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Creatures of Art Club….

This is a collection of Parma’s Teen Art Club’s newest creations. These cute little creatures were created in January of 2012. Each little guy has a unique personality –and creator. 


Meet Humphrey D’Angelo! Created by Christopher Humphrey was born on January 24, 2012 at 3:35pm at the Parma Public Library. Although he is brand new, he still has big dreams and he’s willing to do anything to make sure he accomplishes them.

Meet Issie Dimples! Created by Tabbi Issie was born on January 24, 2012 at 3:33 pm at the Parma Public Library. Issie dreams of attending Princeton University, but first she needs to learn how to sit.

Meet Yolanduh McMuffin! Created by Chris Yolanduh dreams to eat at every McDonalds, just because her last name is McMuffin. McMuffins are her favorite food, by the way. She washes them down with McFlurries-M&M flavored.

Meet Bonquiqui! Created by Tim Bonquiqui likes to spend time with friends, but Bonquiqui and her friends are different from other creatures. They’re vampires, but they’re nice vampires. Her life dream is to cure the

disease that made her and her friends vampires.

Meet Fred! Created by Emily Fred is a very nice mouse with really cool feet. Fred doesn’t steal food from people like other mice. He’s the most amazing mouse anyone could ask for.

Creatures of Art Club  

This little guys were created in Teen Art Club