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Kyle  Thompson  

Fiddle  Oak  

Andric  Ljubodrag  

Kyle  Thompson   Photo  manipula@on  is   the  applica@on  of   image  edi@ng   techniques  to  the   original  photograph;  in   order  to  create  an   illusion.  Usually  using   Photoshop.    

Surrealism,  scale,   landscapes    

  Photo   Manipula@on  

Incorporate  real   landscapes  and  people   adding  a  fantasy  element   using  Photoshop      


Make  people  bigger   or  smaller  than  their   surroundings  in   rela@on  to  the  book   Erik  Johansson  

Take  a  series  of  photos  of    a   person  in  a  single  landscape   then  manipulate  on   Photoshop  to  create  an   illusion  that  they’re  more  than   one  person   Lizzy  Elle  

Tom  Burns  

Michelle  Thompson   Photo  Illustra@on  is  a   visualiza@on    created   by  an  ar@st  combining   sketches,  drawing,   pain@ng  and   photography;  using  a   graphical   representa@on  

Rob  Ryan  

Book  cover  designs  

Mira  Schendel  



Reflect  the  theme  of  the   book  

Decora@ve  and  exci@ng  

Combine  sketches,   drawings,  pain@ngs  and   photography  

Peter  Callesen  

Combine  photography   with  drawings  and   sketches  



Making  a  quote  with   objects  

Alphabe@cal  photography  

Choose  famous  quote  

Graphics briefs