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Harvard Park Day Nursery Feltham January 2013. News from the Managers Nicki and Tracey – We would like to wish Hannah from Small Steps and Sam from Baby Studio/Freedom Zone fond farewells who are leaving for pastures new. We thank them for all their hard work over the years. Could you also bear with us due to this we will have to do a few move arounds within the staffing. We would also like to thank parents for all the lovely Christmas gifts!!!! News from Deputy Carol-‘Happy New Year’ Please can you remember to check your child’s cubby hole daily for any letters, or children’s work. Could you remember to inform us of any change of address or telephone numbers. Thank you News from Baby Studio – Mary, Gurpreet, Sneha, Nabila and Sam – Happy New Year ! This month we will be looking at animals. We will be developing our language and social skills by singing songs and learning animal sounds. Also expanding on our physical development by exploring how animals move. We will be visiting our local pet shop and duck pond. We would like to welcome our new children Vibha, Perneel and Deetya to Baby Studio and also Sana back from her maternity leave. Can we please remind parents to bring in wipes and nappies when requested.Thank you for your continuing support. Your mission this month is to. Look at animals in their environment Dates and notes:-Happy Birthday to Mary 1st January News from Bunnies –Hannah, Gulcan, Hannah Paige (who is covering Megan’s maternity leave), Alia and Amy Hello, Happy New Year ! This month’s theme is Shopping, we will be developing ourimaginationslanguage and social skills by creating our own shop with tills, shopping baskets and items found in shops . We will help develop numeracy skills by looking at numbers found in and around nursery. We will also help develop mark making skills by creating our own labels and lists. We will also be exploring the shops our local area provides

Your mission this month is to:-Let your child write their own shopping lists and help with the shopping – also could parents please continue to bring in parent stickers for the Learning journals( if you do not have any please ask ) Dates and notes:Happy Birthday to Justyna30th

News from -Amy P and Holly (cover for Jodi as she is still

poorly), Viviana, Pauline and Sam &Gemma, Kulwinder and Nabila ‘Happy New year to everyone’ During our first month of this year our topic will be books. Each group has chosen a book and will be exploring them with the children, planning activities that will focus on the children’s social skills , Language and physical development but also how stories are structured, beginning, middle and end. Sadly we will be losing Sam who is leaving us on 4 th January and Gemma who is moving into Small steps taking over from Hannah S as room leader, but freedom zone children will still see her every day. Your mission this month is to:-Look at and talk about books at home with your child. Join the local library. Dates and notes:- We would like to wish aHappy 3rd birthday to Neelesh 11th ,Shaun 18th, Zion 22nd and Happy 4th birthday to Carla 1st and Meha 22nd. We would also like to wish Dylan a belated Happy 4th birthday who we forgot to mention in the December newsletter.

Can parents please join our Facebook site as we are trialling our news letters on our new site to save our trees ! We will of course print of a few copies to those parents who do not have access to a computer. We will also display a copy on our parents table. .

Feltham's January Newletter  

Day Nursery's newletter for January - make sure you read the online copy or your paper copy they are very important