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Hello readers, Amy here! This is the July issue and I couldn’t be more excited. The response for my first issue was so overwhelming but I am so, so grateful for all the comments. Thank you for reading ANP|NEWS! I am so appreciative. All in all I want ANP|NEWS to be a place where the artist in us can go read, look, learn, and be inspired. In this issue, you will meet creative minds, dreamers, and see beautiful work. I am honored to have these artists in ANP|NEWS. The world is filled with artists and I don’t just mean photographers, painters, drawers, etc. There are architects, chefs, makeup artists, fashion designers, film makers, etc. “Art is everywhere”, my middle school art teacher taught me (thanks Mrs. Jones). Everyone has a little artist in them and my job is to encourage you to think about who you as an artist. Whether it be solely to make art, share art, or learn about art. As for me, I’m an artist because I want to make people happy. Enjoy.




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interview and photos by amy nguyen photos

chit chat w/ katie kirckof: make-up artist july2012/5

How did you get started in make-up?

I’ve always loved doing make-up. I think by 17 years old I had a huge make-up kit. I probably spent $4,000 on make-up alone! In high school, I did my friends make-up for formal dances. I’ve always loved making people feel beautiful. When I was younger I painted and now I use faces as a palette.

Did you know that was what you wanted to do when you were younger? When I was younger I wanted to be a hair stylist but when I was in high school I battled with bad skin so I wanted to be an esthetician.

What is your biggest dream?

I would love to live by the beach and work on set for a movie doing make-up; a lot of behind-the scenes for movies and photoshoots for magazine spreads.

What is your favorite part of your career?

Teaching. When clients come in, I set the mirror in front of them and I teach them how to apply make-up correctly. I also like working on photoshoots. You’re the one who made me love that!

What is your favorite make-up look?

Smokey eye! Saving the day with one smokey eye at a time! My favorite combination of colors are the copper tones. Colors usually depends on the person.


You’re super busy nowadays! What’s a day in Katie’s life look like?

Sometimes I think my life should be a television show! Everyday there is something crazy going on. I’ve been working so much but when I come to work it doesn’t feel like I’m working. There’s a quote that I live by... It’s a Lady Gaga quote! “Some women choose to follow men and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore”. Also, what’s a day without a glass of Merlot?! I wake up happy and live life to the fullest!

What are your top summer make-up and beauty tips?

I recommend Body Bling, this is what J-Lo uses to get that summer glow (See picture right). Of course, you need sunscreen to protect your skin during the hot summer days. I’m huge on highlighting the face so my favorite is Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand. You would put this under the brows, above the bronzer on your cheekbones, and above and below your lips. Oh yeah, coral lips! Contact Katie for make-up tutorials, steps, tips, and tricks! Katie specializes in educating, fashion photoshoots, and bridal party makeup.

facebook: katie kirckof makeup artist


weddi 8/july2012


“For you see, each day I love you more.Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.�



Andrew and McKenzie met at school where McKenzie was working at the bookstore. McKenzie helped Andrew find his books for class. Soon after they found out their commonalities would be fate. Their first date was on March 5th. They went out to photograph old buildings at night (YES, they are photography lovers. Therefore, they became my bffs). It was a very cold night so they went to Wal-Mart where they walked around and talked. Towards the end of the night, “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz came on the radio and Andrew took McKenzie’s hand and taught her how to swing dance in Wal-Mart. Mraz, you done good sir. “Amy, I can’t wait for you to see the site. There are mason jars hanging from the tree, lights above the dance floor, and old books at the end of tables”.Oh McKenzie, you won me over with mason jars. As we chatted about the details of their days, I kinda lost it. Mason jars, rope lights, vintage turquoise, suspenders, bowties, and the list goes on. The best part was that all day there were more little details that surprised me. McKenzie and Andrew did a great job with making their vision come true. Every detail was thought out perfectly. These two are so in love, so compassionate towards each other and their faith, so happy, and so fun. You have to check out those bouquets, boutonnieres, the ‘bride’ curtain, and many more sweet surprises.


