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Succeed with a business education that will take you places






Explore the programs in the C O L L E G E O F B U S I N E S S at Missouri State University



excellent reasons to go to college in Missouri 4 1 3 Five

You can explore academic programs

You will be traveling!

that may not be a focus at schools near you. For instance, business is an extremely strong specialty at Missouri State!

You will experience a different part of the country, become more independent and expand your world.


You may get a better bargain. When you factor in out-of-state fee waivers and scholarships, Missouri State may be a better value for you than an in-state school!


You will meet new people.

Out-of-state students become adept at making new friends, gaining confidence and learning to communicate with others — all skills that will translate to the business world after graduation.


You will make academic and business connections in another state, which will be helpful throughout your career.

A message from the dean Welcome to the College of Business at Missouri State University. I am pleased that you are considering a major in one of the many business specialties at Missouri State. The high-quality programs we offer are nationally accredited and are available at a very reasonable cost. As a result, the added value for each of our graduates is significant. I invite you to carefully review what we have to offer. With a solid foundation in the business world, the opportunities for success are endless. I truly welcome the opportunity to personally visit with you about your academic career in business at Missouri State University. Sincerely, Stephanie M. Bryant, Ph.D. Dean and David D. Glass Distinguished Leadership Chair Missouri State University College of Business

Let’s chat!

Dean Bryant will respond personally to any emails from potential students. Want to know more about anything related to studying business at Missouri State? She is happy to have a conversation with you! Email:

California students get an amazing value Cost of Missouri State versus California colleges Our cost for out-of-state residents is competitive with the in-state cost for many California schools. Our price becomes even lower when you factor in that many California students at MSU don’t pay out-of-state fees thanks to waivers and scholarships. Lastly, about 75 percent of all MSU students earn financial aid, which makes us an even greater deal!

AVERAGE COST FOR TUITION, FEES, ROOM AND BOARD IN 2012-’13 MSU (with out-of-state fees waived)


California four-year public universities


MSU (out-of-state)




Check to see if you qualify for the out-of-state fee waiver!

Get out-of-state fees waived!

Enjoy a low cost of living

Entering freshmen and transfer students from California may qualify for the Out-of-State Fee Waiver, a full waiver of nonresident fees.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development says in the third quarter of 2012, Missouri had the 11th-lowest cost of living in the United States. Adding even more value, Springfield is in the area of the Missouri with the lowest cost of living.

To qualify as a freshman, you must have either: An ACT composite of 24 or higher (or a sum of at least 1090 on the SAT portions of critical reading and math),

See the net price of MSU

A 3.50 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale,

We have a net price calculator online that allows you to see the cost of attending Missouri State. The calculator can even give you an estimate of how much federal, state, and institutional aid you may earn.

Or a class rank in the top 25 percent. To qualify as a transfer student, you must have completed at least 24 hours with a 3.25 cumulative grade point average.

Some average costs in Springfield: Rent for one-bedroom apartment near campus: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Rent for three-bedroom apartment near campus: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $800 Average dinner at local restaurant: . . $10 Cup of drip coffee at local vendor: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.70 Student-priced movie ticket: . . . . . $7.50


Springfield, a great college town

Springfield, the third-largest city in Missouri, is home to thousands of students. It is a great place to be during college because it’s laid-back, safe, easy to navigate and there’s a lot to do — and almost everything is within 20 minutes of Missouri State’s campus.

Springfield has: A great downtown near campus with movie theaters, restaurants, coffeehouses and other fun places A thriving arts scene with festivals, an art museum, a symphony, live theater venues and more Beautiful parks and outdoor areas Shopping from big malls to independent boutiques Professional and college sports teams, including a minor-league affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals (photo at right) Nightlife from concerts to comedy clubs Restaurants from Italian to Indian, Thai to tortillas, sushi to steak (This is where Springfield-style cashew chicken was invented!)

