop and expand this existing campaign and establish a campaign that offers a connection of longevity between Oxfam and their supporters

unfortunately I couldn’t find any examples existing advertising campaign material other than on the Oxfam official website. This has encouraged me to develop my ideas and bring this cause into a full advertising campaign.


. s a e d I t p e c Initial Con age beans. s s e m c i g a M

My initial idea was inspired by the popular Japanese product ‘Magic message beans’. The beans are printed with personal messages, for example ‘Thank you” or a small logo. The message on the magic bean seed will appear on both sides of the bean and will last up to 1 month. The plant keeps growing for up to a year with love and care. I think this would be a good promotional gift, particularly for an environmentally conscious organization such as Oxfam. The Bean would be customized with the logo and/or the message “thank you”. This is such an unusual gift and also a constant reminder of the support you provided Oxfam with the logo on a growing plant.

This product isn’t stocked within the UK so I contacted several stockists online with inquiries about cost and shipping schedules. Unfortunately this product cannot be shipped to the UK as there are restrictions on sending bulbs and live plants. I still like the concept of actively involving the audience with something engaging, positive and environmentally friendly. It must also have an obvious link to my final Oxfam campaign and a clear ethical cause that can be highlighted through an advertising project..

This is a Photoshop version of how the Magic message plant would have looked. 5

. s a e d I t p e c Initial Con om


This offers an opportunity to anyone interested in supporting a campaign to not only give, but get actively involved in the process and reap rewards. “Our crates are used extensively in many business applications as you can see below. We’re happy to discuss any personalization or branding requirement, and we’ll work with you to ensure you stand out from the crowd: Product - Choose from 6 different sizes of crate Promotion - Customized colours and stencils to match your promotion Price - Prices and discounts to reflect your bulk buying to support your business promotion Personal Attention - Contact our team to get a quote and they’ll be only be too happy to help.”

I have researched the different businesses that currently use this service and there are no records of this idea ever being used for a charity campaign. This is a versatile concept to suit the wide target audience Oxfam already attracts and more. This product could offer a wide range of boxes in different sizes to cater to different peoples individual needs, for example; The larger plant box sizes are perfect for a garden, patio or balcony space. The smallest option is a windowsill box, perfect for Flat dwellers with no garden space or even senior citizens who cant get out in the garden as much, or particularly good for anyone during the winter months or with an interest in the basic process of ‘growing your own food’. I will now develop my Oxfam campaign based on these idea’s and incorporate my initial research.

t. c u d o r p l a romotion

Campaign p


as. e d i t n e m p elo v e d n g i a p Cam The tag line in an advertising campaign is the most effective way of capturing the audiences attention to the product. Particularly a charity campaign like Oxfam, that relies on public awareness schemes and advertising. A strap line or tag line is attached to the brand name and works as a crucial extension of the brand because it provides an insight or explanation to the product or campaign. If a tag line is successful it should support, strengthen and clarify the message of the campaign. It needs to be meaningful and positive to emphasise the concept but also simple to ensure it is memorable amongst the general public. Wikipedia states that an effective slogan usually: • States the main benefits of the product or brand for the potential user or buyer. • Makes a simple, direct, concise, crisp, and appropriate statement. • It is often witty. • Adopts a distinct “personality” of its own. • Gives a credible impression of a brand. • Makes the consumer feel “good”. • Makes the consumer feel a desire or need. • It is hard to forget - it adheres to one’s memory, especially if it is accompanied by pictures or film sequences on televised commercials. • Sounds good

g line. a t a g n i p o l Deve I started developing my tag line with a thorough mind mapping session and wrote down any words that could be connected with Oxfam and their values. I found the outcome of this to be too vague and needed something more specific, so I did another word mind map based on associations with my initial campaign concept ideas. I found this really helped because it took the whole process of the campaign and broke it down into its most basic form. I then took the three principles of the ‘supporting process’, Giving, Growing and Gaining. This is a simple explanation of the process, that is catchy and memorable and reinforced by the assimilation with the letters ‘G’. * This tag line would usually be reinforced by images or text copy to support the concept, so I will now develop my image and advertising concept ideas.

