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My Life Under The Spotlight




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It’s been a busy time here at SimplyPop. We’ve been catching up with our fave acts Justin Bieber, One direction and many more. But when we asked our cover star Charlotte to come and hang out with us and she said yes we just could go back. Enjoy and exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes in our 5 page Charlotte special! Were also hanging out with Union J for the day and we find out all the top secrets of many of the stars. This only means one thing… Another jam packed issue for you all to enjoy!


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CHARLOTTE “My Life Under The Spotlight”



oday we’ve been lucky enough to catch the one and only Charlotte to speak about her latest album and her all new announced UK Tour! After releasing her number 1 album and having a sold out her first ever UK tour, were here to find out all the latest news and gossip from the girl herself. The first ever exclusive interview will reveal to you all the top secrets of hers and what her life truly is like. I’m guessing that all of you are just as excited as what we are to get started with this interview so let’s see what there is to say.

with or have been worried about. Interviewer: It must be amazing for you what you’re experiencing and I can’t imagine how much your life must have changed. I’m sure a lot of people must be very jealous of you! Charlotte: It has been incredible and to have been given this opportunity in my life it’s something I have always dreamed of having! I couldnt ever with for anything better to have. Interviewer: How much have

if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am now! I love them all! Interviewer: The reaction that your fans have given to the new album is incredible isn’t it… something we don’t often see. I think we can say they love you just as much as you love them. Charlotte: The fans will always be the people I will never forget and I am always trying my best to make them proud with what I do. Before I made the album I was worried how the fans would react and that the album wouldn’t do as well as what it has. But I had so much fun making the album and working with other top artists to create new music is something I will never forget.

“To have been given this opportunity in my life is something I have always dreamed of having!”

Interviewer: First of all thank you for taking the time to come and speak to us today we are very grateful to have you here with us and we cannot wait to hear from you. I hear it’s been a very busy time for you lately?

Charlotte: I don’t think I can even describe how busy it’s been, it’s been unreal! But I’ve loved every minute of it and I’ve met so many amazing people that have supported me so much and helped me with anything I have needed help

things changed for you with your life, It must be such a change right? Charlotte: It’s changed greatly. It still hasn’t quite sunk in what has happened to me as I never believed I would have this opportunity and become this lucky. The support that the fans give me is unreal and to have fans like this makes me so grateful for everything I have. I always am truly thankful to my fans as

Interviewer: I’m sure I’m not the only one who has said this, but first time I listened to the album I knew there was something special about it. It’s one of them albums you could listen to over and over again without getting bored. Charlotte: [laughs] thank you! Its feels so surreal and to have got this reaction from the album… something I could never of imagine. I am hoping this is just the start @simplypop


of a huge career. Interview: I can see many more albums coming soon! Firstly I would like to begin by asking you where your love for music came from? Charlotte: Ever since I have been a little girl I have loved listening to music! I would always be singing whenever and wherever I could [laughs] I began just writing my own songs for fun when I was about 13 and over time I realised this was something I wanted to

that I had that didn’t end well and I wrote about how I managed to overcome this. One of the other songs I wrote is about my life today and the relationship I am in at the moment. Interviewer: That’s very interesting. Nice to see the ideas behind the album! I must ask, what was your first reaction when you got the phone call from your manager who wanted to sign you, and make an album?

given me so much support especially my mum she’s always helping me out. As a family we often have family meals at the weekend, which is a good opportunity to see them all. They’re always interested in what I’m up to as well! Interviewer: By the sounds of it everyone is so proud of you! This may be a difficult one but have you ever had something that has really put you down and ever made you feel really upset?

Charlotte: Well I had already

Charlotte: I hope they are I am

been in contact a little bit with my manager before he phoned me, but when he asked me if I wanted to start working on an album with him, it didn’t really feel real. The thought of having my own album was incredible!

always trying my best to please everyone! When I was a bit younger and had just started my second year of High School there was a group of boys and girls that always used to pick on me and make me feel really uncomfortable. They used to tell me that my voice was awful and that I couldn’t sing. At first I managed to ignore it however it soon became a more regular thing and they were saying it to me all the time. This was when I realised that I couldn’t actually cope anymore with it. I decided to speak to my parents and at this point I had got too worried to even sing because they had made me feel so awful and embarrassed. My parents went into school and the head teacher spoke to the group about it. The day after this they came up to me whilst I was having my lunch and apologised to me about what they had done. I forgave them, however my confidence took a while to come back.


do for the rest of my life. I started entering small singing competitions within the local community and also within school and this became something I really enjoyed doing! I then started uploading videos to YouTube and before I knew it I had my manager Chris ringing me to find out more about me! I then got signed when I was 17 just over a year ago and I began to write my first single which was a huge success. Interviewer: Wow that’s incredible; sounds like you love what you do! I must say I have seen some of your videos and they are amazing! I must also ask where the idea of the album came from? Charlotte: I wanted to bring something that my fans would be able to relate to. I decided that because all my fans are mainly teenage girls that they should be able to also relate to the songs I produce. One of the songs I made was about a relationship in the past


Interviewer: You must have been so excited! How are you handle everything at the moment and managing to still keep in contact with friends and family? It must be crazy for you! Charlotte: Well to be honest I’ve just been taking things one step at a time and I seem to be getting on ok. It’s a very busy and hectic life but it’s the best life I could ever ask for. I appreciate everything I have and especially my fans I have no idea where I would be without them! I still manage to keep in touch with all my friends and they have done a lot for me in the past few years giving me all the help and support I could ever ask for. My family also have

Interviewer: That must have been so hard for you Charlotte, but I am glad that you have overcome what has happened and you are back singing because your voice is incredible! And of course you’ve just announced you’re going to be doing a UK tour soon, completely selling out all the tickets within just 10 minutes; I mean that’s crazy! Tell us about that.

