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APRIL 6, 2013 Meyer Farms 13712 Business Hwy 54 Bowling Green, MO Complimentary lunch at noon Bulls begin selling at 2:00p.m.


First Annual Performance in the Pasture Private Treaty Bull Sale Selling 25 Bulls 14-24 Months of Age Sale Day Phones: 573-808-0624 or 573-694-1622 Welcome Cattlemen, Welcome to the first annual “Performance in the Pasture” Private Treaty Bull Sale. My goal is to produce uniform, sound cattle that are efficient and gain on a forage-based diet. I strive to raise high volume, practical cattle that are:  sound on their feet and legs,  maintain adequate muscle shape,  remain modern in their size, and  chart an above average scrotal circumference.


These bulls have earned their way to this event. They hold EPD’s that are in the top percentiles for the breed, and at the same time are phenotypically what we are looking for today. There are several calving ease bulls available in the offering, but I do not recommend them for use on cows. I feel that using a bull with an ultra-low birth weight gives up too many pounds at weaning. The experience of growing up on a commercial cow-calf operation and feeding out the cattle we raise with the feed available is why moderate framed, high volume cattle are so important to me. The drought conditions and high corn prices have proven that these cattle are profitable. They convert feed to pounds more efficiently. My bulls were developed on a high roughage diet therefore giving up the high “corn fed” yearling weights. This increases the longevity of the cattle; from their feet and legs to their fertility. Performance is more than just pounds. We have a quality set of bulls available for the commercial cattleman that will work well in many conditions allowing you to optimize your feed, land and labor. Thank you for your interest in my cattle.

Brock Meyer  


Sale Procedure: Bulls are available for viewing at any time. On sale day, bulls are priced on a “first come first served” basis. No bulls will be sold prior to 2:00 p.m. In the event that multiple buyers seek purchasing the same bull at 2:00 p.m., a bid off will occur between those buyers. Terms and Conditions/Breeding Guarantee: Cattle will sell under the Terms and Conditions of the American Angus Association ( In addition, all bulls will sell with a first breeding season guarantee (breeding season is defined at 90 days after the first day the bull is exposed to cows.) If any injury should occur, the buyer must notify the seller prior to culling the injured bull. No refund if the bull dies or is killed for any reason. All bulls have passed a breeding soundness exam and have been BVD PI tested. Additionally, all bulls are AM, CA, MI, D2, and NH-free. They are guaranteed free of all currently known genetic defects. These bulls have run on electric fences all their life and have very good dispositions. Trucking: Bulls are ready to be loaded upon purchase. Free delivery is available on all bulls. Contact Brock at 573-808-0624 to make arrangements. Note: All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk. Neither Meyer Cattle Co. nor Meyer Farms assume liability, legal or otherwise, for accidents or loss of property.

Next Generation Sire… EXAR Bright  Future  2087B    



Registration: 17162601   Sire:  EXAR  Upshot  0562B   Dam:  Basin  Lucy  3829   Dam  Sire:  C  A  Future  Direction  5321   Semen Available  

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