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Boom! Thunder roared like a lion. The water poured down like it was going to flood.Troy decided to go to The Night and Castle Museum with Mike.

Troy`s dad drove them in his car, and quickly picked up Mike and went to the museum.

When they arrived, it was empty and quiet. Their voices echoed through hollow halls. Troy and Mike got interested in a sword, and they did not notice Troy’s dad was leaving.

Troy finally noticed his dad was gone. At first they were really scared. They finally found a man in a brown sweater and in thick jeans. They asked him if he had seen Troy’s dad. Troy slowly described how Troy’s father looks. The man shook his head and went back to what ever he was doing.

They searched everywhere. They looked in the armory, weaponry, and history hall. They found an office and went inside. The manager used the loud speaker to call Troy’s dad to tell him to meet them at the front door.

They found Troy’s dad at the main entrance and went home safely. The boys felt relieved!

Jonathan realistic fiction final  
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