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SCISSOR SHARPENING ACCESSORIES Wide Clamp Assembly Will hold chisels, osteotomies and other tools up to ½" thick and 1 ½" wide. Comes complete with upright.

#30003 $69.95 1 Pint Scissor Lubricant Stops galling, dries quickly to provide stain free lubrication. Comes with stainless steel drop-at-a-time spout. Great for shears, files and drills.

#20800 $18.95 Long Arm Extensions Used to sharpen items from 14" to 32". Works great on curved paper cutter blades. Quick and Easy to mount to A1.

#49000 $101.95 Scissor Sharpening Video 55 minute VHS tape teaches, in detail, fine points of scissor sharpening. The tape is done by LEE WOLFF, "SCISSOR SHARPEN-O-LOGIST". Upon completion and test, a diploma will be granted.

#28105 #28105-D = DVD


Deluxe Set Screw Plier Kit The bit ratchets for easier adjustment and removal of screws. Kit includes: pliers, 8 sizes of bits, 10 ml Lock Tite for locking screws, instructions and handy storage box.

#20940 $66.95 Ookami Polishing Wheel

#25100 $95.50 Razors Edge Honing Wheel

(Japanese Shears)

Special wheel produces a dramatically sharper cutting edge on expensive JAPANESE SHEARS.

#25200 $69.95 Replacement Deburring Wheel

#25000 $69.95 Replacement Grinding Wheel

#27000 $24.50 A Complete Assortment of Diamond Wheels Are Available to Sharpen Carbide Shears

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