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Graduate Follow­up Form  (also online at <> click on Graduate Follow­up Survey) Please complete the following survey indicating your post­graduation plans.  The information you provide will be  reported anonymously in the UMD Graduate Follow­up Report available for viewing at <>. Date: ________________________ Name: __________________________________________________________  ID#:  _______________________  Address ________________________________________________________  City, State, Zip:   ________________________________________________  Telephone: _________________________________________________      E­mail:  _________________________  Major(s): ___________________________________________________    Grad Date:  ___________________                                                         Employed, please check:      Full­time            Part­time                                     Job related to major        Somewhat related        Not related      Job Title: ______________________________       Employer: _____________________________________City: _______________________ State: ______       How did you learn about position? __________________________________  Salary: _______________                                   Still seeking employment  Not seeking employment: Plans _________________________________________   Continuing education, please check:    

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Please return to:  Career Services,    University of Minnesota Duluth H:\CarServ\HANDOUTS\8x10 Graduate Follow­up Survey          February 2008

22 Solon Campus Center, 1117 University Drive                                Duluth, MN 55812                                                             Fax: 218­726­6394

H:\CarServ\HANDOUTS\8x10 Graduate Follow­up Survey          February 2008

Graduate Follow-Up Form  
Graduate Follow-Up Form  

Want to let us know what you are doing? Fill out this form and either email it to us at or mail to Career Services Univ...