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The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group

BRIC Investment will subsidize 50% of inspection trip costs for qualified investors up to a value of $1,500

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BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group

Discover the investment potential of Fortaleza and north-east Brazil with one of our Personally Guided Inspection Tours. Our excellent tour packages will - for just a few days - allow you to live the Brazilian lifestyle, get a feel for the culture, see the beauty of the stunning Atlantic beaches and experience the “Pura Vida”.

There are numerous reasons for buying a property abroad:

First-hand experience will reveal far more about north-east Brazil than any corporate video or a thousand images. With our extensive network of contacts and thorough local knowledge, our local team professionals will guide and assist you during your visit to Brazil.

Capital investment is a strong consideration for the majority of buyers and whilst there is no guarantee that a property will make you money, many investment properties in desirable locations have increased substantially in value across the world and Brazil is no exception.

You will be given the opportunity to explore Fortaleza and north-east Brazil, so that you fully understand the viability of the area and why you should be investing in what is quite possibly the most lucrative “investment hotspot” since Spain or Florida 40 years ago.

Regardless of your motives for buying a property in Brazil – as an investment or as a lifestyle purchase or even a little of both – Brazil offers outstanding value for money and is one of the most economically stable countries in the world.

• A second home for you and your family • A retirement home where your money will go much further • As an investment that can be rented out for all or much of the year • As an investment that can be sold within 2-3 years



Your 5 day inspection tour will encapsulate all the vibrancy and excitement of north-east Brazil, and will illustrate why the area is in such demand by both foreign visitors and national tourists. Dense jungles, deserted beaches, spectacular wildlife and cascading waterfalls are just some of the natural elements that make up Brazil. However, it is the people, the culture and the rhythms of Brazil that make it such a special and unforgettable destination. Let our professional team walk you through the diversity of northeast Brazil; let them show you the reasons why our 5 * developments are the right property investments in the right locations for you and your real estate portfolio.

BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group

Our Investment tour has been designed for you, the investor, to experience and research Brazil with direct access to local professionals who will answer your questions about the developments and the area.

Brazil is currently one of the leading economies in the world as well as being one of the safest and most lucrative real estate markets anywhere. By taking advantage of our inspection tour - developer subsidized, should you decide to invest - you will be able to fully appreciate exactly why you should be investing in Brazil in 2010. Due to our worldwide marketing presence and the high demand for investment property in Brazil, there is limited availability for our inspection tours.

ENQUIRE NOW to arrange your preferred inspection dates. A BRIC Investment advisor will be provided to assist you in creating a tailor-made inspection tour if you are unable to join us on one of our scheduled tours. It is important that you are financially able to buy a property in Brazil before you travel and proof of investment funds may be required. A Letter of Intent from your bank will normally suffice.



- Return flights to Pinto Martins airport in Fortaleza - Transfers to and from Fortaleza Airport - 4 nights 5 star accommodation in the Fortaleza and Flexeiras areas BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group



BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group

Meet and Greet cocktail reception You will be met upon arrival by one of our representatives and taken to your Hotel, the Rede Beach Resort in Flexeiras. You will enjoy a cocktail reception and have the opportunity to relax by the beach followed by a meal in the hotel or at one of the fabulous nearby restaurants.



Your guided tour After a refreshing nights rest and an excellent breakfast you will be introduced to the development by our local representative prior to a guided tour of The Coral Lake and Beach Resort development. A buggy trip will allow you to inspect the development, view the site layouts and the surrounding areas, giving you a concise overview of the site, infrastructure and the beauty of the local region. You will swiftly recognise many of the reasons, why millions of tourists and investors are flocking to this beautiful and pristine region of North East Brazil in growing numbers each year.

BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group



BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group

Take it all in After a leisurely breakfast, our local representative will answer any questions you may have regarding the project and schedule meetings with our lawyers and architects for the following day. The day will be yours to explore the area, meet some of the locals, take a dip in the warm Atlantic waters and get a genuine feel for the region.



BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group

AM - You will be taken to the Vila Gale Hotel on the outskirts of Fortaleza and afterwards you will be introduced to MD-Concept, who our award-winning Architects and partners that have designed Coral Lake & Beach with us. The MD-Concept team will answer any questions that you may have about the development, the concept and the opportunities that it represents. PM – In the afternoon you will meet the lawyers to discuss purchasing procedures for buying property in Brazil, legalities and taxation. This will be your opportunity to complete your Brazilian real estate investment due diligence and take advantage of the in-depth knowledge of our representatives. We will summarize the investment properties and developments that you have viewed and the investment potential of the Flexeiras and Ceara area on a one to one basis.



Open day

Your final day is in Fortaleza, where you can go scuba diving, take a boat ride or a guided tour of Fortaleza to experience the vibrancy of the city and the surrounding areas, discover the colonial architecture, view the largest water park in South America and visit nearby beaches. The best beaches in Fortaleza are the “Praia de Iracema” being home to bohemians, intellectuals and night revellers, whilst “Praia do Futuro! is where you will find the families, surfers, scuba divers, swimmers, kite surfers and extreme sports enthusiasts. Good quality beachfront restaurants which serve mouth-watering, freshly caught fish are to be found on the “Meireles” and “Mucurioe” beaches along the wide paseo of the “Avenida Beira Mar”, where lunch can be enjoyed whilst taking in the local scenery. By the end of the trip you will have a clear insight as to the huge appeal of Ceara and the reasons why so many people, both international and national are choosing northeast Brazil as a place to call home and as a fantastic investment vehicle for the medium to long term future.

BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group

Finally, you will leave for home, empowered by your newly found knowledge, excited about your journey of discovery in North East Brazil and confident that your new Brazilian investment property is sure to be a cornerstone of your property portfolio.



Independent Travellers Brazil property inspection visit. You may wish to make your own arrangements to visit Brazil, as part of a vacation or a business trip, but still take advantage of our inspection tour. Should this be the case we will endeavour to accommodate you on one of our tours when space is available or alternatively create a Tailor-Made Tour to suit you!

Buy Before you Fly We are aware that many investors are too busy to visit Brazil in the foreseeable future. However we can occasionally arrange a visit by one of our representatives to explain the opportunities for investing in Brazil in the sanctity of your own home. For investors wishing to buy and rent properties this is often more than sufficient information for them to choose a piece of real estate in which to invest. After viewing DVD’s, laptop presentations and brochures our representatives will answer any questions that you may have regarding the properties, investment potential in Brazil and the buying process itself.

We have found this method extremely successful due to the in-depth information and material available from our development partners, who are all leaders in their field. BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group

BRIC Investment will subsidize 50% of inspection trip costs for qualified investors up to a value of $1,500

w w w. T h e C o r a l L a k e A n d B e a c h R e s o r t. c o m


TRIP At the end of your trip our representative will take you back to the airport and answer any final questions that you may have subject to availability. If you would like to learn more about our Inspection Trips or make a reservation, please contact your Senior Portfolio Manager. BEST DEVELOPMENT BRAZIL The Coral Lake & Beach Resort by BRIC Group

International: +34 952-810-711 Brazil: +55 85-3267-2788 Hungary: +36 (1) 666-4230 UK Freephone: 0800 006 2002 USA Freephone: (1) 0877-922-7421 Email:

BRIC Spain Centro de Negocios Puerto Banus, Oficina 39, 29660 Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Spain BRIC USA 8131 Vineland Ave No.341Orlando, Florida 32821 BRIC Hungary 1027 Budapest, Bem rakpart 50 Hungary

BRIC Brazil Av. Dom Luis, 1200 SLS, 1304 / 1305 Torre 1 Business Ed. Patio Dom Luis Meireles, Fortaleza Ceara, Brazil BRIC UK 330 High Holborn, First Floor London WC1V 7QT United Kingdom

The figures in this brochure are only indicators of what % gains could be achieved. They are not statements of fact and do not represent in any way guarantees of any profits to investors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. Buying property is a major decision and one that should not be taken lightly. It is vital to ensure you have researched all aspects thoroughly and are in possession of all the relevant facts. Individual circumstances will vary widely, so it is essential to obtain professional advice and guidance tailored to your particular situation, esp cially in areas such as property purchase, potential rental returns, taxation and mortgages.

The Coral Lake & Beach Resort Inspection Trip Brochure  

Inspection trip brochure for the Coral Lake and Beach Resort

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