Road trips! Springfield is 45 minutes from Branson, 3 hours from Kansas City, 3.5 hours from St. Louis and 3 hours from Tulsa, Okla.

Traveling to and from California Estimated drive times between MSU and California cities: Los Angeles: 25 hours

San Jose: 28 hours

San Diego: 27 hours

Sacramento: 28 hours San Francisco: 29 hours

The Springfield-Branson National Airport can get you started on a journey to any California city. Coming in summer 2013: A nonstop flight from Springfield to Los Angeles.



Why choose the College of Business? National accreditation: All programs within the business unit in the College of Business are fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Among colleges and universities in the United States offering business degrees, only 10 percent have been granted this status.

Prominence: We are the largest College of Business at a public institution in the central Midwest.

Dedicated advisors: The College of Business has its own advisement center just for business students. The staff of professional advisors will help you plan and monitor your degree progress. Faculty: Many business faculty members have won teaching and research awards, have practical experience in their fields and are nationally recognized for their research or accomplishments. All courses are taught by faculty members. Graduate students do not provide classroom instruction.

Career resources: A Career Center in Glass Hall, the home of the College of Business, can help you prepare for interviews and find internships. Missouri State’s internship program is one of the largest in the Midwest. Business students are highly sought after by a large number of employers — more than 200 companies come to campus each year to recruit. A personal touch: Our students get one-on-one time with their advisors, their professors, deans and other professional mentors.



companies come to campus each year to recruit

Entrance requirements

Living-learning community

Admission to the College of Business is separate from admission to Missouri State University. Students may be admitted to the COB when they have reached junior status through their number of MSU hours or transfer-credit hours. Students who want to be admitted to a degree program in the COB must have a grade point average of at least 2.5 and complete the prerequisite courses.

The Bears Business Community, or BBC, is a living-learning community supported by the COB. In living-learning communities, students with similar interests or majors live on the same floor in a residence hall. They participate in social and academic activities related to their interest area, so it is easy for students to find friends and study partners. It’s considered an honor to be selected, so we’re looking for the best first-year students who are interested in business and leadership opportunities. The BBC is primarily for students who had a high school GPA of 3.0 or more. About 90 students will be selected.

Specifics about entrance requirements:

Learn more about living-learning communities at MSU:


the College of Business 417-836-5646 Missouri State University College of Business 901 S. National Ave. Springfield, MO 65897 Facebook: MissouriStateCOB


>>> SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY Our goal is to make your accounting classes as close to real-life as possible. Students are encouraged to complete at least one internship, because these open doors to employment. Students may even earn credit for a volunteer program in which they prepare returns for elderly and lowincome taxpayers. These are real returns for real taxpayers!

MAJOR Accounting

MINOR Accounting


In 2011-2012, MSU accounting majors assisted with


Forensic accounting Tax accounting

MAJOR: Accounting MINOR: Finance

CAREERS This is a sample of places where accounting graduates have recently accepted jobs. BKD Wealth Advisors Deloitte Ernst & Young Internal Revenue Service KPMG PricewaterhouseCoopers


U.S. Department of the Treasury U.S. Government Accountability Office U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

for low-income residents, older adults and others at tax clinics

Web: >>> Email: >>> Phone: 417-836-5414

HIGH SCHOOL: Combermere School HOMETOWN: Bridgetown, Barbados

Why I chose Missouri State: I am on the University’s field hockey team, and I chose MSU because it provided me the opportunity to participate in both athletics and academics. Why I like the MSU student body: It has a little bit of everything. My field hockey team is a great reflection of our diverse students, since I have colleagues from the U.K., Canada and Australia. How my professors show they care about students: I do feel the COB faculty and staff care. They show this by requiring students to complete assignments that are

tied directly to both personal and career development. Plans after college: First, to work at a U.S. firm in accounting or finance; next, to return to Barbados, secure a job and begin a family. Why I know COB has helped me succeed: The COB has allowed me to be exposed to varying subject matters as well as experiences. These have all tied together to provide me with a set of skills that can transfer from role to role. I think that is critical to be successful after college and I am grateful for the expanded opportunity.

