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Liquor Cabinet for a Bachelor Designed by: Amy Fletcher Peaches Piechnik

Client Profile Our client is bachelor Brad Chambers and his dog Diesel. Brad is a CEO of a hardware and software company. Brad collects vintage cars and vintage bottles of liquor. As Brad’s collection expands, he requires a type of cabinet that combines his two collections, but also protects the bottles when Diesel is home alone. Brad enjoys having friends over to enjoy watching games, playing fossball and drinking expensive liquor.


Design solution

Client wants to display liquor collection is a unique way.

Design a car cabinet that opens like a cabinet to feature client’s liquor collection.

Concerns: Cabinet needs to provide protection when his dog Diesel plays.

Ability to shut and protect the contents inside. Play on Diesel!

Fiat 500 The Fiat 500 is THE vintage classic car. It was produced from 1957 to 1975; and then redesigned again in 2007. The Fiat 500 is one of the most sensational cars of the 50’s. It set a new standard as an economic city style measuring at just 2.9 meters. The perfect kind of car to display car history and a vintage liquor collection.

Inspirational Images

Initial Sketches

Vintage Fiat Liquor Cabinet Design Concept

Construction of the cabinet: Front hood: now opens from the top with welded in hinges. Magnetic push opening (push on side panel to open) Top Bottom of the Car: cut into two pieces. Connected with hinges that are controlled by a remote control Doors have been welded shut Trunk hood: cut into two pieces and re hinged to open outwards. Magnetic push opening instead of having handles Car: is bolted to the wall through the tires to conceal supporters on other side

Interior of the cabinet

Steering wheel still in place fpr decoration

“Private Stock� Top Shelf: 2.2 m above ground shelf dim: .52 m x .8 holds: 10 bottles Liquor Dispenser: 1.49 m above ground .73 m tall and hold 6 bottles rotating on a steel rod. Wine Rack: 1.44 m to 2.07 above ground .41 m between racks and holds 16 bottles bolted into wooden supports in the seats and interior of the car

Interior of the cabinet Bottom Shelving for glasses: 1.23 above ground Adjustable shelving with butt joints .47 m x .6 m bolted into the side panels Ice Maker (custom built): 1.43 above ground opening: .23 m x .37 total: .42 m x .51 Mini Fridges in the trunk: .67 above ground .42 x .9 opens with two doors

Thank you and enjoy your day

Designed by: Amy Fletcher Peaches Piechnik

Liquor cabinet presentation amy and peaches  

Project 1 for Olga

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