* Assimilation (linguistics), a linguistic process by which a sound becomes similar to an adjacent sound.


ne. i l g a t n g i a New camp

Give. Grow. Gain.

This concept is versatile to a wide target audience and offers the opportunity for individuals to get actively involved in supporting Oxfam’s campaign. Purchase your Give.Grow.Gain. planting box from your local Oxfam store or online. The proceeds will be used to support communities in developing countries grow crops to enrich their lives and trade income. With your initial sponsor, you will be given an option for the type of planting kit you require and choose from a selection of seed packages; Herbs/Fruits/Vegetables. Every subsequent donation made will be honored with a new pack of seeds. This not only provides the opportunity to get actively involved in the campaign, but also gain from your own donations too.



n e m p o l e v e Tag line d I experimented with different ideas for the tag line but decided keep it simple and within the existing Oxfam corporate branding guidelines. I have used the standard ‘Headline’ font that Oxfam use, Cooper black and the correct pantone colours. I wanted to incorporate the logo into the typography so when it is used within my promotional designs it can stand alone and still be recognised and associated with the Oxfam organisation.


ing. l g a t o g o l y Applying m

I ordered the ‘Windowsill Box’ from the web site. I decided to order the box with no personal message so I can apply my own tag line and use colour. I decided to hand paint my logo onto the box instead of using a stencil because I felt it would be more accurate and authentic.

I will now use this as part of my advertising campaign to highlight the purpose. I will fill it with fresh herbs, fruit or veg and display it in my final advert to highlight the product and usability and who it will appeal to.

I used a pencil to draw the outline and then used acrylic paint in the Oxfam colour to add to the authenticity of the branding.



en m p o l e v e d t ep Visual conc I decided to try and visually represent the phrase “Money doesnt grow on tree’s...” by making an origami flower made out of money. The colours of the £5 and £20 notes support the true colours of a plant with a green stem and colourful petals.

Start with a square piece of paper. I used 2 £20 notes printed back to back.

Fold one corner to meet the opposite corner, this makes a triangle.

Fold the two bottom corners to meet at the top point.

This leaves you with a smaller square.

Fold the two flaps back along the straight edge of the square.

Open the creased folds on both sides at the top.

Flatten them down so you have a crease down the middle of each fold on either side.

Fold both of these creases inwards to form the basic petal.

This is now folded round an glued to create 1 petal. This step is repeated 5 more times to make a full flower. I used this technique to also make the £5 leaf on the stalk.

ey flower. n o m i m a g i Or

I am pleased with the final origami money plant and will now stage this flower in differnt photographs to represent an appropriate message. 11


n e m p o l e v e pt d e c n o c l a u s Vi I found the process of making my money flower to be time consuming because I had to overcome several problems before reaching a final outcome I was happy with. The initial obstacle was scanning and printing the notes as it is recognized as an illegal action. I photographed each side of the notes and recreated them piece by piece in Photoshop for printing. This money flower design is unique and a combination of different origami methods of making paper flowers. I experimented with over 10 different styles and techniques but I found the majority of these origami flowers didn’t compliment the design on the money. For example they would be so intricately folded, the final flower or petals didn’t show enough of the note for it to be recognizable as a ‘money flower’.

Using my money flower and the branded Give.Grow.Gain plant box I staged photography that could be used in promotional printed items such as information brochure, posters or billboards.

