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Paperback £7.99 The Orange Prize winner, a great retelling of the story of Achilles, from the viewpoint of Patrochlus.

Paperback £7.99 A Nomad favourite. Cartwright's state of the nation novel, both funny and poignant. An entertaining read.

Paperback £7.99 The author's debut, this magical book will transport you into a fantasy land. Great for fans of Susannah Clarke & Audrey Niffennegger.

Paperback £7.99 Highly recommended by Nomad's owner Harriet it is a return to form for Patchett. An engrossing narrative set in the Amazon.

Paperback £8.99 An American novel about belief and success. It had me hooked, no knowledge of baseball required!

Paperback £8.99 Stelzer transports the reader to Churchill's dinnertable, a stage for his strategy meetings and his love of food.

Hardback £12.99 Roger Mortimer's letters to his son Charlie. A simple but beautiful book. Highly recommended!

Paperback £7.99 A riveting memoir from Gully wells daughter of A.J Ayers and controversial journalist Dee Wells. A wonderful tale of growing up and living among some of the iconic figures of the twentieth century.

Crime and Thrillers

Paperback £7.99 James Bond's latest reincarnation. This fast-paced spy thriller sees Bond just back from Afghanistan, can he save the lives of those in danger on his home turf?

Paperback £7.99 This classic thriller is a must-read. Following Merlyn in the dicey world of Las Vegas casinos. Not a conventional Puzo but much loved by our staff.

Hardback £12.99 Cumming is one of Nomad manager's favourite authors Tom Kell is a British agent sent to track down missing MI6 chief Amelia Levene.

Paperback £7.99 Political thriller that really caught Nomad's attention. Based in the world of Russian Oligarchs and Greek millionaires this is a convincing spy novel from an ex-MI5 employee.

Paperback £7.99 A blistering crime novel. Following Jimmy and Anita as they dodge the wrath of those they have offended.

Paperback £7.99 Set in Modern-day New York this crime novel offers a panorama of the city from the back lash of a single murder on the street. A great read from a great writer!

Paperback £7.99 A thriller which has become a sensation. Christine Lucas wakes every morning to find her memory wiped clean. As she tries to reconstruct her life, she realises that not everyone is telling her the truth.

Paperback £7.99 Harris' return to the thriller genre, is the ultimate page turner. Alex Hoffmann plays the markets generating billions but feeding on fear. When the fear attacks he must discover who is trying to destroy him.

Hardback £9.99 11+ Casey Blue volunteers at a local riding school, but her dream is to win the Badminton Horse Trials. When she rescues a halfwild horse, she's convinced that the impossible can be made possible.

Paperback £7.99 11+ 12 year-old Ryan is about to embark on his first mission for CHERUB, but what he doesn't know is that his first mission will turn into one of the biggest in CHERUB's history.

Paperback £5.99 9+ Robert and Lucy are forced to leave their pets behind when WW2 is declared and they move to Devon. As the air raid sirens sound over London, the frightened animals are sent to be put down. Buster, Tiger and Rose make a daring escape but can the trio make it across the country?

Paperback £5.99 5+ Two stories in one book from the great Julia Donaldson. Perfect for children who have just started to read on their own.

Paperback £7.99 9+ A fantastic tale of 3 siblings living in a strange town, home to an even stranger professor. There are no other children and the town is harbouring a terrible secret. This story is packed full of adventure and discovery.

Paperback £5.99 7+ Fizzlebert Stump lives in a circus with his clown mum and strongman dad. Fizzlebert does not find any of this amazing and one day he sets off into town where he discovers an extraordinary place: the library!

Paperback £8.99 9+ After her mum disappeared a year ago, Kara and her dad have had a difficult time, but now with the help of a new friend and the appearance of a white dolphin things are about to turn for the better.

Paperback £6.99 3+ Life is hard if you are a rabbit with a passion for poetry and nobody to share it with. But luckily for our little Rhyming Rabbit somebody else in the field turns out to be a lover of rhymes.

Paperback £6.99 9+ The one thing Hal wants is a dog, but his parents think it would ruin their beautiful house. Luckily for Hal's parents Easy Pets rents dogs out, but once Hal meets Fleck they form a strong bond which won't easily be broken.

Paperback £5.99 4+ A normal trip on the bike turns out in a rescue mission for Louis's sister, when a series of specatular monsters decide to make him their dinner.

Paperback £5.99 3+ Follow Tom as he goes looking for his explorer dad in the North Pole. A great adventure book superbly illustrated.

Paperback £5.99 3+ Helmut is an odd dog. He doesn't like bones, he likes apples. In fact, he LOVES apples, and he worries that his next-door neighbour, Igor, might steal all the apples from his tree. A funny and witty book about making friends.

Paperback £5.99 A great book full of fun stickers to recreate traditional costume from around the world. Perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Card set £5.99 Lots of games to occupy those long holiday journeys, neatly packed away in this handy case.

Paperback £9.99 Never run out of sticker fun this summer with this brilliant collection. Build-up the perfect beach or create your ideal holiday.

Paperback £7.99 With ten meerkats to find on each page and a whole host of people to spot along the way this is the perfect summer gift for kids and adults alike don't go on holiday without it!

Paperback £5.99 Bursting with vibrantly illustrated puzzles and pencil games this book is perfect to test the brainpower of all ages.

Card set £5.99 This fantastic pack of cards will be a great addition to a summer full of fun!

£5.99 Encourages young jet-setters to fill in the exotic holiday scenes using the colourful stickers provided.

£5.99 This title contains 50 cards each showing a game, activity or puzzle to keep children entertained on a long plane journey.


A pocket-sized book packed with doodling, drawing and colouring activities for children (or adults!) to do on holiday.

£5.99 Help the girls dress for a variety of different holidays during their voyage around the globe from the pyramids of Egypt, across pristine white beaches to a trek through a tropical jungle.

£5.99 This title presents over 500 around the world general knowledge quiz questions.There are a variety of question types to keep you on your toes, including multiple choice, true or false, odd one out and what am I?

Paperback £5.99 A brand new set of cards containing simple activities to keep little children busy on long journeys. It includes games such as noughts and crosses, as well as puzzles and quizzes.

£9.99 Children will love this great title filled with dozens of holiday scenes to cover in stickers. Let their imagination go wild.

£5.99 A book of25 summery, tear-off postcards to colour and send to friends and family .

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Summer Reading The Complete Brochure  

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