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Make Money Online By Kindle Publishing

Publish to Kindle ď‚— It has revolutionized

the careers of huge numbers of writers ď‚— The explosion of

ebooks onto the market is wonderful news for writers.

Publish to Kindle  For established writers, it means more sales  For unpublished writers, it means self publishing

virtually for free  No need to pay “vanity publishers” to work on

your book.  These days, you can just upload your ebook to

Kindle Direct Publishing to publish to Kindle and it's available for people to buy and read.

Online Marketplace For Your Ebooks  Barnes & Noble Nook  US residents: you can

upload your ebooks here  Non-US residents: It

changed a few years ago to include other countries so don’t worry  Keep checking the Nook

site for developments.

Online Marketplace For Your Ebooks  Smashwords

 Very user-friendly site that offers ebooks in many

different formats  Is very popular with readers who object to the

digital rights management (DRM)

What is DRM?  It prevents people copying DRM-protected

ebooks.  As a publisher, you don't have to enable DRM

on your books.  Many people will assume that a Kindle book will

have DRM  With a PDF (or even an unprotected Mobi file) a

reader can copy the ebook to other computers.

Publishing to other Marketplaces?  Convert your ebook to

several different formats  Format to Kindle is called

Mobi  Format to Nook Epub  Smashwords and other

online marketplaces usually offer these as well as PDF and perhaps some other formats.

Free Ebook Conversion Software  Calibre  Adobe Digital Editions  Sony Reader Library

 Mobipocket Reader  Microsoft Reader

 Stanza Desktop

Before you publish to any ebook site, be sure to read the terms and conditions to check that your book complies with them.

Kindle Publishing For Passive Income

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Make Money Online By Kindle Publishing  

The opportunity to publish to Kindle has revolutionized the careers of huge numbers of writers of both fiction and non-fiction books. The ex...