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About Me As an industrial designer with three years of project management experience, I offer a unique combination of creativity and analytical skill. My work in industrial production of consumer products,hand-tools have made me flexible, creative, and organized with the ability to assess a market need and create an elegant solution.


Working Experience

Illinois Institute of Technology

Wrigley Company

Institute of Design Major - Master of Design

Package + Merchandise designer 2014.Jan - now

Northumbria University

TEAMS Design

Newcastle, UK Major - Design for Industry

Industrial Design Intern 2013 summer

MingChuang University

R&R Associates

Taipei, Taiwan Major - Product Design

Industrial Designer 2012 Jan - 2012 Oct.

Singles-used toaster easy store, easy clean

Why Kitchenware are designed base on family size ?

Singles-used toaster easy store, easy clean

How might we provide easy clean, easy store and simple mechanism kitchen products for singles ?

Singles-used toaster easy store, easy clean

Resign the structure of the heater , replace it in to a half open wheel, wheel can send toast to one side to the other, thus when user toast it can simply control wheel speed, the quicker the lighter.

File Tray Design Traditional plastic tray manufacture factory faced transition of company from mass producer into create their own brand. To target Japanese stationary market. Provides higher quality trays, client also want occupied higher price market. This is the marketing research of houseware trend for 2013. I analys and decide few desgin direction: 1. Organic shape and clean line 2.The metaphor of plant, life, growth and nature. 3.Geomatrical style and multi-function

File Tray Design The sketch are based on the design principle inplant the metaphor of nature and organic lines. The tray can be overlapped or add a part to extend height. It was target the habit of Japanese stationary consumer, they used to buy stationary separated and prefer to have several option of extra-part function. Traysure was exhibited in IDA show 2011’ and Taipei Expo’11.

File Tray Design Color analysis base on 3 target users

1. Students



File Tray Design Final product

Disposable Toothbrush Concept design

Disposable Toothbrush Concept design

Disposable Toothbrush Concept design

Oster - Blender

13' summer I was working for TEAMS DESGIN as an industrial design intern, I was assist with the blender 3D model and design for 3 different price point products in same component and architecture.

Copy right belongs TEAMS DESIGN

Lower price point product provides basic function and button, lighter plastic cost lower and competing in lower price revenue market.

Copy right belongs TEAMS DESIGN

Digital panel provides 12 modes of speed and function which stays in highest revenue with led lights. Meanwhile Ranbran cover is bronze-like color, compare with lower price one the jar has skirt protected which made the product has more sense of entirety.

Copy right belongs TEAMS DESIGN

User experience Design & Research

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Cooperation with flight booking sites Includes a detours option. It offers travelers chances to have a long layover at Chicago, where they can enjoy a tour in one of the most remarkable cities in United States with low expense.

Lower the barrier for traveler From research, we found out people has more open-minded to discover and explore city when they just arrive. Most of time they are stock by unknown situation and uncertainties, like : " can I get back on time?" "how long does it take ? can I make it? "

kiosk installation at O'Hare international airport Kiosks show multiple tours based on the layover time travelers have and the seasons. It tells travlers the time they left and the trip they can make it. We hold travlers hand and remove their anxieties.

Interaction Paper Map

Wristband as transportation pass

Map gives travelers, especially low-tech and international ones an equal chance to visit Chicago. It offers an overview of the tour and tangibility comparing to websites and smartphone apps. The map is designed to fit into each traveler's tour and time range. If the traveler's activities are in the spectrum of the map, they are likely to get back to train on time.

Travelers would upgrade their CTA passes into detours branded wristbands. Getting passes from detours allows them not to deal with the confusing ticketing system.

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