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Choosing the Right Kindle Book Market

What Type of Niches? 

The best Kindle markets or niches are: ◦ The ones that have plenty of consistently active buyers who either want to know as much as possible about a certain topic (in regards to non-fiction) ◦ or are just extremely passionate about the genre niche in question (in regards to fiction)

What Type of Niches? 

In Kindle book Market ◦ You don’t have to worry about always striving to keep abreast of your competition and use them to motivate you to be the best of your peer grouping

What Type of Niches? ď‚—

For non-fictionbased niches â—Ś The more multifaceted and complex your niche topic is the better

Not Your Typical Strategy As long as the niche in question isn’t overly saturated

A simple creative brainstorming session should net you several different ideas to approach the actual content of your Kindle book.

Importance of Rankings Identify the likelihood of breaking into a particular niche’s Top 1,000 rankings list

◦ 

Once accomplished, Amazon will recommend your Kindle book to readers

The traffic and visibility you’ll receive from breaking into these Top 1,000 lists is simply astronomical

A Piece of Advice 

Don’t let any of this strategic aspect of market or niche research steer you away from writing

Sometimes the very best Kindle books are written by the authors who have a sincere and passionate love for writing

Finding a comfortable balance of a topic that you enjoy writing about is what it’s all about. As with most things, it takes a bit of practice but you’ll most certainly get better at researching and discovering certain markets or niches as you gain direct on-the-job experience doing so.

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Choosing the Right Kindle Book Market  

For something as important as choosing which Kindle book market or niche to enter – which can have drastic effects on the difficulty or brea...

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