>>> COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS Your CIS curriculum will include topics such as how to use many kinds of hardware and software, how to create Web pages for businesses, how to use programming languages and more. Missouri State has been offering CIS training for a long time and has built relationships with many impressive businesses including IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. There is a strong market for CIS graduates from Missouri State. Students have received internships from some of the best information technology companies in the country. Our seniors often receive job offers far before graduation.

MAJORS Business Education (interdisciplinary major that includes courses from the College of Business and the College of Education)

Computer Information Systems Information Technology Service Management

MINORS Business Education (interdisciplinary minor that includes courses from the College of Business and the College of Education)

You could be a part of the Association of Information Technology Professionals, known as AITP. Missouri State students attended the 2012 AITP national collegiate conference in San Antonio, Texas.

CAREERS This is a sample of places where CIS graduates have recently accepted jobs. Accenture ANPAC (American National Property and Casualty) Cerner Corporation ConocoPhillips Company Edward Jones Investments Enterprise Rent-ACar Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Computer Information Systems

Jack Henry & Associates

Information Technology Service Management

Phillips 66

Web Application Development

Web: >>> Email: >>> Phone: 417-836-4131

ZECHARIAH CAMPBELL MAJOR: Computer Information Systems HIGH SCHOOL: Union High School HOMETOWN: Union, Mo.

Why I chose Missouri State: For one, the price was good. Two, I really liked Springfield and the campus of MSU. It’s big and small at the same time; you can get from one side to the other in five minutes, but there’s still a lot going on. Favorite part of being a business student: The companies we get to talk to through career fairs and student groups. I am in the Association of Information Technology Professionals, and I’ve gotten to talk with recruiters from Conoco, Phillips 66, Accenture and Microsoft. I even have a summer internship offer with Phillips 66 in Bartlesville, Okla.

Best advice to new students: Get involved! After I got involved in Association of Information Technology Professionals, I met more people in my degree, I met more companies, I got a job opportunity and I went to a national conference. Plans after college: Go to graduate school in computers, specifically robotics, then hopefully get a high-tech job and grow my own businesses.

>>> FASHION AND INTERIOR DESIGN Our students hone their creativity and strengthen their business skills. Students learn using the latest technology. We have software that lets users see how fabric, detail and style choices would look together — software in use at many real design houses. Interior design students have access to one of the most comprehensive “sample libraries” in the state. Design firms and suppliers provide wallpaper, flooring and more, which students may use in projects. Faculty members have relationships with national and international leaders in their fields, and students may use these connections for networking, internships and more. Students are also encouraged to visit cities that are design hubs; at least one study tour is offered each year to locations in the U.S. or Europe.

MAJORS Fashion Merchandising and Design (options in): - Fashion Design and Product Development - Fashion Merchandising and Management Interior Design Family and Consumer Sciences


CAREERS This is a sample of places where FID graduates have recently accepted jobs. Fossil vfish fashion brand Walmart Envy fashion boutique Haute Design interior design firm Crestview Middle School

General Family and Consumer Sciences Interior Design

CHARLEY RYALS MAJOR: Fashion Design HIGH SCHOOL: Menlo-Atherton High School HOMETOWN: Atherton, Calif.

Why I chose MSU: I needed a change because I had lived in California my entire life! I have two cousins who graduated from here, and another cousin who just started. I loved that Missouri State has a fashion department, and it’s a really good one. I want to learn the best way to construct clothes, and they prep you really well for that here. Dream job: Designing custom denim.