I think the simple concept of planting one seed that can grow into something beautiful and beneficial to others is a visual representation of the fundamental message Oxfam portrays. It provides an opportunity to actively engage the audience with a productive method of supporting a charity that can not only benefit others but make a difference in your own daily life. We can’t grow money on tree’s, but we can plant a seed that can grow and enrich developing countries all around the world. The money generated by this campaign will aid people on a global scale to establish the roots of a community trading opportunities.


ts. p e c n o c l a u vis & y h p a r g Photo

After researching Oxfam existing campaign and styles of advertising it became clear that photography is a popular method of visually communicating their message. Now I have made my origami money flower and painted my plant box I staged different photo’s that could be used in the campaign or printed promotion like brochures.



n e m p o l e v e Idea d e audience. h t y f i t n e d I stomers. u c g n i t s i x E

d nature is a ‘green’ an in a G . w ro G . to Oxfams Give would appeal t a th ct je ro p stomer friendly lly concious cu ta n e m n ro vi n suit existing e g box doesn’t tin n la p e th if am seed base. Even recieve an Oxf ill st n ca u yo donation. you, ice with every o ch r u yo f o package r garden or w them in you ro g keen ld u co u o Y r if your not a o h tc a p le b ta ity. existing vege your commun to in ck a b it ate d growing. gardener, don e of giving an cl cy e th e u and contin

I dont want to isolate any existing or potential customers with my advertising concept so I have explored different ways to do this. I would like to use a concept that challenges the stereotypes of the typical Oxfam supporter. I think this would highlight the versitility of the Give.Grow.Gain campaign and who it can appeal to.

rs, race. e d n e g , s e g All a r Flat

perfect fo owsill box’ is d in ‘w st lle a n senior The sm n space or eve e rd a g o n ith n as much. dwellers w t in the garde u o t e g t n ca rest in citizens who ne with an inte yo a r fo d o o g and It is particulary your own food g in w ro g f o ss e product.. the basic proce longevity of th rs e ff o it so l a isnt season

Schools. Children / al process

tion ffers an educa o in a G . w ro erent plants Give. G biology of diff e th t u o b a g vides an of learnin od. It also pro fo n w o r u yo ing crops and growing rtance of grow o p im e th f o g pport understandin am help to su xf O w o h d n a orld all over the w orld. all over the w s e iti n u m m co

This campaign is about more than just giving money, you can get actively involved by growing your own herbs, fruit or vegetables. It encourages understanding of how your support can ‘grow’ and allow many communities to ‘gain’.

ialogue. d e v i t i s o p Using rsonal. e p t i g n i k Ma

said if I My Mummy am seeds, f x O y m t n pla g other n i p l e h e r a we world e h t d n u o r people a d too... to grow foo

Amira, 4

I learnt from my initial research that Oxfam uses positive dialogue to give an insight to individual, personal opinions. It is also a good method of protraying the popular audience it attracts. I really like the idea of leading the campaign ‘through the eyes of a child’ using dialogue. This not only highlights the educational values this campaign offers, but it will also simplify the Give.Grow.Gain concept.

bs are Yo, my her know, u o y h s e r f ’ lookin et on this g a n n a w u yo g... Oxfam thin

G.Dot, 20

p with my u o s e d a m I hh it was O ! s s e r c m a Oxf vis, i’ve a M l u f r e d won you... r o f e m o s saved

Barbara, 81

This dialogue technique could be applied to other ages and stereotypes, with each one highlighting a different use or benefit that the Give.Grow.Gain planting scheme could bring to other peoples lives as well as your own. I will now experment with different ways i can visually represent this through advertising. This will include a 30 second t.v advert and a billboard and poster campaign. 14

t. n e m p o l e v de T.v advert e audience. h t y f i t n e d I

Amira, 3

said if I y m m u M y M m seeds, a f x O y m t plan other g n i p l e h e r we a the world d n u o r a e l peop d too... to grow foo




. t n e m p o l e dev t p e c n o c t Adver

I want my advert to be simple and clearlly portray the basic message of the campaign. It needs to have an introduction, a brief description supported by a visual examples and a conclusion. The dialogue concept I have developed can be filmed with characters in a staged environment with props. I want to make a reference to the following relevant topics; • How it can be beneficial to individuals and communities all around the world and provide an opportunity for a diverse audience to get actively involved in supporting Oxfam. • Highlight the target audience and challenge the stereotypes of a typical ‘charity supporter’.

