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Place: a particular position, point, or area in space; a location. “I can’t be in two places at once”

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Introduction The idea of place is broad and complicated. It could be a country, a city, a field or a building. It could be a bike, a car, a room or a seat. A place could be a moment in time or a feeling you get when that particular person walks in the room. Place could be a sense. A sense that goes hand in hand with our other senses. We relate place to our memories, where we were through the good times and the bad; In the event of natural disasters and terror attacks. Is it not the question that people ask the most after such events? where where you? Where were you on 9/11? Place can be a state of mind and can make you relax. Stay in your comfort zone or find your happy place and everything will be okay. It could be the anchor that keeps us grounded or the imagination that sends us away. All in all the concept and true definition of place is opinion, and that is what i am exploring in this book. What is your favourite place?


Introduction I came across the idea for this project as a result of spending time stressing that I had no idea. I decided that I should find a new enviroment so I took myself away from my tiny , cold student flat and went to stay with my Dad for a few days in my hometown of Southampton. Sat on my own in the living room, with my sketchbook in hand, I looked upon the mantel piece where I saw a holiday picture of my family in Cornwall. Oh how I wished I was back there! I adored that tiny little village situated on the coast of Cornwall. I missed the sea, the sand and the smell of the tiny little harbour that I held so dear. I love that place. My favourite place It occurred to me that other people must have their own favourite place. I wanted to explore the idea of what people class as place. Why is it their favourite? Is it the atmosphere? Or is it the memories that are captured there? My favourite place is glued together messily but firmly in my brain by the memories created there. Each one as good as the other. 



50.291088 -4.786233

I used to put on my alarm and get up early, before my family, and go for a walk on my own. I’d take the money my dad left out the day before and head towards to shore. Walking by the waves I’d let my feet sink into the cold wet sand and I’d take in the silence. The first dog walkers would just be emerging from their beds as the morning mist dispersed into the sunshine. I loved the way it was just me and my thoughts on my own. Perfectly tranquil. I’d go to the shop and get the paper for my dad then wonder back just a slowly. Taking my time to stop and sit watching the sun rise above the cliffs.


Pentewan, Cornwall


My childhood holidays of rockpooling and catching starfish all peak at this wonderful campsite. I loved the walks we’d take to Mevagissey and that perfect little sweet shop which would sell interesting flavours of fudge. These days have come and gone. My family has expanded and changed but the memories will always stay the same, and I cannot wait to make more!




willingly waste my time in it


“ I like this place and could

W. Shakespear







The next collection of stories and memories is presented along with the cooridinates of each place. This book is an exploration of what people consider as place and why it is their favourite. This publication could also be used as a map to explore your previously unknown places in the UK



Durdle Door

50.62114 -2.27541

Durdle Door

E.B “This is the most beautiful place I have been to since moving to Britain. Me and my boyfriend visited last easter and I have always loved the sea so automaticly fell for with this place.�



R.P “I love this place simply for its nice views and peaceful long dog walks�

51.48515 -2.76794 26

51.49592 -0.17643

Natural History Museum, London

“I chose this as my fav place because growing up I had a huge interest in dinosaurs and history in general. I like the developments in the way mankind lives and it makes you realise how we’ve progressed.�



50.8977 -4.2655


“I have family here who own a farm and I’ve visited all my life. It’s my favourite place because the people I stay with now have 3 kids under 12 so all we do is play on the farm. They have horses, cows, sheep, chickens and a quad bike and moped. We go trampolining, riding, camping, for walks and grain surfing. I also get the best giant farm food there!” E.T

Newton St Petrock, Devon.


50.7848 -0.6632

51.1888 -2.27659



Butlins, Bognor Regis “This was my first weekend away with all my friends. it holds so many amazing memories and i’d love to go back again. I can’t think of another time I was as happy. “


“I love this place because its so quiet, beautiful and fun, also I love animals”



Download Festival, Donington Park

52.6744 0.12283


“Its a great place to go to meet like minded people, and enjoy what is the best in new, old and prehistoric metal. Every one that is anyone in the world of metal has played at Download Festival. Me and my friends have been going for the best part of 10 years and hope to continue for many more watching bands and generally enjoying our selves. Festival, Camping, Beer, Friends, Metal means that this is exactly where I want to be!� A.B 33