The MSU Fashion Show, held each spring at the Springfield Expo Center, features student collections and other designs by those in fashion program. More than 1,000 guests attend, including industry professionals. Interior design students also get a showcase each year: The best work of senior students is displayed at the MSU Interior Design Senior Show. Web: >>> Email: >>> Phone: 417-836-5136

Why students from California should come to MSU: You really get to know your teachers. They can help you with networking. Here, there is not that stereotypical

competition between fashion students. We bounce ideas off each other. And it’s an amazing campus, it’s not as crowded as schools in California, and it’s cheaper! Don’t exclude it because of any prejudgments about the Midwest. This is really a place where you can follow your passion, because that is exactly what I am doing. I am getting to do what I want to do and I love it. I would say come on out! Coolest class project: My “crazy skirt”! I took construction paper then dyed it, waxed it, sealed it and attached coyote tails to it.

>>> FINANCE AND GENERAL BUSINESS Missouri State graduates are known in the business world for being great employees and leaders. We continually update our programs to meet the needs of the current business climate. For instance, Missouri State has the only risk management and insurance program in the state, and students may choose this as a major or minor. Our students may travel to top business destinations such as New York City to see financial markets in operation or meet alumni working in their industries. Students also have plenty of opportunities to study abroad.

MAJORS Finance (options in): - Finance - Financial Planning - Real Estate General Business Risk Management and Insurance

MINORS Finance Financial Planning General Business Legal Studies in Business Risk Management and Insurance You could visit a financial center such as Chicago, New York or London as a finance or general business student at Missouri State. Students stay about seven days during these faculty-led trips, which are held regularly.

Real Estate

CAREERS This is a sample of places where finance and general business graduates have recently accepted jobs. ANPAC (American National Property and Casualty)

BKD Wealth Advisors CNA Financial Edward Jones Investments FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

Federal Reserve Banks Federated Insurance Lockton Companies Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. State Farm Insurance Travelers Insurance

Web: >>> Email: >>> Phone: 417-836-5504

LEIA BREITHAUPT MAJOR: Finance MINOR: German HIGH SCHOOL: Belleville East High School HOMETOWN: Belleville, Ill.

Why I choose MSU: I really like the friendliness! I first discovered it when I toured campus, but that feeling just grew as I lived here. How the College of Business has helped me succeed: The finance professors have told me about jobs and career fairs. They have gone out of their way in class to say “this is something you are going to use in real life,” then show us how to do it. They are accessible, and not just for their 50-minute class period. They really do want you to come by during their office hours and get to know them, talk about class or about real-world work situations.

Favorite way to hang out on campus: I enjoy being outside and riding my bike, seeing what’s going on. Campus is really pretty; I love the spring with the new flowers. Why MSU is a great value: Missouri State offers good scholarships. I am even from out of state and I got good scholarships and was able to come here fairly cheaply. Plans after college: At College of Business career fairs, I have talked with Jack Henry, BKD Wealth Advisors and U.S. Bank. I would like to work with any of them — I have a lot of applications to fill out!


>>> MANAGEMENT There are several options of study in this department. Administrative: The general study of management; great preparation for graduate school or additional management training.

MAJOR: Administrative Management HIGH SCHOOL: Oxnard High School

MAJORS Entertainment Management Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship: For students who want to run their own businesses. Entertainment management: For students who want to work in areas from music to sports. Human resources: Topics related to the workforce, from hiring and payroll to labor negotiations. International business: Focuses on global cultures, customs and business practices. Operations: Topics related to designing and producing goods or services, such as inventory, quality control, materials, facilities and project management. Our students travel to see management in action. Entertainment management students, for example, regularly attend the Super Bowl to see how a major sports event is managed.

Management (options in):

- Administrative Management - Human Resources Management - Operations Management - International Business Administration

MINORS Entrepreneurial Studies Entrepreneurship Human Resources Management/ Industrial Relations

CAREERS This is a sample of places where management graduates have recently accepted jobs. American Red Cross The Boeing Company Cerner Corporation Edward Jones Investments Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Harrah’s / Caesars Entertainment Monsanto The Walt Disney Company

International Management Leadership Management Operations Management

Web: >>> Email: >>> Phone: 417-836-5415

HOMETOWN: Oxnard, Calif.

