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For help dealing with anxiety, it is often expedient to source natural cures rather than drugs or medicines. Simply talking to a friend may be beneficial. Just by talking your anxiety may reduce and help you feel more relaxed about things. When there is an onset of anxiety, it has a tendency to increase in intensity. This gradually makes you feel worse and worse. To avoid an advance in intensity of anxiety when it does occur, you should deal with symptoms as soon as you observe their first signs. Reducing your caffeine intake is an excellent strategy to reduce anxiety. Reduce your consumption of tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and anything high in caffeine. Massage therapy can produce excellent results; it feels wonderful and is very relaxing. Another way to deal with stress and anxiety is by taking supplements. Valerian root and St John's Wort are both known to provide excellent relief from both conditions. How you live your day-to-day life may also require some changes. You should find a good multivitamin and take the correct quantity each day. Ensure you have sufficient sleep. Seven or eight hours per night is the usual requirement for people to fully function. Undertake some physical activity. This will preferably be outside so that you get fresh air into your lungs. This will have a great effect on your body and mind. Something as simple as a ten minute walk can make a large change to your outlook. Try to train yourself to think in a positive way. This can take some effort on your part but the longterm benefits are very beneficial. For example, you can turn the thought, I am tired and the house is a mess, I will have to clean all day, into, I love my house and am happy and grateful to have it, it is messy and needs to be cleaned, but I can do a little at a time and get it done. Something else to remember is that you are not the only person suffering from anxiety, even though it may feel like it. More people that you can imagine suffer some form of anxiety. If you start to talk about your feelings, you will see how many others share them. There are also many support groups available, both online and offline. Further benefit can be obtained from counselling. CBT, ET and Dianetics therapy are proven techniques.

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==== ==== 1 weird trick they do not want you to know: ==== ====

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