For the final screen animation I want to reinforce the Campaign name with the tag line;

Anyone can Give. Anyone can Grow. Everyone can Gain.

I would like to have a voiceover introduction with a supporting visual. This could be a typographic representation to contrast the filmed sectiom that will follow it. I decided to look at the words associated with Oxfam and experiment with the typographic possibilities.


Involved Caring

Change Trusted



Gain Everyone



Trusted Community




n o i t a t n e m i per x e c i h p a r ypog rds. Play on wo

After experimenting with the different topographic possibilities I decided the best option is adapting the word ‘Donation’. This word can be split into two separate words that also hold positive and relevant connotations to my campaign.

I used the specified Oxfam Pantone colours to separate the word and highlight the ‘hidden message’. I want to develop a visual that could be applied to any of the printed promotional items such a posters, billboards or brochures.


nimation. a p o h s o t o Ph

I watched tutorials online to learn the basics of Photoshop animation. This can be applied to my advert as an introduction and the final screen shot. I then developed my typographic concept of highlighting the positive dialogue “Do” and “Nation” in the relevant word ‘donation’. I want the intro and ending of my ad to be simple but to the point, highlighting the purpose of the campaign and the people it can positively effect. Once this is completed it can be exported as a MOV. flie and edited with the rest of the filming.


rt. e v d a y m g Makin .

Storyboard Cast; Amira, 3 Finn, 20 ‘Nana’, 87

I decided to use Amira in the first scene to explain the campaign. The reason for this is that she can explain the it in its most simplest form with a cute delivery. It’s filmed in a green setting, with the money flower and Give.Grow.Gain box.

The following scene’s highlight the benefits of the Give.Grow.Gain campaign and how it could become part of everyday conversation. Finn’s scene challenges the stereotypes of a young guy being into growing his own herbs and sharing recipes with his grandma and mates.

This also highlights a specified audience and how it could actively engage and educate young people around the world.

This final scene with ‘Nana’ demonstrates how you and your friends or community could gain from giving and growing with Oxfam

e. ng softwar i t i d e e i v o M I am new to all movie editing software so I used online tutorials to finalize my advert. I used iMovie and imported all the movie clips, including the exported Photoshop animations. I recorded a voiceover to reinforce the typographic animations in the introduction and final scenes. I did approximately 4 takes for each scene to make sure I had enough footage to edit together for the final outcome. It was ambitious to expect a 3 year old to learn a ‘script’ in an afternoon and I think this shows in the final edited outcome.

The only word that was not clear enough in Amira’s scene is ‘Oxfam’, I assume because its not a word she will have used before. I recorded a voice over of myself saying ‘Oxfam’ and changed the pitch to match the high tones of Amira’s voice. After finalizing every scene I exported this movie in the correct formats that are stated on the brief’s requirements.


t. n e m p o l e v Design de

said if I My Mummy , xfam seeds plant my O ing other we are help ld nd the wor people arou d too... to grow foo

bs are Yo, my her you know! h s e r f ’ in k loo get on this You wanna g... Oxfam thin

I have followed the Oxfam branding guidelines and applied their corporate style to my promotional designs. After sketching a few ideas I developed an illustrated style poster with an organic vector. I don’t think there is a strong enough connection with the message of the campaign so I revisited the ‘positive dialogue’ concept and developed this. This is simple and clear design that adheres to the corporate branding style Oxfam uses. I think the anonymous quotes provide an insight to the purpose of the campaign but are also intriguing, which consequently creates interest amongst the general public. I think this style of advertising campaign should be lead by a TV or viral advert so I will now develop and film this idea.


