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by Amy Kalla Hutchinson

I graduated with Merit from Otago Polytechnic Fashion School in New Zealand, studying a three year Bachelor in Design - Fashion at Level 7. From studying and working in the industry, I have a strong knowledge of contemporary high end fashion. I am familiar with every part of the design process and drive myself to achieve the task at hand. I am determined, focused and am able to problem solve. My personality is happy, enthusiastic and bubbly which ensures that I get along with all types of people. I design clothing with a great consideration for the female figure in mind. Using tailoring methods, to produce well-designed shapes that mould to the body and attention to detail, I create clothes that are not only comfortable and functional but simply irresistible. My garments are designed to make the person wearing it look and feel remarkable, they also exude a personality that reflects through to the person wearing them. Playing with a diverse range of textures, natural and luxury fibers I create chic wearable fashion.

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Peers of the Realm

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