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Jennifer’s Radio  Show     Jennifer  Ozegin    

My ideas     •  ‘A8ract  the  audiences  a8en<on’   • 

Was to  come  up  with  something  that  young  teenagers  do  as  that  was  my  target  audience    

Downloading illegal  music    

Teenage pregnancy   campaign    

Ideas of  social  ac,on    

Cyber bullying     Exam  Stress  

Show us  your  campaign  

Campaign I  based  my  idea  on   •  .  United  Kingdom  is  the  second  worst  country   in  the  world  for  downloading  illegal  music     •  7.7million  people  have  downloaded  music     •  Ar<sts  loose  money     •  You  can  get  fined  for  downloading  illegal  music    

Pitch   •  ‘I  am  trying  to  raise  money  to  stop  illegal  downloads  from  happening,   doing  a  radio  show  will  allow  people  to  engage  and  also  make  it  more   interes<ng  than  listening  to  a  power  point  presenta<on.    The  money   will  go  towards  closing  down  websites.’   •  ‘People  who  are  interested  can  help  by  spreading  the  word  using   social  networking  sites  such  as  Face  book   •   and  Twi8er.’   •  The  tone  of  my  pitch  is  going  to  be  serious  as  it  is  a  serious  topic  to   address.-­‐  I  stuck  to  the  tone  of  my  message  being  serious     •   It  is  targeted  to  people  who  are  interested  in  stop  illegal  downloads.     The  age  range  is  (15  and  over)   •   The  project  will  take  place  in  Havering  Sixth  Form,  and  it  will  take   place  during  spring  <mes.   •  It  will  make  a  serious  impact  on  ar<sts  who  make  music,  as  they  will   get  the  money  they  deserve  and  publicity.  By  stopping  illegal   downloads  they  can  get  the  recogni<on  they  deserve.    

Planning and  producing     •  •  •  •  • 

Two Scripts     Risk  Assessment     Music  Playlist     Cue  sheet     Log    

Feedback •  Holly  said  my  interview  with  Jessica  was  good   but  her  answers  ‘weren't  straight  to  the  point’   .  I  decided  to  record  my  radio  show  using  two   different  people.      

Presenting my campaign