. s n g i s e d l a romotion

Printed p

said if I y m m u M y M m seeds, a f x O y m t plan g other n i p l e h e r a we world e h t d n u o r people a d too... o o f w o r g to

bs are Yo, my her u know! o y h s e r f ’ n looki on this t e g a n n a You w g... Oxfam thin

using my p u o s e d a Im s! It was Oxfam cres avis, i’ve M l u f r e d n wo for you... e m o s d e v sa

I applied the same design elements of the billboards to a range of posters. This dialogue theme is versatile and can be extended to cover other stereotypes, opinions and idea’s


. d r a o b l l i b oa t d e i l p p a t Adver

I want to keep the layout simple and visually convey a clear message about the campaign. I think dialogue works better than a photo would as it allows the audience to use their own

imagination. This typographic approach doesnt isolate any stereotype, but actually highlights the different customer potential there is for oxfam.


ch. r a e s e r d e d Exten nd herbs. a g e v , t i u r F I decided to briefly research the types of fruit, vegetable and herbs that are ideal for a plant box. I will include this information in the information brochure and any other printed advertising promotions such as the seed packets etc. Everything you need to start growing and gaining will be included in a seed and information pack after the initial donation, Whether you’re a dab hand in the garden or a complete gardening novice, this is a fun and easy way to support your charity and get actively involved in your own home.

“You certainly don’t have to have a huge garden to be able to grow your own fruit – and it isn’t a particularly difficult job either, even if the only space available is a container. Pick a sheltered spot in the garden that gets six or more hours of summer sun, make sure they get enough water and the occasional feed and you should soon be enjoying the unbeatable taste of your very own fruit.”

“There are so many advantages to growing your own fruit and veg, from the satisfaction of sitting down to a meal knowing that it was provided from your own garden with no added chemicals.” growing-fruit-and-veg-netmums/

“Choose herbs that don’t grow too wide or tall. Chives, basil, lavender, parsley, mint and thyme are good choices for indoor or container growing.” window_herbs.htm

Leafy salads Tomatoes Aubergines Cucumber Courgettes Peppers Beans Peas

Chives Basil Parsley Thyme Mint

Strawberries Gooseberries Raspberries Blackberries Growing-in-containers/vegetables-containers

o far... s n o i t a u l a Ev

Now i have developed a concept for my campaign and experimented with initial concept ideas and visuals i will now focus on the advertising and promotional methods i could use.

This ‘product’ or ‘magic factor’ in my campaign is the Give. Grow. Gain planting box. It is important i highlight the purpose of this and how it can help differentpeople all over the world.

I want my campagn to be lead by a 30 second televison ad that can lead the printed campaign material like billboards, etc. A television ad allows you to visually connect with the audience and provides an understanding of the full message. It provides a platform to introduce a ‘product’ that is recognisable enough to be used on billboard campaigns or posters and still be recognisable.

I think this idea holds longevity for Oxfam and their supporters because it provides a positive cycle to become involved in. In its basic form you give... You receive a Give.Grow.Gain plant box to grow your own home grown produce. Your initial donation is used to support farmers all over the world in developing countries to grow crops and gain a trade income. Everytime you make a donation you recieve a packet of seeds of your choice as a “Thank you” from Oxfam, this encourages a cycle for people to get involved in as it is beneficial to them even after their donation. Even after you have made soup from your veg, or jam from your fruit or enjoyed a meal using your home grown peppers... you will be encouraged to get in touch with oxfam to make a donation and an order for some new seeds.

This ‘product’ idea was inspired by the interview on the D&AD website with Matt Jackson;

“There are lots of ways we are engaging people, but the purpose of this brief is to see if there is something that we havent got yet. Is there a product or ‘magic factor’ that would help to get the people that have the same values as Oxfam, but dont quite see Oxfam as a vehicle through which they can live these values...”

