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Institutions: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

I think that my magazine could be published by the publishers of ‘Big!’ magazine. ‘Big!’ was a magazine that began in 1990 and printed monthly. It is similar to my magazine in the way that it was aimed at a teenage market and it focused on tv, music, film and celebrities. ‘Big!’ was published by Emap, who were then taken over by Bauer, therefore I think that Bauer would be likely to publish my magazine. It diversely publishes 300 magazines in 15 different countries. Bauer buys the rights to magazines that they believe would make sales and then Frontline distributes the UK magazines. Bauer and Frontline first became partners with Bella magazine in 1987, and then followed by Take a Break in 1990, both of these magazines were very popular with the female market and were leads in the market. Take a break has remained the number 1 seller for Frontline, selling over 1 million copies a week. Because of Frontline’s distributing success and Bauer’s in publishing in female themed magazines I feel that they would be the best companies to invest in my upcoming magazine. I think that my magazine would be seen as popular which makes me think that distributing on the online publisher Zinio would be beneficial for my magazine; especially because my target audience is younger I think that they would be more interested in using an online facility to access my magazine. I would then look into getting more suppliers if my magazine was successful, such as W H Smiths.


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