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Initial inspirational images. I started looking at pleating and cloud prints to see what garments I could design and what pleats would look best

Pleating experiments with paper, to see what shapes could be made. Due to the stiffness of the paper on certain shapes could be made as the paper wouldn’t bend like fabric would.

Disperse dye samples. Towards the beginning of the project I made a few samples with disperse dyes and the heat bed to try and create cloud prints. However, the colours were too light and didn’t show the shapes well.

Initial Ice dyeing sample.

Lighter ice dyeing sample with peach procion dye.

Design developments

I took some of my ice dyeing samples and pleated it to see what the print would look like pleated. I then took the pleated sample and put it on the mini mannequin to see how the pleats look like on certain parts of the body.

Final design developments.

Final designs and final ice dyeing prints.

Final Designs

Making my final product.

Front and back pattern pieces

Issuu presentation  
Issuu presentation  

Final presentation