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  "I am influenced by fashion and culture, while celebrating the unique characteristics of different peoples and cultures, we have to create solidarity on the level of our common humanity." - Amyn The Jeweler  

Amyn   The   Jeweler   has   been   synonymous   with   impeccable  style  &  beau3ful  jewelry  since  the  early   1980ʹ′s.   Born   and   raised   in   Mumbai,   India,   Amyn's   maternal   family   has   been   in   the   jewelry   business   for  the  past  four  genera3ons.   Designing   jewelry   is   a   part   of   Amyn’s   DNA.   Amyn   always  knew  he  would  be  a  jewelry  designer.     AIer   immigra3ng   to   Los   Angeles,   Amyn   opened   Jewelry   on   7th,   a   chic   bou3que   in   Santa   Monica,   California   on   November   7th   2004.   His   bou3que   caters   to   a   long   list   of   celebrity   and   high   profile   clients  from  around  the  globe.   He  is  professionally  and  socially  known  as  Amyn  The   Jeweler.   Amyn   spends   his   3me   traveling   between   the   two   con3nents   and   spends   any   free   3me   searching   for   new  inspira3on.   Amyn  has  combined  his  crea3ve  passions  to  design   a   signature   unisex   silver   jewelry   line   "Harmony   by   Amyn"   that   is   a   mix   of   Religion,   Cultures,   Royalty,   Harmony   mixed   together   with   styles   from   gothic,   rock-­‐n-­‐roll   and   biker   jewelry.   Harmony   by   Amyn   was  developed  for  people  of  all  religions,  race  and   sexual   orienta3on.   People   have   the   “right   to   be   different”.   Harmony   By   Amyn   is   an   a^empt   to   promote   a   feeling   of   oneness   amongst   different   na3ons,  races  and  cultures.   A  long  list  of  high  profile  and  celebrity  clients  would   agree,   Amyn   The   Jeweler   knows   how   to   create   jewelry   that   makes   anyone   wearing   his   pieces   feel   in  Harmony.  

Harmony  by  Amyn   1460  7th  Street,  Santa  Monica  CA,  90401   (310)  255.0786   h^p://