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Welcome Where Success Begins With You!

New Student Orientation

Purpose and Goals o

The purpose of orientation is to assist new Metro State students in their transition to college life, and to make this transition as smooth and stress free as possible.


Our goal is to answer all your questions, put your fears to rest, and get your foot in the door to your future.

Expectations oPlease turn off, and refrain from using, all cell phones, iPods, MP3 Players, etc. during the session oPlease keep side conversations to a minimum oEveryone must stay until the end to receive the Certificate of Completion oThe more you actively participate in the session, the more you will get out of it!


o Metro State and You- Get Connected o Academic Advising & Planning o MetroConnect o Student Involvement & Leadership o Campus Resources o Financial Aid o Opportunity To Ask Questions o Chance To Meet New People

Get Connected All of you come from different places and chose Metro State for different reasons. Take a minute to introduce yourself to your table and share: o Your name o Where you’re from o What your major is o Why you chose Metro State

The Auraria Campus Home to Metro State, the Community College of Denver, and the University of CODenver & Health Sciences Center

o Over 42,000 Students On Campus o 21,700 Students At Metro State o 127 Acre Campus

Campus Tours Call the Metro State Office of Admissions (303) 556-3058 Tours are available: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00am. Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00 pm.

Academic Advising Assessment Tests Where Success Begins With You!

Metropolitan State College of Denver

Assessment English

o 18 or higher on ACT o 440 or higher on SAT

Math o 19 or higher on ACT o 460 or higher on SAT

Reading o 17 or higher on ACT o 430 or higher on SAT Note: Scores Must Be From Within The Past Five Years.

Assessment: What To Expect Tests are computer-based, not timed Plan on 30 minutes per test; 2 hours for all three

No Appointments Necessary o Monday thru Friday: 9 am to 5 pm o Go to Tivoli 347- bring photo ID

Test determine eligibility for classes o Must Complete remediation in first 20 hours or a hold will be placed on your account o Financial Aid restrictions also apply


How to prepare for Math:

Take practice test Get copy from us Go online: Get help Attend review session Seek tutoring Check out websites

Academic Advising Center Central classroom 104 Office Hours

Monday & Thursday 8am-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-5pm Office:

(303) 556-3680

Degree Catalog oList of Majors and Minors oDegree Requirements oCourse Description oCourse Prerequisites oAcademic Policies and Procedures

Graduation Requirements oNumber of credits to graduate = 120 o“Average� course = 3 credit hrs oApproximate number of courses to graduate = 40

Degree Requirements o General Studies 33 credits

o Major 36 – 72 credits

o Minor 18 – 24 credits

o Electives

General Studies Level I oFreshman Composition

-6 credits - ENG 1010 before ENG 1020


-3 credits -Often determined by major


-3 credits -SPE 1010 required by many majors

General Studies Level II

o History

3 credits

oArts & Letters 6 credits

oSocial Sciences 6 credits

o Natural Sciences 6 credits

Multicultural Requirement May be satisfied in Level II History, Arts & Letters, and/or Social Sciences


Crn# Dept. Course# Credits Days of wk. Time 1. ___ ENG 1010_ _3_ Mon and Wed 10am-11:15 2. ___ SPE 1010_ _3_ Tues and Thurs 12pm-1:15

This Is Just An Example

How to Register Register before August 1st to avoid the $100 late registration fee!

First time with your Academic Advisor All other times at:

Academic Dates and Deadlines SUMMER: Last day to drop with 100% refund: June 1, 2009 Last day to drop with 50% refund: June 3, 2009 Contact student accounts for other deadlines. FALL: Last day Last day Last day Last day

to to to to

drop with 100% refund: Aug. 23, 2009 drop with 50% refund: Sept. 2, 2009 NC without faculty signature: Sept. 15, 2009 NC with faculty signature: Oct. 26, 2009

Late registration fee deadline: August 3, 2009

Working With MetroConnect If you find you are “BLOCKED� from registering online, please stop by and meet with an Academic Advisor. Feel free to visit the Academic Advising Center

If you have questions!

