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Welcome to the brand guidelines for

Pulse Pace

The logo Pulse Pace

Pulse Pace

Logo discription Pulse Pace is a fitness instructors logo. This is a guide to the basic elements of the Pulse Pace logo. Please read and follow the instructions as requested, before you use the logo.


Pulse Pace Give enough room for the logo to breathe

Pulse Pace

Change all blue or black

Do not



Pac ulse


Pulse Pace

P Squash or stretch the logo

Pulse Pace Change the colour or tint

Rotate the logo

Pulse Pace Use it on colours that clash

Put a box around it

Pace Pulse Pace Pulse Use the text individually

Colours c : 0% m :0% y :0% k :0%

c : 72% m :14% y :0% k :0%

c : 75% m :68% y :69% k :90%

Typograpghy Formation Sans Reguar

aA abcdefghijnopqrstuv wxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLNO PQRSTUVWXYZ


Pulse Pace style guide  
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