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Welcome to Jennifer’s show, today’s hot topic will include why teenagers like to download illegal music


First track on today’s show will be James Blake- Overgrown

if you want any song requests you know what to do, text your song to 451

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On today’s show I will be talking to my fellow student *Melissa* regarding the serious issue of downloading illegal music.


Interviewer- Hello *Mellissa* you’re a young teenager I was just wondering why you feel it’s okay to download music? *Melissa* - I think its okay to download illegal music because it’s really expensive to download good music but I do feel if more people accepted the fact they had to pay for it then downloads wouldn’t be so expensive Interviewer- If they were your favorite artist wouldn’t you feel happier buying their album from the store? *Melissa* - I think I would, I don’t know it depends on the persons respect for the artist I like music but I’m not too fussed about the people Interviewer- I mean you wouldn’t walk into a shop and steal food would you?

Or walk into Tesco and steal a huge TV? So why do so many people think it’s okay to download music that’s not theirs?

Link *Melissa*- because its expensive, its an expensive thing and if there are programmes available online and its really accessible people are going to, Interviewer- Many teenagers are unaware of the results; this could include a prison sentence. Downloading illegal music also takes the credit away from the artist themselves. Interviewer- There are also benefits of buying music, which include getting pictures and the music, is also better quality. *Mellissa* Thankyou so much for all this insight. Whoever has been listening I hope I’ve helped raise awareness on downloading music the whole point of this was to encourage everyone to buy music so artists can get the recognition they deserve.


Radio show  
Radio show