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About me


Hello! My name is Amy and I am a digital media designer. I have loved art and design for as long as I remember. My aim is to continue to develop as a designer and make an empowering change. I can illustrate and animate, develop websites and design for print. Aside from that, I can also develop games and edit videos. Feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions regarding my work or help regarding your upcoming projects. Address: 18G Imperiale Residence, Jalan Wan Alwi, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Mobile: +60146992699 Email: Website: LinkedIn: Education 2014-2016: Bachelor of Design (Digital Media Design) Co-Majoring in Graphic Design Swinburne University of Technology 2012-2013: New Zealand Qualifications Authority Riccarton High School

Work Experiences Officer, Marketing & Communication (Design) (2016- Present) GEN Education (M) Sdn. Bhd. Designing and creating layouts for websites and social media,creating innovative logos and illustrations and producing documents conforming to style guides. Sales Represntative (2016-May 2017) Intec Marketing Services Ensuring a smooth sales process with customers and keeping management informed by submitting activity and results reports.

Achievements 2016: Swinburne IxD2016 Awards Best Interaction: Disabilities and Dementia Focus 2016: Digital Media Design Capstone Project: Science Island 2012: National Certificate of Educational Achievement (Level 1, 2 and 3) 2012: New Zealand University Entrance

Private Tutoring and Home Tuition (2014-2015) Private Company Producing documents, making sure students have the necessary course materials specifically maths and english.

Professional Skills • Adobe Collections • Designing Website • HTML • JavaScript • CSS • Video Editing • Photography • Teamwork and Communication

Other Achievements 2017: IELTS International English Language Test System (Band 7.5) 2011: General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level 2012: Piano Grade 7 ABRSM 2011: Violin Grade 2 ABRSM 2015: Kuching Marathon (42 KM) 2015: Spring Live Active Run (10 KM)

International Ambassador at Career Expositions (2013) University of Canterbury Represented Canterbury University at career expositions. Dealt with customer enquiries and promoting courses at Canterbury University.


02 Branding And Identity Flocon Packaging design based on a cafe specialised in French croissants. Due to the brand name “Flocon” meaning flake in french, the descriptive typeface is chosen in symbolising the croissants. The organic curvy lines found in the typeface itself represents it. The illustration is not about showing the croissant itself but the shape of the croissant. The design is also modern to represent the concept of “Flocon”, which is to have traditional French Croissants with a modern twist.



book design The Dadaist Movement Book design based on the Dadaist movement in 1910. I decided to keep the layout simple and used black and white images throughout to show that it was inspired by the Dadaist movement in 1910s.


04 website design I hand code all my sites using Adobe Dreamweaver. Earlier this year in 2017, I created a mockup website for Adelphi Digital using Adobe Muse. To view some of my work, view the following links for each website: Sarawak Cultural Village: Adelphi Digital:


05 animation and motion graphics Lost in Seasons Screen captures of the animation for “lost in Seasons’ which I have created over the last year. All of the illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator and I implemented different colours into the animation itself to engage the audience. “Lost in Seasons” was created to educate children regarding season change in the Southern Hemisphere.

Screen capture of animation project “Lost in Seasons”

Character designs for “Lost in Seasons”


How white wine is made Screen captures of the motion graphics project for “How white wine is made’ which I have created over the last year. All of the illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator and I decided to use pastel colours in each asset to engage the audience in each of the scenes. “How White Wine was made” was created to educate wine lovers as well as wine enthusiasts about the process of the making of white wine.

Assets which I have created in illustrator

Screen capture of motion graphics project “How white wine is made”


06 illustrations


07 comic book production A comic which I have created using photoshop and illustrator. This character in this comic book production was inspired by character designs that were created by Tim Burton and I decided to implement it into the two main characters in this comic book.



application design A music application designed for children with autism.The sound module is based on simple, basic instruments that will sound easy on the ears, especially for children. Bright colours and fun illustrations was implemented into the design of our application to attain the attention of children. The characters were created on Illustrator and my partner, Yuli and I built the application on Unity.



poster design I have designed a series of posters using adobe photoshop and illustrator during my first year in University. I kept each poster minimal with the aim of having its message delivered across to the intended audience.



wayfinding icons I have designed a series of wayfinding icons that were inspired by Filippo Marinetti. I decided to focus on the message of the icons as I wanted them to be straightforward and easy for users to understand.

Wayfinding Icons inspired by Filippo Marinetti

Research 13


photography I have compiled a series of photos which I have taken over my travels as well as some fashion photography which I have taken for fashion bloggers in Australia.



card design I have created and illustrated a series of cards on recycled paper for clients while I was freelancing as a graphic designer.


Find me +60146992699

Portfolio: 2015-present  

Hello! My name is Amy and I am a digital media designer. I have loved art and design for as long as I remember therefore I have complied a p...

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