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Kindle Books vs. Ebooks

- Are you a web content writer? - Do you want to increase your earnings? If you answered YES, you may want to step up to the next level

Write an Ebook • You can hire someone to write it for you • You can write it yourself • You can leave your eBook as is • You can use the Amazon digital text platform to transform your e-book into an Amazon Kindle book

Ebook • Before you can make money selling ebooks: – Understand your targeted market

• Ebooks are popular – Some people doesn’t want to read books on their computer

Why Convert Your Ebook to Kindle Book?

• Many still want to feel the pages or literally cuddle with a blanket and a good book. • You need to target as many potential buyers as possible.

Making a Good Quality Book • Use Microsoft Word when composing a book – Its spell check and grammar check programs make it easy to catch errors.

• Proofread your book to avoid: – Negative press – Bad reviews

Getting Started with Kindle Book Transformation • Visit • Create a free account • Click on the “SelfPublish with Us,” link • Choose the Amazon Kindle • Choose the feature that allows you to add a new item

Getting Started with Kindle Book Transformation • Enter your product details – Description – Title – Author

• Upload your Microsoft Word document – Note: Amazon will convert it to digital text

• Proofread and preview • Set the price • Click publish

Amazon Kindle • It is a handheld electronic device • It weighs 10.3 ounces • It simplifies the reading of an e-book. • Owners can – – – –

Browse Preview Purchase Download books

Disadvantage of Using Amazon Kindle • • • •

It can hurt your profits Popular but not everyone owns them It costs almost $400 Amazon has a hard time keeping up with requests

So, don’t just rely on the Kindle to make money from your e-book.

Selling Your Book • • • • • • •

Create a sales page Post a picture of your e-book cover Summarize the book Post reviews State the selling price Accept PayPal Market your e-book sales page through – – – –

Article directories Message boards Press releases Sales.

By handling the sale of your own e-book, you generate the largest income.

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kindle books vs. ebooks  

If you are a web content writer who wants to increase your earnings, you may move up to the next level. For most, this is e-books. Althou...

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