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17 June 2010

Amy in South Africa No one is a firmer believer in the power of prayer than the devil; not that he practices it, but he suffers from it. ~Guy H. King

Inside this issue: General update Pics of prayer room Specific Prayer Requests Bafana Bafana!

General So I think it is time for me

and just an hour ago we one who is ‘well’

to send an update on how

found out that 14 more

would be abusing and using

things are going in Cape

were rescued. It is so en-

people as these men and

Town. The World Cup has

couraging to see God expos-

women are.

been going for a week now

ing what the enemy would

that God would redeem their

and things are moving

love to keep in darkness.

story and that these men and

quickly. We have been run-

That has been the prayer of

women, who are exploiting the

ning the 24/7 prayer house

my heart...the exposure of

innocent, would be the very

for the last 3 1/2 weeks in

the strategies/activities of

ones who would in the end

downtown Cape Town and it

the enemy.

has been awesome to part-

God is at work

ner with different churches

in this nation

and ministries in the area to

doing that

pray into the issues sur-

very thing.

rounding human trafficking. 1

Even as I am writing this (it’s midnight here) there are


two young women from a local church who are pas-

3 3

Updat e

sionately crying out on behalf of victims of human trafficking and sexual slavery. Just two days ago 40 girls who were underage (some supposedly very young) were rescued from a brothel outside of Jo’burg,

My prayer is

One of the things God has also been laying on my

Justice ACTS (a local anti-trafficking coalition) praying in the 24/7 Prayer room

heart is asking him for

mercy for the trafficker, the pimp, the dealer, the

fight on their behalf… I want to see God bring beauty from the ashes in their lives.

rapist, the ‘john’, the

One of the greatest prayers

abuser. How much they

now, as girls & boys are found,

need to encounter a loving

is that their needs would be

Father. So many of their

met (ie. safe housing, trauma

stories are ones of broken-

counseling, medical care, etc).

ness and pain. Lets be

Please pray for more safe











So, this gives you a little taste of what our prayer room looks is set up to resemble a brothel, with a shack in the corner and the walls covered with corrugated iron and cardboard. It is a long rectangular room, so we have it set up with stations. When you first come in there is a shack that has PSA’s running inside, with statistics posted, and lit by a string of Christmas lights. There is an old mattress on the floor with a teddy bear in the corner. Next to the shack is an area where we have cards that hang with individual stories of people we meet on the streets. There are candles to light as you pray. There is a cross with communion in the center of the room, an area for worship with music, and an art wall. The room is lit by candles and filtered lights. It’s very


Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying for us here in South Africa. Things have been very busy these last weeks and I realize how much I need and enjoy my times alone in the prayer room. It has been a gift to be able to sit and wait on the Lord and have Him speak what’s on His heart and show me how to pray. I have been asking Him to give me a deeper understanding of the importance and role of prayer in my own personal life and on behalf of others. I know He has more to speak to me in the weeks to come. I also love love love our nights out on outreach in the streets. We often go out late at night and either meet ladies working the streets and some of the street youth, talk to bar owners and give them beer mats that talk about the issues of trafficking, or chat with some of the bouncers and dealers on the streets. It’s such a gift to make friends with some of the locals and then to intercede on their behalf. They are so open about their stories and want relationship with us. I feel so honored to get to know them more.

B a f a n a

B o y s

T h e

B o y s

The Church we are working

wide, that are in town for the

with has opened it’s doors to

games, to help run the view-

the public to have viewings of

ings. It’s madness at times.

Amy Elizabeth

Prayer Points: 

continued protection...we have had two muggings during these last three weeks and just the other night found some guys hiding out in the bathrooms at the church...since the facility we are using is open to the public it can be a hotspot for trouble.

For continued breakthrough with girls who have been trafficked being found. Last week three was 40 girls rescued one night and a few nights later another 14 girls were found. Ask God for more!

Justice ACTS (one of YWAM’s organizations that we are working alongside) has also found favor with the government and they have been asked to open a permanent safe house. The government has agreed to help fund it , but what they will provide will not cover all the needs to open the home.

the World Cup games in the

to the public to provide a safe location for kids and adults to come and watch the games. It is very chaotic at times, but fun. :) Operation Mobilization (OM) is working alongside different teams from YWAM World-

support! I miss you guys,

B a f a n a …

t r a n s l a t i o n = T h e

gym. It is also an outreach

Thanks for your love and

Amy's June 2010 South Africa Newsletter  

what's up in South AFrica

Amy's June 2010 South Africa Newsletter  

what's up in South AFrica