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Quality Content Creation: Interviewing an Expert

Quality Content Creation 

A great way to create quality content for your audience is to interview an expert. ◦ Choose an expert in your niche ◦ ask him or her questions on behalf of your audience

You and your audience will learn from the experience and it also gives you high quality content

Quality Content Creation ď‚—

However, carrying out a good interview requires a great deal of preparation.

Preparing Your Questions Make a list of questions in advance  Focus on things you think your listeners or readers want to know.  If you don't have ideas, come right out and ask your audience 

Do Your Homework 

Before your interview, research the expert ◦ Know as much as possible about them ◦ what they do ◦ and their past achievements

It's embarrassing for an interviewer to slip up and not know something everyone in their audience knows

Nailing Down Specifics Choose a format and decide on a length for the interview  You may want to ask the interviewee if there's a certain format they prefer 

◦ for example, interview over Skype

Nailing Down Specifics Prep your expert on the topics you want to cover and the overall objective of the interview  Explain your audience's point of view 

◦ Most interviewers give their subjects the actual questions beforehand, while some prefer the feeling of spontaneity 

Ask them if they have any questions about the interview.

Transitioning Between Questions ď‚—

Go through your list of questions in a way that's natural


You can keep the interview moving by summarizing their answers or commenting on them

When Things Don't Go As Planned ď‚—

If your interview subject rambles or goes off topic. You need to steer them back on course

When Things Don't Go As Planned ď‚—

This can be intimidating if they're a famous person or a person of authority, but you have to maintain control of the interview


You can steer it back to the topic by referring to an older answer

When Things Don't Go As Planned If the person is too quiet, there could be several reasons. If they're nervous, try to set them at ease. ď‚— A good way to prevent this is to prepare more questions than you need. ď‚—

Wrapping up At the end of the interview, always ask the subject if there's anything else they'd like to add  Give them a chance to promote something if they'd like to  End your interview by thanking them for their time. 

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Quality content creation interviewing an expert  

A great way to create quality content for your audience is to interview an expert. Choose an expert in your niche or a related niche and ask...