Housing Communities

Campus Village * Inn at Auraria * The Regency

Credit Union of Denver What's A Credit Union?            

oDemocracy In Action oCredit Union of Denver Since 1931 oServing Metro State Students Since 1996

Credit Union of Denver         

What's the difference between credit unions and banks?

oNot-for-profit vs. for profit oShareholders vs. stockholders oMembers vs. customers oNCUA vs. FDIC

What can Credit Union of Denver do for you? oSpecial Student Account—including free checking oOn campus convenience & over 28,000 free co-op ATM’s nationwide, including most 7-11 stores oOver 140 CU service centers in CO (3,500 nationwide) oFree Smarter U Seminars oScholarships and many other member benefits

Buying Your Books

Auraria Campus Bookstore

oPurchase textbooks online

Have them shipped to your home

oReserve textbooks online Pick them up in the store

oBuy books in person

How to Read a Shelf Tag Expected Quantity






NEW: 07/26/04


What you read on this tag: The book is required for ENG 1010 at Metro, sections 10,12,16, and 201. If the shelf is empty, the book is also listed for ENGL 1020 at UCD and ENG 121 at CCD. Also listed are the ISBN and the new and used prices. You can see the expected quantity of books that we will receive.

39.00 ------------------------------------------------------


Remember! Section number is VERY IMPORTANT! Otherwise, you may purchase the wrong book.


Office Of Financial Aid

Investing In Your Future

Metropolitan State College of Denver

What is Financial Aid? Financial aid is financial help to cover school expenses, including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies and transportation.










Types of Financial Aid Grants- Free Money!!! Work Study -Find a job on campus working part time

Loans -Must fill out Federal Stafford Loan Acceptance Form.

- Must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours


Metro State’s Scholarship Guide Priority Application Date March 1 Scholarship Center ~ (303) 556-6384 Apply online

Institute for Women’s Studies and Services Scholarship resources for men & women Office located at Ninth Street Park #1033 (303) 556-8441

Internet Search:

Getting Started Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) •Gather all necessary information: •W2’s, federal tax forms, social security number, etc. •Apply early!!! •You must reapply every year Go to to get your financial aid PIN number This is your electronic signature

Students who apply early get more financial aid!

What’s Next? You will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) after your FAFSA has been processed - your SAR summarizes your FAFSA information - make sure ALL information is correct and

Complete your file with Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid’s official means of communication:

MetroConnect E-Mail

Show Me the Money!!!! An Award Letter will be sent to your home or to your MetroConnect email account, depending on the status of your file - this will tell you what type of aid you are eligible for and how much - the award amounts are based on the whole year, not per semester


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (aka The Buckley Amendment) oMeant to protect your rights and privacy as a student oRelease of Financial Aid information to Parent(s)/spouse form (FERPAForm) oIt states that certain information cannot be released to a third party, except authorized college employees, without your written consent

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is always due by 5:00pm on the Friday before classes begin Summer 2009 Semester: May 22, 2009 Fall 2009 Semester: August 14, 2009

If registering early, you do NOT have to pay tuition when you register for classes.

College Opportunity Fund 1st Step:

Apply online at

You are only required to apply ONE time in your college career

2nd Step: Accept your stipend online when you register every semester.

WARNING! If you do not accept your stipend by the deadline, your bill will reflect the tuition without the COF stipend. Check the COF website for important deadline dates.

The Office of Financial Aid CONTACT US: Central Classroom (CN) 116 Monday 8am-6pm Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm

(303) 556-8593

Select option 1 to talk to a financial aid counselor

One-on-One financial aid counseling available on a walk-in basis.