You could continue the cycle of giving, growing and gaining by donating your home grown produce to your local soup kitchen or shelter through your local Oxfam store. Or if the grow box doesnt suit you, you could donate your seeds to your community. 22

. s n g i s e d l a romotion

Printed p

ge layout a p e d i s t u O




I decided to design a promotional booklet that contains an information DVD all about this campaign. I experimented with different net styles that would hold a disc and enough pages to present the information. The final layout design will be printed back to back on 2 A3 sheets. After making a mock up net and sketching rough idea’s, I used InDesign to develop a grid system and maintained the simple corporate theme I used throughout the poster and billboards campaign. The purpose of this booklet is to inform the target market about this campaign, explain how you can get involved, who it can benefit and includes recommendations and recipes for your chosen growing kit.





. s n . g e i s r e u d h l c a o r bn o i t D o C m n o o r i p t a d e nrtm IPnrfio layout e g a p e d i s n I

INSIDE PAGES 1 & 2 Double Page Spread.


I will print my brochure on cartridge paper to give an organic quality and texture. I have developed a tab system to create a seamless join the 2 pages seamless





n o i t o m o r p and g n i s i t r e v Ad

Actual product- This is the physical

Mix. Marketing The ‘Marketing mix’ is a term used to refer to the tactical elements involved in a marketing plan. This is made up of four basic elements;

• • • •

Product Promotion Price Place

Product... Core product- This is NOT a physical product, it is the benefit of the product and what makes it desirable and beneficial to you as buyers. The core product of Give.Grow.Gain is the opportunity to become involved in a good cause from your own home on a daily basis. It also offers the chance to personally gain and reap rewards from your own donations.

products that the customer receive’s The actual product for this campaign is the Give.Grow.Gain planting box, the seed packets and information guides.

Augmented product- Like the ‘core

product’, This is NOT a physical product. It is the extra added value offered by the company without paying a premium. The augmented product is the concept of receiving the plant box and seeds with every subsequent donation. The idea being you would be donating that money for nothing in return, but now there is a chance for everyone to gain from supporting this cause. This will also include the customer support and all the after care resources.


Promotion • Personal selling • Sales promotion • Public relations • Sponsorship

• Direct mail • Trade fairs • Advertising

Price... • Premium pricing • Economy pricing • Penetration pricing • Price skimming • Product line pricing

• Psychological pricing • Optional products • Product bundle • Captive product • Value pricing

Optional product pricing.

Channel- This is either ‘direct’ to the

customer or ‘indirect’ via a wholesaler. My campaign would be a direct channel to the target market.

Intermediary- This is the mean in which you would reach your clients audience and make your product available, for example through retailers and the internet.

I think because this is a charity it is on a different pricing scale and price marketing strategy. However, I think the most suited would be optional product pricing as Oxfam customers have a range of planting boxes to choose from that vary in price. There is no limit on how much you can donate or pay to a charity and it is all individual to each customers needs.

Place... • Channels • Distribution • Intermediary

I will present my findings to the class in a presentation and give more in depth explanations and more diverse examples.


n. o i t a u l a v e & Conclusion terview. n i n o s k c a Matt J I decided to re-visit the video brief on the D&AD web site to assess if my final outcomes fit the requirements and criteria. The immediate requirement was based on Oxfam’s values and how they can lay down some roots to exercise these values through a national campaign. The values he spoke of are Community and Universalism and how can we engage people who share the same values.

“Your idea should engage people across the UK about global issues and how supporting our charity is about more than just giving money, or clicking an action online. We are looking for a deeper engagement, working with people to get involved with the campaign and local groups...”

“...Provocatively optimistic...” “How we can work together and with others to help overcome poverty and suffering. Oxfam use positive dialogue and an optimistic messages within their campaigns. This focuses on empathy as opposed to using sympathy that uses methods of guilt advertising. This is achieved by applying the following techniques to promotional designs; • Positive language • Photographs • Telling positive stories of people in different communities all around the world.”



D&AD award 2011

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