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Amy Lagnado

About Me OTHER PUBLICATIONS I am a Landscape Architecture student with a passion for planting and design. In my spare time I can be found furthering my interest in the outdoors through running, gardening and climbing. The following portfolio is a collection of works from my studies at the University of Sheffield.

Alongside the works in this portfolio, I have also produced several longer publications available to view online. LVIA: Open-cast Mine Proposal for Howbrook, Barnsley MESH: Proposal for a New Sustainable Housing Development in Sheffield

Instagram: @amysgarden_ Email: amylagnado1995@hotmail.com Phone: 07718248790



A second year project producing a detailed design for a site located in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter, with the aim of creating a new public space.

A snapshot of a third year project, focused on creating a new housing site in Sheffield’s city centre. The key components of the brief were to promote ecological and sociable sustainability on site.



A second year project producing the associated construction details for the detailed design of ‘Quarter Brook’.

A long border exhibited at Chatsworth’s 2019 flower show. The border used the five senses to explore the relationship between sleep and sleeplessness.

1.Quarter Brook A

DETAILED DESIGN A NEW PUBLIC SPACE FOR SHEFFIELD’S CITY CENTRE MARCH 2018 (SECOND YEAR) The design focused on reframing the history of a former metal works site. The lines of this building were recreated using a Fagus sylvatica hedge, to produce small and large seating areas that overlooked the Porter Brook river. A former offshoot of the river was also mirrored through a continuous planting of blue grasses and perennials, reworking history into a creative space where wildlife can thrive.



This project taught me how to engage with a post industrial site and use history as a starting point for creating a sense of place. It also furthered my use of photoshop in producing baseplans that convey a sense of texture and form. A1





2.Quarter Brook Construction CONSTRUCTION DESIGN CONSTRUCTION DETAILS FOR QUARTER BROOK MARCH 2018 (SECOND YEAR) The detailed design of ‘Quarter Brook’ was taken into the construction phase to understand how the materiality of the site would be built. The emphasis of this project was put on using sustainable and longlasting methods to ensure the longevity of the site. I focused specifically on how to negotiate the level change using a series of steps and understand how this would be constructed. I then took several details from the staircase and analysed them as shown on the adjacent page. This process helped further my knowledge in Autocad alongside gaining a deeper understanding of built form and how spaces are constructed and different elements fit together.

3. MESH: Sustainable Housing

MESH: MILTON ST ECO SOCIABLE HOMES JANUARY 2020 (THIRD YEAR) This project focused on producing a socially and environmentally sustainable housing development based in the city centre of Sheffield. My design explored how to use built form to create a series of interconnected communal courtyards that aim to encourage social interaction. The design featured a mixture of housing tenures such as 2 bed flats, terraced houses and townhouses to ensure a diverse community could be established. Ecological design on site focused on a series of swales to deal with on site water problems, alongside provisions made for sustainable travel, keeping cars to the edges of the site, and therefore providing interconnected cycle routes into and out of the city centre. This process taught me the complexity of designing housing, and the need to use built form as a tool for structuring space. It also taught me the importance of producing a design that is flexible and can grow with its residents, using the concept of affordance to allow people to decide how to embody a site.

4.The Night Garden LONG BORDER ENTRY RHS CHATSWORTH 2019 SILVER GILT MEDAL WINNER IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ALEX CLARKE JUNE 2019 The planting formed part of the long border category, designed around the concept of sleep. The border aimed to stimulate the five senses and aid better quality sleep, whilst also acknowledging those who suffer from sleeplessness by providing a calming border that would be visually striking at night. It featured a blanket of blue from plants such as Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’, alongside spires of white from Digitalis purpurea ‘Albiflora’. Herbs such as lavender, chamomile and valerian were also used to provide practical means to aid better sleep. The experience taught me invaluable skills about organising, managing and exhibiting at a major flower show, and the ability to deal with last minute changes to a design. It also allowed me to learn more about plants and planting design and how to engage with the public about it.

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Landscape Architecture Portfolio 2020  

Landscape Architecture Portfolio 2020