Getting Involved‌ Learn More Involvement at Metro State

What is Involvement? Think about ways you’ve been involved in the past. oHigh School oCommunity Work oOther College or University

The Research • Research shows that students who are involved on campus:

 Have higher G.P.A.’s than those who aren’t involved  Are more likely to graduate in under 5 years  Report higher rates of satisfaction with their collegiate experience  Show higher critical thinking skills than peers who are not involved on campus

Ways To get Involved at Metro State • Sports Intercollegiate Athletics, Club Sports, Intramurals • Work on Campus Office of Human Resources • Student Media Newspaper, Metrosphere, The MetReport • Student Government

More Ways to get Involved • Student Organizations 100 Student Organizations to Join • Fraternities and Sororities 9 groups to join • Attend an Event Weekly lectures/events with local and national experts • Be a Leader Participate in workshops and conferences to make you a better leader. • Serve Your Community MetroCOOL offers hundreds of opportunities to serve the Denver community.

Health Insurance Policy If you are taking: 10+ credit hours in the Fall and Spring 8+ credit hours for Summer You must have health insurance! DEADLINE TO SUBMIT WAIVER Summer Semester: June 4, 2009 Fall Semester: September 1, 2009 Questions? Call (303) 556-3873

MSCD Immunization Policy College policy requires that students provide proof of immunization. This policy was required by the State Health Departments concern for public health due to numerous disease outbreaks throughout the country.

Proof of immunization must be on file no later than April 1, 2009.

MSCD Immunization Policy Students must provide documented proof of the following: Students born after January 1, 1957 •two rubeola (measles) •two rubella (German measles) •two mumps or •two combination MMR Students born before January 1, 1957 •one rubeola (measles) •one rubella (German measles) •one mumps or •one combination MMR Proof of immunization must be on file no later than April 1, 2009.

How to Comply Download, print and complete the following forms: •Auraria Immunization Form (PDF) •Meningococcal Disease Information Form (PDF) and Submit proof of immunization

Proof of immunization must be on file no later than April 1, 2009.

HB 1023: Lawful Presence Colorado State law requires you to provide proof that you are lawfully present in the United States. How to comply: •Successfully complete the financial aid or COF application process or •Sign affidavit and provide approved documentation Your tuition will more than double if you don’t comply with this state law!

HB 1023: Lawful Presence You must comply with this new law in order to receive: •College Opportunity Fund (COF) •In-state tuition rates •Other state aid & scholarships Your tuition will more than double if you don’t comply with this state law!

Campus Safety

Student Right-to-Know Act-

•In compliance with Federal law, a full campus crime report can be found at

Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act•The Auraria campus has adopted a sexual assault policy in order to appropriately respond to reports of sexual assault. Auraria Campus Police 303 556-5000 or 911 Practice common sense!

Emergency Notification System The Auraria Emergency Notification System provides critical information to students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency Simply go to the Metro State website and click on the ENS link Select from the following modes of communication: oSMS text message (standard fees apply) oCell phone oMetro State e-mail oPersonal e-mail oHome phone

Auraria Healthy Relationships Coalition •New to Auraria, Department of Justice Funded •Tri-Institutional •Free and confidential •Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking •Name, location and contact information will change (email stays same)

What is Interpersonal Violence (IPV)? •Interpersonal violence is defined as sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence. •In all instances, the survivor of the abuse is never to blame. •Refer to leaflet for definitions

Services Provided • 24/7 free and confidential help line; • Direct walk in advocacy services; • Development and implementation of campus policies, protocols and services; • Prevention Education • Students Against Interpersonal Violence • Tivoli Events • Classroom presentation • Future projects: • Men’s Group • Peer Education

Where are we? •As of mid-June 2009, we will be located in the Tivoli Student Center room 259 •Just down the hall from the Turnhalle


Getting Necessities oStudent ID

oTen dollars (Cash or Credit Card) oPhoto ID oValidation Sticker

oParking oRTD Bus and Lightrail

Any Questions?

Final Orientation Steps oComplete your Student Orientation Evaluation oFill out your Certificate of Completion oPut the yellow copy of your certificate and your evaluation in the boxes as you exit the room Please Pick Up Your Trash

Thank you for coming! Where Success Begins With You!

New Student Orientation

Metro State New Student Orientation 2009  

Power point presentation from summer sessions 2009.

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