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pull the emergency lifesaver with The word 'fail safe' does not refer to that the failure of the system is not probable or totally impossible, but rather it refers to the system's design prevents or simply mitigates unsafe consequences of its failure. Utility of fail safe brakes A fail safe brake ( click here ) or an emergency brake is a kind of backup braking system that is specially designed to function even when there is total brake failure. It works mechanically and is totally independent of the hydraulic system - that usually controls the brakes. In addition to being used in emergency situations, this kind of brake is also used as a parking brake in order to prevent the car from rolling away. Just like all other parts of the brake system, the emergency brake should also be be checked regularly so as to ensure that it is in good working condition. Fail-safe brakes automatically stop a drive whenever electrical power fails to do so. Some of the brakes are best suitable for static holding; while others are suitable for on-off cycling. Like all clutches and brakes that make use of friction, fail-safe brakes too generate torque through surface friction between those that are clamped together. Hydraulic fail safe brakes Hydraulically released fail-safe brakes are suitable for a huge range of applications - in mechanical engineering, motor vehicles, as well as transmission system. The cooling oil which is led through the plates precisely allows the heat. It varies depending on the particular application, to be dissipated efficiently. To a very large extent, these brakes are wear free and require least maintenance! Fail safe brakes are primarily used in mechanical engineering industry; especially in hydraulic motors. Other applications are in cranes, lifts, gearboxes, and winches. Pneumatic fail safe brakes These are pneumatically released and spring-applied brakes. These brakes are used for heavy duty work in general mechanical engineering. It is best suitable for mounting on electric motors. Super applications of fail safe brakes Fail safe brakes are commonly used for holding or e-stop applications such as: •Mining, Construction, or Oil Derrick Winches •Overland or Downhill Conveyor Systems

•Brakes •Container Crane Main Hoist, Boom Hoist & Trolley Travel Service and Emergency •Steel Mill Rolling & Coiling Systems, as well as Overhead Crane Hoist, Bridge •Trolley Travel Brakes •Draw Bridge and Bascule Bridge Service Brakes •Radar Antenna Azimuth and Elevation Positioning Applications •Elevator and Escalator Applications Aspect to remember in regards to fail safe brakes Regular servicing ensures that your brakes are in good working condition. Sudden brake failure( click here ) in well maintained cars is possible, but you are probably more likely to be hit by lightning. Thus, it is critical to get into the habit of checking your brake system every time you get behind the wheel. Brake testing only takes a few seconds to do and will become a habit after a while. There are two checks that you can always make, one being static and the other being rolling.

Pull the emergency lifesaver with fail safe brakes  

Simply installing a fail-safe brake in your drive system is not enough and does not guarantee that the system will fail safely in an emergen...

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