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Design Tips to Improve Your Resale Value


There are so many factors to think about when getting ready to sell your home. Circumstances surrounding your move notwithstanding, the process can be enough of a handful as it is. Which agent do you go with? How much should you list the house for? Will you be able to close in time before you move, or will you be paying two mortgages at once for some time?


A few things that are nice to think about, however, are relatively simple ways to improve your resale value without breaking the bank. So what are the secrets? Here are a few.


The importance of color in interior design is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re deciding to sell your home. It’s easy to forget that as much as you love, and have loved, the things that make your home unique and yours, people need to imagine themselves in the space as they go through the buying process. While neutral colors are typically go-to’s when selling since they are generally safe bets, each home — including yours — is unique. So neutral might not necessarily be the way you want to go. A color design expert could help you identify a particular color scheme here or an accent color there to really make your listing pop.


What’s one of the most common phrases in real estate — beyond “location, location, location”? “Curb appeal.” A relatively modest investment — even $500 — can reap far more than what you spent. While it won’t get you an extra $20k for your property, depending on what you clean up and how much work you do, making a great first impression for potential buyers once they pull up to your curb is well worth the investment.


So many properties are staged for a reason: They make home sellers money! Investing in a modern chair you never would have budgeted for yourself before, or a cush rug that you flat out don’t like might seem like silly investment. But not unlike color experts, home stagers know how to make an impression on potential buyers. Just don’t break that chair you paid $200 for before you sell the place.

While these may seem like additional costs you don’t have the bandwidth to take on during the home selling process, consider them investments in improving the value of your home. Done correctly, and with the right professionals, you are bound to recoup what you spent — plus so much more.