To view more photos from McKenzie and Andrew’s wedding:


To view more photos from Sarah and Ron’s wedding:


S&R He came into the bar where she worked. He asked for her number and got rejected. He came in again the following Thursday and Friday. 2 years later they decided to tie the knot. When I first met Sarah and Ron something clicked between us. I couldn’t help but notice their ear-to-ear smiles. Their love is really inspiring, true, and honest. As we got to chatting, they never mentioned “me” or “I”. It was merely “we” and “ours”. The way they looked at each other made me melt and gave me chills AT THE SAME TIME (it’s possible). June 9th came and despite the hot air and sweat Sarah and Ron looked great. Like a million bucks if you ask me. If you didn’t know this about me I’m a SUCKER for history. Old photos, keepsakes, heirlooms, clothing, etc. Anything that is tangible and vintage, I’m in love. The details and bits of history that Sarah and Ron put into their wedding was truly breath taking. HUGE thanks to my second shooter: Marsha Chang Photography




logan west of west ave design

& marissa murdy of marissa murdy photography


ed s.


I chose to feature artists in ANP|NEWS because I believe that everything our eyes see is art. The food in front of you, the ads on the city buses, the music that we hear downtown, the small play that a 5 year old performs for their family, the sketches the 13 year old girl draws in her notebook, etc. You get the idea. I believe everyone is talented in their own way. I believe that everyone has great potential in what they want to do and who they want to be in the future. Creativity is all over the place and collaborating with different artists to create a masterpiece is inspiring. We all start somewhere and we all grow with progress, determination, passion, and motivation. ANP|NEWS is a place where that 13 year old can show off her amazing sketches or perhaps someone who enjoys to cook delicious, beautiful meals. ANPP|NEWS has some wonderful artists this month. They’ve been such an inspiration to me and I can’t wait for you to see their work. Art is everywhere. Make it. Create it. Share it. Take it. Love it. Appreciate it.




My name is Logan West, and I have always found myself comfortable in Art. Constantly I am seeking new opportunities to expand my knowledge in how to create something different. I am a double major in Graphic Design and German Studies, and have an Art Minor. Exploring cultures, and traveling are two my favorite things, and when I can combine both of my majors into a project, I’m on Cloud 9. Currently I am a Graphic Design Intern for the Tweed Museum of Art, one of three Layout Editors for the UMD Statesman, an Office Assistant for UMD Athletics, and a Community Advisor for the UMD Residence Halls. Living every day like it’s your last is so important, you will hardly ever find me dwelling on the bad, because life is just too short. I absolutely have loved my time here at UMD, but there is a plan for me, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store. :)


\\ CONTACT facebook: west avenue design

NUE Hanabi Rebrand Proposal Document

Goal: Discovering the importance of Research in brand development and design. Hanabi is a well known local Sushi Restaurant located in Duluth, MN. Currently they have no brand identity, and it was my goal to create a simple, and functional logo that could be easily implemented into their current vision.

Luna Park Sydney, Australia Hobby I love experimenting with my camera, and capturing the world unseen. It is a passion that is truly becoming more and more handy as I pursue my career in Graphic Design. I have taken it upon myself to capture those moments that go unseen in a blink of an eye.


When facing the decision of combining typefaces of different weights, the letterforms will work with your visual elements to reveal contrast -Logan West


Lives Crossed

Goal: The goal was to create a piece that broke multiple rules of Typography, but these broken elements worked together to create a unified piece. I became inspired by the simple forms of letters, and the idea of them working together to reveal imagery. It quicky became my goal to create a piece about layers, that kept surprising the viewer as the gazed closer and closer at the piece.

july2012/ 19



Laura Reiter My name is Marissa Murdy and I am a 19 year old photographer based out of Andover, MN. I am currently attending University of Minnesota Duluth to further study photography. I started taking photography seriously about 2 years ago when my grandpa mailed me my first camera (20D) and lenses. I started photographing all of my friends and soon enough people I didn’t know started asking me to take their photos, I realized I could do this for the rest of my life. Karrah Kobus influenced my work tremendously, before I found her work I thought photography was very straight forward but after seeing her work and getting together with her I realized there is no limit with creativity. I am a very versatile photographer, I shoot weddings, engagements, senior portraits, fine art, conceptual, lifestyle, fashion or anything that comes my way! I am concentrating on building my fashion portfolio as well as continuing my conceptual photography portfolio. Along with photography, I love to travel and my goal is to be traveling around the world taking photos for magazines and putting my conceptual work in galleries.


CONTACT facebook: mariss j murdy photography

july2012/ 21

Kim Wilke


Danica Purper

july2012/ 23

Conceptual Portrait


Anna Brost

july2012/ 25

Be featured in ANP|NEWS! Did you recently shoot an amazing session? Are you an asipiring artist looking to get your work out there? Let’s chit chat soon! Email me your interest in any of the above and send me some of your work! You might be featured in ANP|NEWS’s next issue! 26/july2012

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