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SKY DECK Sky Deck: Logo Redesign This new logo is modern and chic. It does not lean towards either gender and it use the ‘Y’ as a coctail glass emphasises the idea of a glamourous coctail bar. The word ‘deck’ has been made bold and underlined to reflect the idea of a platform like a deck.

1/3 Amy Hill

SKY SKY SKY SKY DECK DECK DECK DECK Sky deck: Logo Colour variations The colours reflect the sophisticated nightlife scene. They reflect the colours of the lights the deck venue, and appeal to both a male and female audience.

2/3 Blue: C83 M53 Y0 K40 Purple: C45 M90 Y0 K0 Font: Code Light, Regular

R72 G112 B181 R135 G61 B153

Amy Hill

Sky deck: Product, Range and Distribution The brand would need a range of products to support there buisness. Basic elements would be a letterhead and buisness card. Due to the upmarket nature of the company, online interactivity would also be applicable. The identity of the brand is minimal and clean, and reflects a modern and sophisticated venue.

3/3 Amy Hill

Sky Deck  

A new brand and identity for a sky cocktail bar named Sky Deck.