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‘Beauty Therapy’with JENNA - by AMY MCPHIE Jenna Wadsworth recently graduated from New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis and Beauty in Palmerston North. Jenna is now qualified with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Spa Therapy. This course was full time from January to December 2010. Throughout this course there were compulsory school exams and optional International Exams. Since Jenna wanted to make the most of her course she went the extra mile and completed both. Jenna was then one of eight students to be selected to then do a course in spa therapy. Jenna’s passion for beauty therapy grew when she was in sixth form at college. She has always known that she wants to be within the beauty, makeup or hairdressing industry. Since Jenna has graduated she has set up a therapy at home and has her own client base. Jenna offers; nail therapy, acrylic nails, eyelash tinting, eyebrow waxing, body waxing, body massage. So I went and visited Jenna and photographed her carrying out eyelash tinting and then waxing her clients eyebrows. To carry out the eyelash tinting Jenna removed any makeup that is currently there. 2. Place cotton eye pads with vaseline under the eye. 3. Mix tint with developer and then apply to eyelashes with closed eyes. Also avoid any skin contact. 4. Apply cotton pads and leave for fifteen to twenty minutes. 5. Remove cotton pads then remove excess product from eyelashes with cotton buds. 6. Give the client two tissues to remove and then open their eyes at their leisure.


From here, Jenna has also just graduated from a business diploma at UCOL in Palmerston North. She completed this so in later years she can start up her own business. In the near future Jenna is hoping to be selected to be a beauty therapist on the Steiner Cruise Ships. The cruise ships tend to look for the therapists who have graduate from New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis and Beauty in Palmerston North where Jenna studied. Jenna has a interview on the 30th of October 2011. If Jenna is successful she will be off to London to train to be on the cruise ships. If she isn’t successful Jenna will still be going over to London to work in Spa Therapy.

Then Jenna went on to waxing her clients eyebrows. 1. Firstly apply pre lotion to the area where the waxing is going to happen. 2. Sprinkle talkin powder to area so the wax doesn’t stick. 3. Check the wax temperature to make sure its not too hot. 4. Apply to eyebrows in sections carefully and thoroughly on the area where wanted. 5. Place waxing strip on wax and rub over slightly. 6. Pull skin so it is stretched and rip it off quickly. 7. Carry this out over both eyebrows. (Do not go over the same area with wax twice) 8. Tweeze the excess hairs to define the eyebrow shape. 9. Apply post lotion which is soothing and calming. (Advise no makeup for the next twelve hours.)

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