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Why do I ask if social anxiety support can help you? After all, it is called "support" so it should help you. Yes, this is sounds true. But it is actually partially true. In a way, having access to a social anxiety support environment like a group or an internet forum can harm your chances of recovery. Here's why: In a way, we can easily change ourselves if many people around us want us to change. On the other hand, when many people want us to change, they give us lots of attention. Our ego likes this attention so we may start to cling to continue to receive this source of attention. Based on this, many people may develop a victim mentality because everyone is paying attention to them. This did not happen when they struggled alone with their anxieties. This is why you may see so many people staying in a forum of anxiety for years. Yes, this forum gives them hope. Yes, it gives to the social anxiety suffer a meaning. It shows to him that he is not alone and out there he can find many other people like him. He also learns a lot about why he is anxious. Of course, knowing why you have social anxiety disorder does not help you to cure it. In order to cure it, you need to become free of this social anxiety by doing not by knowing. In order to change, you need to become "not you". In other words, the person that you are right now has to metaphorically die and in its place you need to create a new person which will be closer to the "real you". This transformation happens by taking action not by hoping. So, think twice before signing up for these types of social anxiety support. If you really want to get rid of your anxiety fast, you should start right now to take massive action towards becoming absolutely confident in any social situation. Take responsibility for your life and start to make progress towards a free anxiety life.

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==== ==== 1 weird trick they do not want you to know: ==== ====

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