Why I came to MSU: I wanted to explore new places. I started college in New York but had to leave for financial reasons. I wanted a school that was more affordable but still out of California, because that was where I grew up. I had never seen the seasons! When I got here I loved the campus; it’s a really pretty school and the size is just right. My favorite part of being a COB student: They engage you in all aspects of business — you learn marketing, finance, accounting so you get a good, broad background of what you will need to know. Dream job: Have my own coffee shop, with relaxing music and comfy couches.

How I would describe Missouri State to others in California: People are very nice here. They will hold the door for you and talk to you at stores. When someone says “can I help you?” here, they mean it. Best thing about living on campus: I live in Sunvilla Tower, which houses a lot of international students. I live with two people from China, so I get to talk to them about what their home is like. Why MSU is a great value: I have the Out-of-State Fee Waiver. It was very easy to get — it was just offered to me; I didn’t even know about it!


>>> MARKETING Our marketing students really put their training into practice! You will do projects that prepare you for realworld business activities. In the advanced selling course, for example, students give professional-level presentations and are critiqued by their peers and professors. Our students may travel on department trips to top business destinations such as New York City to see marketing in action and meet alumni working in their industries. The department also encourages internships and study-away experiences.

MAJOR: Marketing (Advertising and Promotion track)

MAJORS Marketing (options in): - Advertising and Promotion - Marketing Management - Marketing Research - Sales/Sales Management Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MINORS Advertising and Promotion International Marketing Logistics and Supply Chain Management Marketing Selling

CAREERS This is a sample of places where marketing graduates have recently accepted jobs. Aldi The Boeing Company

You could be selected to be on Ad Team, an organization for students interested in marketing and advertising. Ad Team has won many competitions and honors. In fact, Ad Team was chosen to design a website for a joint internship between the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Eli Lilly and Company Target Corporation Unyson Logistics ZeaVision

Web: >>> Email: >>> Phone: 417-836-5413

HIGH SCHOOL: Oakmont High School HOMETOWN: Roseville, Calif.

Why I choose MSU: I wanted to get away from home to be a bit more independent. I wanted to play soccer and I wanted to go into business, and I was told they had one of the top business schools in the country. Missouri State had everything I wanted. Coolest class project: Service-learning projects for nonprofits. Clients come to class, tell us their goals and we design a campaign that involves ads, brochures, billboards or spots on radio or TV. The clients can actually use our ideas. It’s great to work with real clients as a student.

Why California students should consider MSU: There are just so many opportunities here for academics and activities, and I am still coming across them every day. I love the school. I have had a lot of fun. And no, you won’t be “in the boonies” like some of my California friends were teasing me about. Springfield is a busy and fun city! Why MSU is a great value: I have two scholarships from MSU. Tuition has been going up at so many California schools. This was such a value compared to most of the schools I was considering.

>>> TECHNOLOGY AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Our TCM programs have the highest levels of recognition — for example, construction management is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education. Classes are taught by faculty members who have professional experience, so students learn from people who have actually been on the job. Students can expect experiences such as internships and hands-on projects. Also, Missouri State has relationships with many local contractors, so students have opportunities to see real job sites. In addition, our students enter and win national and international contests. This all builds up to success: Almost 100 percent of our graduates have job offers by graduation day.

MAJORS Construction Management Facility Management Technology Management

MINOR Industrial Management

MAJOR: Construction Management HIGH SCHOOL: Crocker R-2 High School HOMETOWN: Crocker, Mo.

CERTIFICATE Manufacturing Management

CAREERS This is a sample of places where TCM graduates have recently accepted jobs. McCarthy Building Companies Kiewit Corporation

The TCM department takes field trips each year to cities around the nation, where students may see construction projects, historic renovations and famous facilities. In 2012, students went to Dallas, Texas, to tour locations such as the Dallas Cowboys stadium.


