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Amy Harriss How I made my Music Magazine front cover

This is the original image I decided to use for my music magazine front cover. I chose this out of a selection of photo’s from a Photo shoot I took.

Firstly I decided to use curves to create a darker look to the image. I then moved the image down with free transform, to create a larger gap for a masthead at the top. I then used an eraser to erase some of the blue which was over the fence.

Here I added my chosen masthead design which also goes well with my chosen image.

Amy Harriss

Here I started to add the main cover line text. This was text I chose from called ‘Star Avenue’, I then erased the white background of the text with the quick selection tool.

I then added some of the same text, however kept the white background to make it stand out more. I gave this text a slant so it looks more edgy.

Here I added some text underneath the masthead to show the magazine edition. I put this on a slight slant so it looks like its sat on the fence.

Amy Harriss

Here I have added a barcode to the left hand side of the cover.

Here I am starting to add some more cover lines and have used the same text. I have used a drop show around this to make it darker and stand out.

Here I have decided to change the side of the main cover feature text. This is so it is in the left third of the magazine. This will draw more attention to the magazine in shops.

Amy Harriss

I have then added some bands as other cover lines for the magazine. I have alternated the colours of the band names with the theme of black and dark green. I have used the text ‘Tw Cen MT’.

Here is have added some small text above the barcode of the music magazine website.

I then decided to use the effect inner shadow on the ‘Olly ward’ text’.

How I made my music magazine front cover  

How i made my media music mag font cover