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Learning how to get a girlfriend couldn't be any easier. There are so many ways in fact to meet awesome people that writing all the different ways would be more difficult then actually getting a girl. Along with how to get a girlfriend, we will also cover how to get a girlfriend, how to ask a girl out, how to kiss a girl, how to get girlfriend back or even just how to get friends. Now, while some of these steps may not seem like they have anything to do with getting a girl I assure you they all work in harmony. Not to mention the reason you want to get a girl is because you want to be happy and these things will help you with that as well. 1.Get over yourself! Stop thinking you are perfect. Or that you are a complete disaster! Thinking about these things does no-one any good and defiantly won't teach you how to get a girlfriend. Concentrate on things that you enjoy doing and the ladies will come. Figure out what you like or what you think you might like and research it on-line via Craigslist or Google and become a member of the groups or clubs that your area has in those regards and you will not only find cool friends but also cool chicks. 2.Do something every day that makes you feel uncomfortable. You need to break your patterns! Start talking to everyone you see. Say hello to people walking down the street, in a mall, in a line whatever. You'll be amazed where a smile and a hello will take you. You will also learn a very valuable lesson and that is most people are terrified of social interaction. Take comfort in the fact that you are no longer one of them, and THAT will give you TONS of confidence. 3.Get great at making eye contact. This really is a big deal. In general and with the ladies. It shows that you are confident and honest. You look someone dead in the eye and say something and they will do it. You look them right in the eye and listen to what they say and they will think you are the best listener ever. Against my better judgment I am going to give you a personal little thing that I do very often with a, up till last week, 100% success ratio. I see a girl I like, talk to her briefly and say "you seem cool give me your number, we'll go on a date this week." They do and I leave before I have the chance to put my giant foot in my mouth which I always do! I also compliment everyone. Even dudes, if I see someone guy or girl with nice eyes I tell them that. It is a huge mistake to think you are above doing this, because if you as a straight man can compliment another straight man sincerely with no sexual underlining that will do huge things for your confidence and the way others perceive you. AND it makes giving complements to a girl you fancy a lot easier. You MUST understand that girls want a guy worse then we want a girl so let this fact alone

comfort you. This is huge and YOU MUST understand this; for once you do it will take a lot of the pressure off of you. That's it! Simple right? It is and now you know how to ask a girl out and therefore you know how to get a girlfriend. Remember Luke Skywalker didn't become a Jedi overnight! These things take time to master and get used to. There is also a lot more tips and tricks that you will discover on your way.

He has been in the relationship world for over 15 years. His experience is uncanny and has helped countless people figure out How to ask out a girl. To learn more visit his free How to get a girlfriend video on YouTube, where he talks about the 3 EASIEST and MOST IMPORTANT things to do to learn how to get a girlfriend and get a date.

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==== ==== 1 weird trick they do not want you to know: ==== ====

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