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Getting ready for your photoshoot.

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What to expect the day of the shoot Makeup + Hair

Getting you glammed up will take about an hour. If you have a specific hair or makeup style you’d like to achieve, bring reference photos. Our stylists have lots of tricks up their sleeves to make you look amazing!


If you are coming to the studio, you’ll have a chance to unpack and make yourself at home. If we’re on location (ie. I come to you), have your outfits spread out or on a separate hanging rack other than your closet. While you’re getting your hair and makeup done, I’ll scan your wardrobe so that I can begin styling the shoot.

The Shoot

We’ll start with simpler, more comfortable wardrobe pieces and progress from there. The actual shooting takes about 2 hours. I will give you some easy to follow posing instruction, but will also capture your natural movements and flow. You’re going to have an incredible experience and walk away feeling like America’s Next Top Model!

After the Shoot

Be sure to make plans that night because you’re going to look fabulous! We’ll schedule a time in the following week or two for you to preview your photos. Together we’ll pick your favorites and choose which book or product you would like to purchase.

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Preparing for your shoot Hair

Sun Burns + Tan Lines

before your session just in case it goes wrong.

plan to tan before your shoot, do so at least a week

Hopefully it won’t, but you never know. Don’t wash

beforehand and don’t get burned. Be mindful of

your hair the day of. Dirty hair takes product much

clothing tan lines, sunglass tan lines, hat tan lines,

better than clean hair.




Start moisturizing nightly a week in advance of your

you want to wear glasses in your shoot. However,

shoot. Focus on your arms, shoulders, neck, face,

the glare on glasses can detract from your eyes in

hands, anywhere you’ll be exposed to the camera.

photos. You can have your lenses removed from

This includes your legs if you’re shooting in shorts

your frames for your shoot (don’t worry, it’s what

or a skirt. For your face be sure to use a facial

Hollywood does to avoid glare in movies). You can

moisturizer, not a thick body moisturizer, or you could

also ask your eye doctor to loan you a pair of similar

break out. Jojoba oil is a wonderful moisturizer as it’s

frames, or you can also visit an inexpensive company

the closet product to your skin’s natural oils.

online like Zenni Optical and buy a suitable pair of

If you’re going to get it cut, do so a week or two

Dry skin can really detract from a great photo shoot.

Tan lines can’t be retouched in Photoshop! If you

If people wouldn’t recognize you without glasses,

duplicate frames on the cheap.


If you want to brighten your smile, start your treatments about two weeks before your shoot.

Red Eyes

Visine is your friend. Not getting drunk the night before your shoot helps, too. (Don’t think I kid, I’ve


shot plenty of hung-over clients.)

A fresh coat of nail polish will make a world of difference in your photo shoot. Freshen the morning of the shoot, then be careful not to scuff it while


Avoid high salt and high fat foods for two or three

prepping. Your session is a great excuse for a fresh

days prior to your shoot. I’ve also found that staying

manicure, but if you can’t go to the salon, make sure

well hydrated helps thin out your face. Being bloated

your nails look tidy and clean, including the cuticles.

will sap your confidence and comfort in front of the camera.

w w w. a m y r o l l o . c o m


What to bring to the shoot Bras + Panties

Extra Clothes

work with any outift you want to shoot in. Make sure

unsure about what to wear. Just pack your trunk full

to keep your straps well-hidden. Also think about

and I’ll help you choose at your session :-)

Bring a set of bras and strap-adjusting accessories to

underwear lines - you never know when they might show up in your pictures!

Please bring a TON of clothes with you if you’re


Heels and wedges are your best bets because they


give you great posture. Boots are fantastic, as well.

Make sure you are comfortable in your clothing

Bare feet are always welcome. No running shoes!

whether you’re wearing a slinky cocktail dress or

Although do bring a comfortable pair of shoes so we

designer jeans. I want you to have fun and if you’re

can explore outside and mix up the backdrops.

uncomfortable in your clothes, you’ll be distracted. Similarly, avoid overly loose clothing -- the camera won’t add 10 pounds, but ill-fitting clothes will!


Bring a bunch of accessories including jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, hats, and headbands. I usually


end up pulling from my own collection to polish off

They work well for every type of portrait because they are comfortable and casual. When in doubt, bring a great fitting pair of jeans.

the look.


Bringing personal items can help make your


session more meaningful. This could be anything!

Avoid logos, busy patterns, and anything that will

Instruments, vinyl records, books, a bike,

detract attention away from your face.

WHATEVER! It’s your shoot so feel free to bring along your favorite things.


If you’re planning on wearing multiple outfits, change up your looks! Try one formal outfit (for example, a cocktail dress), one casual (jeans and a nice top), and something in between. Another way to think about your wardrobe is in the styling. For example: one softer romantic look, one edgy rocker look, and one that defines YOU!

w w w. a m y r o l l o . c o m


How to Prepare for your Photoshoot  

A guide to getting ready for your shoot.

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