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Style Counsel Stylist Guide 2018

Welcome on board! Thank you for joining the Style Counsel style team!

Your job at Style Counsel is to give our users friendly and useful feedback and grow our community. Hannah will send you your personal link in a separate email. Once you have been given the link you will need to get 5 people to download the app, this is so the link activates on our system and then we can start to track your downloads. This means that you will begin to earn from 2.50 (50cents x 5 downloads), so after the link is activated you will be paid a minimum of $2.50 and a maximum of $500 per month. Hannah, or someone from the team, will email you every Friday with your download number and any helpful information or tips she has. A few things to get you started: Make sure your profile is not empty! Our users will go on your profile, so we want to make sure you are representing Style Counsel well and people understand why you have been given the Stylist status. Fill out your bio - add Style Counsel Stylist and anything else you want, e.g. your blog, where you live and your job role. Add a display picture Upload 3 photos/questions so your profile looks busy

How to comment on posts As fashion industry professionals, you will understand the importance of giving value added comments. Our users come to us with questions so we want to give them helpful useful answers they can’t get on any other social media platform. Simply adding an emoji or a one comment answer does not help users because it does not give them unique information they can learn from. They can get emojis on Instagram, but Style Counsel is the home of quality fashion conversation. It is very important to give honest feedback, but to be sensitive. If you believe that an outfit does not suit the user, is not worth the price tag or is not appropriate for the event they are going to say so! They are asking because they need to hear the opinion of experts and it is better that they decide not to wear something based on comments in our forum rather than feel insecure in their choice once they are out. Do not give positive reinforcement to bad choices because you are afraid to offend. Instead, give honest feedback which focuses on the item, not the user, e.g.

“The colour of that dress is not great for your skin tone, I would change that to a lighter hue. Pastel colours would suit your skin better than bright colours.”

“The shape of those jeans is not right for your body type. Try a straight cut instead. H&M and Topshop are two good high street options and Gap always has a good variety of cuts to try.”

Our aim is to make our users confident in the style choices, so give them smart and interesting feedback they can learn from. As a general rule, a comment should answer the question (Yes or No) and add a piece of information, e.g. “colours in this family suit your skin tone”, “this style was on the catwalks this season”, “there is a great version of this item in [Zara, H&M, Whistles]”. Users can Like your comments, but only users who uploaded the photo question can Like and Dislike your comments The comment Dislike feature measure is there to protect users in case a Stylist goes rogue and writes something inappropriate. We screen all Stylists carefully, but need to have safety measures in place because community safety is very important to us.

You will be paid 45p per comment that is left under a user question. The comment must be left within the first five minutes of it being uploaded. The first two Stylists to comment will be paid, if you are the third or the photo is more than five minutes old you will not be paid. All comments will be approved by admin, don’t worry!

Some photos you could upload with a question for users to answer:

The Inspiration Section The Insipration section is a place for our users to explore and learn. You can only upload to the Inspiration screen if you are an approved Stylist on the app so utilise this honour! Upload trends and items you are loving, bloggers that inspire you or things you are looking to buy.

Feel free to reach out to Hannah wih any questions or queries. Email:

Style counsel stylist guide uk  

A guide for Stylists hired by Style Counsel to assist them in their role

Style counsel stylist guide uk  

A guide for Stylists hired by Style Counsel to assist them in their role