55.60922 -4.682781

Irvine Harbour


“Since I was 6 years old, this has always been my favourite place. The atmosphere of the ocean and the sounds combined just make the place so relaxing. Before I came to Bristol, this was always where I used to clear my head. I’d sit on the rails, take in the sea air, close my eyes and concentrate on absolutely nothing. That’s a habit I have been doing for the C.B last 15 years”

O2 academy, Bristol “I love live music and go to gigs all the time. but my favourite place is Stage right at the o2 academy. I get a brilliant view dispite being vertically challenged and the stairs just behind are positioned perfectly so you can get to the bar quickly and find your buddy’s again easily.� S.P

51.454507 -2.600235

B 35

Nnant Ddu, Snowdonia 52.698253 -34343110


“My parents old shooting lodge they’re doing up. Even though my they have only lived here a year now, it already feels like home. I love getting out of the rush and bustle of Bristol and into the serene, picturesque countryside that my parents are lucky enough to live in. Whether it’s messing around on quadbikes, having bonfires, chopping wood, shooting stuff or just going for a walk, it’s totally a novelty to me. I love it!” P.D


Oakfield Road,


“This is a picture of my best friend of the time, Charlie, and me walking towards his house where we spent most of our time together. We’d watch films, anime, play games and just talk and it was him who broke me out of my shell and me him to some extent.” N.B


51.311639 -0.308077

Blaise Castle

51.502566 -2.637384

“This has always been my go to place as I lived next to it since I was 3 months old, had so many memories there with so many different people�




Parley Manor

50,77490 -1.49192


“It’s going to be the place of my future, my duty as a husband and no doubt father will all start at that place. Whenever I feel down or miss a friend I will be able to think of there and just feel like I have them with me no matter how far away they maybe”


50,77490 -1.49192

Loch Ness “This is the view of Loch Ness from Fort Augustus and is one of my most favourite places due to the expanse and beauty of the loch. It is such a peaceful place to be� C.S 42


50,7742 -0.9049

“I love west withering because it looks like a beautiful French seaside and when the sun hits it and the tides out it’s a great place to be sat looking at the picturesque beach huts. It also has a sweet cafe to grab an ice cream in the heat!”

West Withering Beach

G.C 44


Hamble “I love this place as it is local but so different to were I live! It is cute, cost and quirky and has a charm to it plus it’s by the sea and I love sitting on a bench under the stars & listening to the water.� G.C

50,8577 -1.3131





53.784362 -1.459674

Temple Newsam It’s about a two hour walk from my house in leeds, so you only really go there on the really nice sunny days. It’s this massive manor house that is surrounded by woods and trails that we used to explore. I remember this one day we were exploring a new area of the wood and as we got to the top this hill where there was a farmers field. we crossed it and peered through the bushes on the otherside. where there was a beautfull massive lake, it was so serene.





“ There’s no place like home

Frank Baum


I live here with my lovely other half and our dalmation! it’s like one big art canvas, I love decorating it and buying little things to make it more interesting. J.F

51.486874 -2.669737


50.9019 -1.3431

“The view from our patio where I can watch sunsets as fantastic as this one.” K.S

“For me home means a feeling of safety security and family. It signified the start of my new life as I moved in on her wedding day.” M.H

51.489459 -2.686742


50.902866 -1.382926

51.211197 -1.491923


The place I share with the love of my life, soon to be my husband :) life together really starts here. S.I

It is so beautiful, it looks like a snow globe. my house is opposite the village green in a tiny village full of mostly retired professionals, but that makes it quiet and magical in the snow because there are no children playing outside. Sounds sad and lonely, But it makes it more special when it’s just you outside; it feels like home is a hidden secret.� S.C

Quite simply there is no place like home J.F

50.921976 -1.296922



With thanks to everyone who contributed to this book including;

Joe Hayward

Rebecca Spanner

Aaron Bailey

Emily Tomkins

Andrew Bennett

Sami Pring

Callum Bryce

Paul Davies

Neil Botes

Kai Harrison

Ryan Fenwick

Sophie Ireland

Carol Skelton

Georgina Caruana

Richard Parker

Jess Fenton

Karl Skelton

Siena Clakre

Jane Freemantle

Egle Bareikyte


Amy Skelton 56

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