Charlotte: Yes that’s right, I’m going to be travelling around the UK on promotion for my album and I’m hoping I will have a few more singles released by then! I’m really looking forward to doing this and I’m hoping that it will all go really well. Interviewer: I’m sure you’re not the only person who is looking forward to this, we’ve had a huge number of tweets coming into us talking about the tour and how excited people are! So tell us any secrets planned for the tour?

expect from the tour? Charlotte: They can expect something that they’ve never seen before and something that will never be forgotten! Firstly my entry to stage is going to be very special lots of different lighting and effects, maybe even a few fireworks! There’s going to be loads of fancy

“They can expect something that they have never seen before! ”

Charlotte: Well… I do have a few things planned and a few special guests who I will be having on tour with me, but I have to keep this a secret for now. Interviewer: Come on tell us! Just one thing! What will all your fans

outfits which I will be wearing and loads of different fun things, and maybe even collaboration with another top artist! That’s all I’m saying for now! Interviewer: That sounds amazing! Anything else you’re looking forward to with touring? Charlotte: I cannot wait for the build up for the tour! All the re-

hearsals and dress rehearsals making sure everything is going well! I just can’t wait to be on the stage listening to my fans singing along with me! I want to show them all who I really am and how much they mean to me! This tour is for them! But we can also say that the early mornings and late nights might be a difficult one [laughs] Interviewer: That’s amazing Charlotte! I’m sure you’ve just made everyone even more excited than what they already were! We’ve also had a lot of questions coming through on twitter that people would like you to answer. Want to answer a couple for your fans? Charlotte: Ooo yes I would love to, nothing too embarrassing though [laughs] Interviewer: We can try not too [laughs]. So firstly @zoe_wood says “hi charlotte! I was just wondering what your favourite moment has been so far and why” Charlotte: Hi Zoe! Wow that’s a @simplypop


difficult one! I’ve had so many! But if I had to pick one it would be working with the different artists on my album and getting to know them. When I was a little girl I had always dreamed of meeting all these people and to have that opportunity in my life is something that will never seem real.

throughout your journey and what has made them so supportive?” Charlotte: Hi Danielle! My fans have been incredible and I couldn’t ask for better, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today! Even though sometimes I find my parents so annoying [laughs] I don’t know what I would do without them they have given me everything and helped me whenever I have needed it! Also my friends I don’t know what I would do without them either! I love everyone – my fans, family and friends!

“I love everyone my fans, family and friends! ”

Interviewer: We then have a tweet from @danielle100 who says “Hi Charlotte, I just wanted to know who has been the most supportive person for you

Interviewer: And finally our last question of the day is from @becky_fan who says “Hi Charlotte, I have always dreamed of having a life life yours, but I just never feel like I would be able to handle all the pressure and stress of it. How do you feel like you are coping with it all and how to you manage to overcome any of the situations that are difficult or that make you stressed?” Charlotte: Hi Becky, to be honest I am so grateful for what I have I always some how find a way to manage the stress. I love what I do so much and I always want to carry on singing. Whenever I feel like I can’t cope anymore I sit down and take a rest with a nice cup of tea. When I get home I have a hot bubbly bath and I always find this the cure for a hard day of work. Interviewer: Thanks for asking a few of the questions wish we had time for more! Just before we go any last things you would like to say to the fans, maybe a few words of advice they can be inspired by? Charlotte: What I always told myself and what I tell everyone else is to never give up! Believe in what


“ CA T

you can do and you will be able to reach what you want! This is what I followed especially when I went through a really difficult time. I just had to keep my head held high and believe in myself and listen to the people who believed in me rather than those who didn’t. if anyone tries to put you down always believe in yourself! Finally what I always say to myself is always put in 110% effect to achieve the best as you won’t be able to reach what you want if you don’t put in the effort. Interviewer: That’s lovely! It’s been a pleasure speaking to your today, and we all thank you for this time! We hope we will be able to see you again sometime soon! All of us wish you the best of luck for the future and we cannot wait to hear all about the tour!

Charlotte: Aww thank you so much for having me it has been great speaking to you, and ill definitely pop in soon to say hi! Make sure to check out Charlotte’s channel:

Name: Charlotte Hooker Age: 17 Occupation: Model Hobbies: Dancing, Singing Best item of clothing: Shoes! Favourite Artist: Rihanna and Beyonce Fave designers: Gucci

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