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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Planning & Research •

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New technology makes it possible and provides easy accessible to create a film. New technologies are constantly being developed and created, therefore the creation of film is changing, for example films are being shot it IMAX cameras. After doing my research and planning I realised how much I take for granted technologies and how easy it is to use the internet, which played a vital role in my research and planning. IMAC’S: This was the general computer I used, it was reliable and had the necessary softwares. However it was sometimes frustrating and slow to use. GOOGLE: Played a huge role in my research and planning, I was able to research the history of short films and conventions which gave me grounding and knowledge. However it can give obscure results which could sometimes distract me and give me irrelevant research. VIDEO HOSTING SITES: Vimeo and YouTube allowed me to access short films at the click of a finger, it increased my understanding and I was able to see how conventions were put into practice. However adverts on YouTube became annoying when trying to look a variety of films. WORDLE: I used this as a visual aid to see the main words that kept appearing, however it would often include irrelevant words such as ‘the’ ‘also’ INDEPENDENT FILM SITES: such as BackYard FX, tells you how to make big style effects on a small budget, this helped influence how I was going to film my piece. PREZZI: This I used to mind map my ideas and have the laid out neatly- however I found it hard to create a presentation with transitions and effects.

• SLIDESHARE: I could upload my presentations on to a slide share so many people can view them online, however it does not include animations as documents have to be a PDF • IMDB: Helped me decide what certification to give my film as well as rating. • MAGAZINES: I brought magazines to analyse film reviews, however some were not well suited as they were not of the horror genre, but it still gave me an idea of layout. E.G EMPIRE MAGAZINE • EXCEL: I used this software to create my filming schedule, I used colour to make it more attractive • FACEBOOK: I created a group between me and the characters, to organise dates and keep them updated, this was also done through texting. • BLOG: I have developed and transferred my skills from last year, I have learnt a lot more about ‘WordPress’ and have been able to structure by blog better because of this.

Construction •

CAMERA: I used a Canon 5D mark 2. I had little experience with the camera, but soon came to grips with it. I found this camera was better than a standard Nikon, as it had auto focus, face recognition, the screen was divided into thirds. The camera quality was also very good and picked up the red colour really well which was vital for my film. With the combine use of lens and shoulder rig, I was able to zoom in and walk around while keeping the camera very steady.

FINAL CUT PRO X: In order to give my film a cold eerie feel, I shifted the dark values. I also looked at the mid-tones and changed them to a bluish tone to make everything except the dress, balloons and jack-ina-box look bleak and deserted. To create the gun shots I used Video CoPilot and action sets. Although it was quite easy to get the effect, what I found difficult was trying to get the sparks to fit perfectly, as James was firing shots faster than Lydia was moving her feet, therefore sparks were flying everywhere and it didn’t fit. However after a few attempts I managed to get the shots in time with Lydia dodging them. I found this software hard to use as there is a lot of feature rich and had complex functions. It took me a while to get to grips with the software.

Photoshop : I have developed my skills from last year and I am now a lot more confident with the software. I used this software to create my film poster and my film review. Photoshop was obviously a massive contribution to my work as it will easy to place images from my files into Photoshop and edit them to suit a horror genre.

CD soundtrack amazon: I brought Dimitri Shostakovich CD from Amazon as it was an effective score for my film. I’m glad I purchased the CD as it suited my film well. I wanted to ensure quality, so brought a hard copy rather downloading.

Reflectors and deflectors: This equipment really helped my work as I was able to control the way the light fell on my characters faces during filming, where I could not quite control the sun

Distribution •

The sites I used are all easy ways of distributing films free as well as a large audience being able to view them. These are sites that I take for granted every day and forget the power of them

FACEBOOK: I created a group and invited all my friends on Facebook to view it. This created many views on YouTube. It also way a good source of feedback as people could comment, like and share my video. However I can only access this site from home as it is blocked in school. Twitter: This was another way of promoting my video to my followers. This also generated views for my YouTube video and the post also got 5 retweets. However like Facebook it is blocked in school, and only my followers can see the video. Vimeo : I uploaded my video on to the site as it is better quality than YouTube. I can also access this site in college unlike YouTube. However it takes ages to upload and not many of my friends have accounts, so they cannot comment. Youtube: This generated many views and interest in my video, I was able to track comments and views. However I cannot access the site in school and the quality isn’t as good as Vimeo. Blog : My final piece has also been uploaded to my blog, this is to compare it to my research and planning.

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Evaluation • Vimeo: Since I already had an account and knew the site well, I thought Vimeo was a good site to upload my second question to. The site also looks more professional and effective and allows for transitions.

• Issuu: This is an online presentation site that looks more professional than a PowerPoint presentation. You can use many different layouts and designs to suit your research. I used this site for my first question

• Blog: This site I have used throughout the 2 years and have developed my knowledge of it. I wrote a post for question 3 as the majority of my feedback was already on my blog. I could also insert pictures easily.

• PowerPoint: I have constantly relied on this software throughout my coursework and especially for my evaluation. The programme is easy to use and navigate. For my Vimeo and Issuu presentations I originally created them on PowerPoint.

• Technology played a huge part in my construction and research, planning and evaluation stages, without these I would not have been able to create the products I have. Alternative software's I could have used are Windows Movie Marker, IMovie, BlogSpot. However some of these were not available in school and were not as good as quality as other software's used.

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?  

Evaluation Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?  

Evaluation Question 4