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Travel Apps: Stowaway in Your Pocket

[By Julie Ogborn]

[Intro:] Climbing Everest or sailing the Pacific? No problem. Now you can pack your favorite Stowaway articles and other online content to read offline during your trip by simply placing it in your Pocket. The Pocket app helps you save web articles, blog posts, videos, and images to read later, and it’s now available for free. Save some space in your suitcase and stow your favorite articles in your new Pocket app.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM Comment: I would delete this because it makes the “Web Minus Wi-Fi” section redundant.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM Comment: I think this helps us sound more concise and direct, and eliminates some wordiness.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 2:31 PM

Get the Free App The Pocket app is available for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, or internet browser. The Pocket app makes it easier to stow all your favorite web articles for your travels, however remote your destinations may be. So get your Pocket app today. !

Deleted: whether you have Wi-Fi or not,

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 2:51 PM Deleted: Take this great resource with you on your next trip to save space in your suitcase by stowing your favorite articles in your new Pocket app.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 2:56 PM Deleted: in your

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM Comment: A stowaway is technically a person, and it’s not a verb. I think if we change it, it will make more sense.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 2:28 PM Deleted: away

Web Minus Wi-Fi Later, even when you don’t have an internet connection, access all your articles in the Pocket app’s great user interface.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM Comment: Do we sound a little cheesy here? I think we may want to steer clear of sounding too much like a sales pitch.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 2:30 PM Deleted: stowed away

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM

Pack Your Pocket Taking your favorite Stowaway articles to read on the train, on the mountainside, or anywhere you are traveling is a snap. Simply go to

Comment: Capitalization of “Your” is correct, according to Chicago 8.157.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM Comment: Stowaway Style Guide 3.2.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM to find the article you want in your Pocket.

Comment: Without this, the reader would have to infer “on anywhere you are traveling.”

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 2:34 PM Formatted: Font:Italic

Share to Pocket Touch the “Overflow” button in the upper right corner of your screen to get a dropdown menu, and then touch “Share.” Touch “Add to Pocket” from the share menu that pops up, and you’re done. It’s that easy!

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM Comment: I added quotes because you had them on “Share” and “Add to Pocket.” Italics would be another option.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM Comment: If this is capitalized in the app, we should capitalize it. If not, it’s fine as is.

Great Features Check out these other great aspects of the Pocket app as well: Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM

View your pocketed finds in tiles or as a list.

Filter contents by file types.

Filter or search contents by title or URL.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 2:36 PM

Read articles in article view or switch to web view.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 2:36 PM

Tag articles to organize them into your categories: Favorites and Archive.

Amy Carlin 3/4/13 4:13 PM

—Julie Ogborn Really great article, Julie! I love it!

Comment: I think I’m not understanding this correctly. Do you mean “view your saved articles by title or in a list”? What is the difference between those two? Deleted: them Deleted: through them

Comment: Checked periods at ends of sentences in Chicago 6.124. Used correctly.


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