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Professional Series

The Series The Professional Development Series seeks to provide members with advanced professional skills training. Sessions/Workshops will provide an interactive learning environment, with each focusing on a particular element of the theme, with each session aiming to build upon the previous. Sessions will be facilitated by business professionals and industry experts. At the completion of each session, participants will receive a certificate of participation, highlighting the contribution of the partner. The series has been titled ―From Graduate to CEO‖ and will focus on providing members with employment, career and entrepreneurial advice and skills. This theme has been identified as a particular area of interest for our members, who will all be looking to launch their careers within the next one to five years. Workshops were held in the following dates: Session 1 – Thursday 21st August Session 2 – Thursday 4th September Session 3 – Thursday 18th September Below is a brief look at the benefits brought to your organization by getting involved in AIESEC‘s Professional Development Series:          

Exposure to AIESEC members and the wider University Community Align yourself with AIESEC strong brand as an organisation developing leadership. Promote specific employment opportunities in your company. Promote your organisation as one that values performance, leadership and excellence. Build your employer brand with students and the AIESEC members to build a local longterm talent pipeline Showcase your company‘s passion and knowledge in leadership, management, and technical skills Interact face-to-face with potential hires Contribute to the development of youth leadership Hands on training experience for high-potential employees to a truly diverse audience Branding on all promotional material relating to the event

Professional Series

Workshop 1 Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Workshop 2 Becoming and Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Workshop 3 Your Enterprise

Professional Series

Attendee Profile

Attendees at the Professional Series were invited through AIESEC Queensland‘s three Local Committees at Griffith University, The University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology. CPA‘s brand received eight weeks of promotional coverage at all three Universities — including in print and digital media.

Students that attended the workshops were from a variety of academic backgrounds. The most dominant of these backgrounds was Business (Commerce), with specialisations in Accounting/Banking and Finance, as well as Arts and Marketing-related disciplines. AIESEC promoted the event internally to our Queensland membership base and over a broad range faculty schools.

The dominant ages of attendees was from 2023 years and 17-20 years, and these students were generally Undergraduate Bachelor students.

Professional Series

What did students have to say about the AIESEC and CPA Professional Series? I attended the Your Enterprise workshop with Michael Doneman. I am looking to start my own business, so I really enjoyed his presentation. Events such as these are a great motivation tool. University of Queensland Student

The ‗Emotional Intelligence‘ session was excellent. I study Management and Human Resources and the content delivered was really relevant to the way I want to lead in my career. University of Queensland Student

I attended two of the workshops. In the ‗Selling Yourself‘ workshop I learnt the real ins and outs of preparing for the workforce, which was really helpful as I am graduating next year. Griffith University Student

I attended all three (workshops). I really enjoyed the intimacy of the sessions, and the networking opportunities we got at the beginning and end. Events such as these are a great way to kick-start peer networks. Queensland University of Technology Student

These events were really professional, yet relaxed and were great way to mix with people who share similar interests with me from other universities.

The workshops were fully catered and breaks were provided for student attendees to network with peers and facilitators.

I decided to register for the Professional Series as I like to go to these events to grow my knowledge and expand my skill set in anyway possible whilst at uni. I attended the Selling Yourself and Entrepreneurship Sessions and they were both very informative and interactive.

University of Queensland Student Queensland University of Technology Student

AIESEC & CPA Australia Professional Series  
AIESEC & CPA Australia Professional Series  

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