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Amy Philpott PDF Portfolio 1/8

Just Incase Brief, Develop a picnic concept based around a event and illustrate your concept by designing surface graphics for the packaging.

Armageddon was fueled by Nostra damus’ prediction of when earth is predicted to be destroyed. For Consumer exploitation all the substances and drugs included within my picnic are placebos. This also removed many constraints and information that must be included on the packaging allowing a minimalistic design. Each item within the picnic are wrapped in illustrative graphics of the body part the substance would degrade and destroy. The kit is then packed in a first aid box with design influences from philosophic alchemy.

Illustrator,, InDesign used for illustrative designs. Black ink used for minimalism. Photoshop used image manipulation. Laser cutter used to emboss surface graphics and packaging

Date, December 2012. Medium, Illustration. Concept, Just In Case. A picnic of substances that would aid an Armageddon judgment on 21st December 2012; Nostradamus’ prediction of when earth should be destroyed.

Ink the Skin Brief, Celebrate and encourage the art of letter writing through the design of a set of stamps that will entice the sender to post a letter.

Cannon ISO 200 decreased for sharpness Apiture 2.8 Photoshop used text manipulation. Rule of Three used for composition 1/60 second shutter speed

Date February 2012 Medium Photography Concept Receiving a letter inks the memory like a tattoo inks the skin The concept was based upon a quote that stated “receiving a letter inks the memory, like a tattoo inks the skin�. I took this quite literally by projecting British companies that have influenced literature or are directly associated with the royal mail onto a bare body part. Post production and grading allowed me to manipulate solid text into wrapping it around each logo adding the effect that it was embedded onto the models skin. Photography was the most professional media to portray this developed concept because it was clear and precise when reduced to the size of a stamp.

Tessellate Short Brief, produce a range of promotional materials for a contemporary band, including a short preview.

The lyrics for the track I chose to produce a preview music video for, described the male characters gradual change in emotions and view towards his partner.Visually I wanted to portray this with the use of media and manipulative lighting along other effects. I took influence from Hitchcock’s film ‘Psycho’ in particular the ‘Shower Scene’ to create suspense within the preview film but also allowing the audience to assume the scene with the power of suggestion.

Nikon DS3000 ISO increased 3200 for grain exposure Aperture 3.2 Photoshop used for saturation. Rule of Three used for composition 1/100 second shutter speed

Date Current project Medium Live Action Concept to visually highlight a gradual degrading view of a partner through the use of manipulative lighting and quick editing.

Justice Brief, design a series of posters to celebrate your allocated typeface, Gill Sans.

Nikon DS3000 ISO increased 3200 for grain exposure Aperture 3.2 Photoshop used for saturation Rule of Three used for composition 1/100 second shutter speed

Date September 2012 Medium scanned objects Concept highlight Eric Gills personality/ behavior and the consequenises it would of entailed if brought into the laws attention. After indepth research into Eric Gill and the typeface he produce it revealed his history and behavior to his family. I used the fact that his history was covered over for the duration of his life would be the part to “celebrate� because the members of his family that he abused (including the family pet) never got the justice they deserved. The trio of posters all included a death penalty process that would have been used in the early 18th centaury, if Gill were ever found out.

Unique way to sell yourself Brief, Design a series of self promotional materials to promote you and your portfolio as a designer in the current industry.

Nikon DS3000 ISO increased 3200 for grain exposure Aperture 3.2 Photoshop used for saturation. Rule of Three used for composition 1/100 second shutter speed

Date January 2013 Medium Photography Concept Deceive the audience and potential employers of my age, gender and personality to remove all stereotyping that is still assosiated within the design industry. After working in the industry for 18 months, I gradually came to terms with the stereotyping and gender specific foundations the design industry are still grasping at. I chose to portray myself in a set of images that would inform the audience on my background and experiences. Instead of using myself as the model I chose to use a male, aged 50. This allowed the audience to assume that he has more experience than a young adult and was more employable for shoots because he was male.The script that was included in these images portrayed a slightly humorous and confident personality that the design industry runs on.

Freelance work Animation Assistant to Richard Swarbrick at Hotspur and Argyle, Soho London. Director Theo Delaney.

Medium Illustrative Animation Date November 2012- current

Live action used for original footage. Wacom used for digital drawing Photoshop used for initial drawings After effects for post production effects.

I currently work within the Advertising industry as an Animation Assistant, working for clients including Google, Adidas and The Sun. The style of animation that I produce is a traditional rotoscope design that uses contemporary mediums.

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