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Harvard Park Day NurseryFeltham September Newsletter 2013. News from the Managers Nicki and Tracey –Firstly welcome to all our new parents and children joining us this term! We are going to start a new term with a healthier mind frame. We know when your child is celebrating birthdays or leaving its nice for them to bring something in for friends. Instead of sweet treats or party bags we would like you to think of a healthier alternative such as a bag of apples, raisins or a book. Write a message inside the book and we can print off a picture of your child and talk about who gave us the book at group times. We can still have cakes as it is nice to celebrate birthdays  Please remember to be on time when picking up your. If your child does a morning session pick up time is 12:50am leaving time for feedback, and same goes with 5:50pm if they are afternoon or fulltime. We will charge you if you are late! We would also like to welcome Megan back from her maternity leave and hopes she has missed us! And say a sad goodbye to Shaffi who has been covering Maternity. News from Deputy Carol-Hi thank you to everyone who has brought in their unwanted newspapers and junk (yoghurt pots, cereal boxes, material) etc please continue to do so… Please encourage your children to walk to nursery or take a scooter as we have lots of buggies in the lobby. Children in Freedom Zone should be discouraged to use the buggy as they are very capable of walking. If we get anymore we will have to start asking parents to take them with them. News from Baby Studio –Sana,Mary, Gurpreet, Sneha, Diluni, Nabila and Megan(who will also be covering in other rooms ) The theme for September is Sensory play. We will be having fun with different textures during our play as well as sensory materials to explore at group times. Jelly play and Dough play are just 2 of the activities we will be doing that will encourage children to develop their physical skills alongside their expressive and cognitive skills. We have a few friendly reminders: Please bring in spare clothes, nappies and wipes when they are asked for. If you do not bring them in then we cannot accept your child into nursery. Remember to sign you r child in and out as we cannot always remind you and finally please label all clothes and water bottles! This will prevent them from going home with someone else. Thank You

Your mission this month is to:-Introduce you child to new textures with food. Whether it be at meal times or just as fun, it will help them to distinguish between their likes and dislikes at a later stage. Can parents please join our Facebook site as we are trialling our news letters on our new site to save our trees! We will of course print of a few copies to those parents who do not have access to a computer. We will also display a copy on our parents table. .

Dates and notes: -We would like to wish a very happy 1st Birthday Emily on the 5th.

News from Bunnies –Gemma, Chelsea (who is covering Gulcan’s maternity leave),Hannah and Alia: Our topic for this month is Sensory investigation. W e will be doing lots of activities that will encourage the child’s language and expressive development, as well as exploring all of our senses. The children will learn new textures and explore how we describe objects using texture and describing words. We would like to welcome: Jasroop, Saanvi, Maria, Catlynn, Ruel, Bailey-Rae, Sophie, Idress, Marley, Amber, George, Martha and Carmen into Small Steps. We would also like to welcome Chelsea and Hannah as the new additions. Your mission this month is to: -Talk to your children about how things such as objects or food feels and tastes at meal times or when you are out and about. Don’t forget to write some stickers on the things you do at home! Please ask your keyworker about them.

Dates and notes:Happy 2nd Birthday to Martha on 6th September

News from –Amy and Holly, Viviana, Pauline and Danielle, Kulwinder, Sonia and Sam: September will be about using our senses to investigate , making the topic sensory investigation. We will be doing this all around nursery, as well as out and about. Activities will include : food tasting, messy play, treasure baskets, sensory bags and touch and feel games using blindfolds. We will also be learning how to distinguish between our senses and which sense uses which part of the body, for example using our eyes to see. Sensory investigation covers all aspects of your child’s learning and enhances their communication and cognitive skills. We would welcome Lorenzo, Devmith, Lilianna, Anay, Rui, Elham, Sienna, Precious, Adrita, Evie, Klara, Khamani, Tyler, Shreya, Reshmanth, Austas, Anusha, Huzra, Gabriel, Saffiyah, David, Abigale, Tobi, David, Seide and Frankie to our room. Your mission this month is to: - Whether you and your child/ren are at home or out, talk about what you can hear, smell, see, taste or feel. Encourage the use of new describing words and let us know what they have learnt! Dates and notes:-. We would like to say Happy 3rd birthday to Aushyloh on the 5th and Austas on the 21st.We would also like to say Happy 4th birthday to Oluchi on the 10th, Olivia on the 19th, Arianna on the 6th, and Missie Mai on the 21st.

Can parents please join our Facebook site as we are trialling our news letters on our new site to save our trees! We will of course print of a few copies to those parents who do not have access to a computer. We will also display a copy on our parents table. .

September 2013 Day Nursery Newsletter  

Here is everything you need to know about wheat is happening this month!

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