Hensel Phelps Construction Co. JE Dunn Construction Company Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation Wolverine Supply, Inc. Emerson Climate Technologies

Web: >>> Email: >>> Phone: 417-836-5121

Coolest project I have worked on: Dr. Kerry Slattery’s structures class. He designed a way to test how much pressure concrete could take before cracking, so we were basically blowing up concrete columns in class! How the COB faculty and staff show they care about my success: In TCM, they remind us all the time which companies are coming in to provide information. They’re even conducting a round table for us, bringing in 40 or 50 companies to talk to us about potential job offers and internships.

Why I loved my internship in Alaska: It was a summer internship, 3,800 miles from home. I left for 90 days, went up there and worked with a contractor. I started out as an intern, but when they saw my capabilities, they gave me my own office and I was helping to manage three different jobs! Plans after college: I plan to travel around out West somewhere. I have a couple of job offers, including one from the place I did my internship. There’s a good chance that I’ll go back to Alaska because it was a great opportunity and there’s more I want to do!

Get involved! Student organizations We have many active extracurricular organizations that blend fun and networking. Students in the groups hear guest speakers, tour local businesses, attend career events and professional conferences, compete in regional or national contests, give back to their communities through service projects and much more. These groups help our students develop personally and professionally.

Organizations in the College of Business: Accounting Club Ad Team Advertising Club Alpha Kappa Psi (national co-ed business fraternity) American Society of Interior Designers Associated General Contractors of America Construction Club

Student organizations frequently help others. These students and faculty traveled to Georgia for an Alternative Spring Break trip in 2013. They worked with the organization Friends of Refugees in a garden where refugees may grow their own food.

Association of Fashion and Design Association of Information Technology Professionals

Entertainment Management Association

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association

Beta Alpha Psi (honorary organization for accounting, finance and computer information systems students)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association

MBA Association

Delta Sigma Pi (national co-ed business fraternity) Enactus (formerly Students in Free Enterprise)

Family and Consumer Sciences Education Financial Management Association Gamma Iota Sigma-Alpha Lambda chapter (national co-ed fraternity for students in insurance, risk management and actuarial science)

MSU American Marketing Association chapter (known as Marketing Club) Sigma Iota Epsilon-Zeta Lambda chapter (national co-ed fraternity for students in management) Society for Human Resource Management Society of Manufacturing Engineers


Missouri State

Missouri State University is a public university with an enrollment of more than 20,000 students who come from all around Missouri, the nation and the world. There are four physical campuses, located in Springfield, Mo.; West Plains, Mo.; Mountain Grove, Mo.; and Dalian, China. Students can follow their passion and find their place at Missouri State University. Missouri State offers: A remarkable education. We have excellent bachelor’s degree options, master’s degree programs, graduate certifications and doctoral programs. An unbeatable value. Our cost is lower than state and national averages, and we have many ways to help students pay for school.

A distinctive mission. Our public affairs mission is about getting involved and becoming a leader with strong ethics. The mission is everywhere on campus, from the classroom to special events open to the community. Memorable experiences. Our student body is known for being warm and welcoming. The main campus is in Springfield, the third-largest city in Missouri. Springfield blends the best of small-town coziness and big-city amenities. Lifetime success. Missouri State has extensive career services for both students and alumni to help them reach their professional goals.

Take a tour

417-836-6614 or 1-800-492-7900 (toll-free)

Found your place? Apply! Everything you need: If you cannot apply online, contact the Office of Admissions at 417-836-5517.

Make a seamless transfer Missouri State welcomes thousands of transfer students each year. More info, including course equivalencies: admissions/transfer

Web: >>> Email: >>> Phone: 417-836-5646 Missouri State University adheres to a strict nondiscrimination policy and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, or on any basis (including, but not limited to, political affiliation and sexual orientation) not related to the applicable educational requirements for students in any program or activity offered or sponsored by the University. COB 221 13

Missouri State University College of Business  

A viewbook especially prepared for prospective students from California.