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Volume 1 Issue 5

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October 2012

The Dang Key

April 2012

The Official Newsletter of Division 7B from the Carolinas District of Key Club International Ardrey Kell |Monroe |Nation Ford | Northwestern | South Meck

Instagram: amystarx3

The Dang Key

Volume 1, Issue 5 October 2012 Dear Division 7B, Fall session is here!! You know what that mean; it is )me to pull out our comfy sweaters, boots and jackets to welcome this wonderful weather. Besides dressing cute for this Fall, we should also start coun)ng down to our…..wait for it…..TRICK-or-TREAT for UNICEF! As childish as it may seem, I first wanted to join Key Club to carry around cute, li8le UNICEF boxes unaware of the impact it would have on me. It is amazing to know that we have raised more than $100 million so far to help saved the lives of millions of children across the globe from MNT (Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus). This year, the UNICEF boxes will be a white box with no design so that YOU all can be crea)ve with it and design it to your liking. If you have Instagram, you can take a picture of your design and tag @unicefusa to get a chance to be feature of their “photo of the day UNICEF box” . If you have not receive your UNCIEF boxes yet, please go ahead and email or call 317-217-6213 to get your boxes before Halloween. Midterm is coming soon and I wish you all the best of luck! Don’t hesitate to talk to me if you guys ever have any ques)ons or concern! Best Regards,

Ltg. of Division 23A (Chris)ne Reynolds) and I at Fall Rally :)

Amy Dang

The Public Rela)ons Commi8ee has set up a District Twi8er account! Be sure to follow them so you can be updated of what is going on @CarolinaKeyClub

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The Dang Key

Volume 1, Issue 5 October 2012

It’s no big surprise that most of us love our coffee. In fact, it’s an everyday staple and no one say anything when we spend at least four dollars on our ice caramel macchiato with two pumps of raspberry. What if I told you that for the price of your usual coffee order, you could protect two mother and their children from tetanus and s)ll have change leI over? Isn’t that crazy? ELIMINATE is a global project that combined forces of Kiwanis Interna)onal and UNICEF. Together, they have one common goal which is to completely eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) from the face of the Earth. It would take roughly about $110 to ripe out this deadly disease, but every dollar counts.

Just $1.80 provides the vaccine to protect a mother from tetanus and prevent her future children from this excrucia)ng pain and possible death. When a newborn contacts neonatal tetanus, they can’t feel the comfort of their mother’s arm , as every touch sends them into convulsions. Do your part in elimina)ng MNT by raising and awareness about this preventable disease either by handling flyers or organizing a fundraising event to support ELIMINATE. Remember, everything is possible when we all work together. Just think about how 60,000 lives will be saved every year by your contribu)on from Sudan to Cambodia. Every $1.80 will bring our world one immuniza)on closer to elimina)ng maternal and neonatal tetanus.

And all it takes is your morning coffee cup…


The Dang Key

Volume 1, Issue 5 October 2012

Fun Fall Services Happy Early Halloween everyone! Are you all ready to get your services on for the fall? For an example, during Thanksgiving, why don’t we get the club members together and raise money to buy some food for the local Homeless Shelter for a Thanksgiving dinner? Or maybe we could spend a weekend before Thanksgiving at the Boys and Girls Home at Lake Waccamaw, NC to shows that we care about them! The possibili)es are endless when we put out minds together. If you have any services project for this fall or even a special Thanksgiving project you would like to do, shoot me and email at or ask your advisor to send me an email so we could organized something together for a divisional event. Here are some of the fundraiser ideas that I have in mind.

Class competition for the UNICEF box The class with the most amount of dona)on toward UNICEF will win an ice-cream/pizza party. This simple compe))on is very easy and to organized.


Carving Pumpkin Contest This event will not only get Key Club members to par)cipate but even the whole school! This is a fun event that everyone would love to par)cipate in. The winner would put their carved pumpkin in the main oďŹƒce to show the whole campus!

The Dang Key

Volume 1, Issue 5 October2012

President’s Page DUES!! DUES!! DUES!! Dues are to be paid from October 1st to December1st. This gives you guys about two month to get the news out about dues and to collect them in Ć&#x;me for the due date. If they are paid early by November 1st, your club will get an Early Bird Patch for your club banner at the District ConvenĆ&#x;on

KEY CLUB WEEK— This gives you the opportunity to show your community of what Key Club is truly about! Monday: Nov.5 = Show your K in every way! Show people what Key Club is all about by wearing Key Club gear and publicizing Key Club Week. Tuesday, Nov 6 = Kudos to the key players! Personally thank all the Key Club supporters you know wri)ng thankyou notes or host an apprecia)on dinner to recognize the contribu)ons of these special people. Wednesday, Nov 7 = Connect the Ks! Celebrate the en)re family of Kiwanis by gree)ng the whole gain involved.

Please advise your secretary to submit your “Club Monthly Report� on the Carolinas District website by OCT.31ST!!!!!

Thursday, Nov 8 = Bring a friend to Key Club! More members equal more services. Friday, Nov 9 = Your way! This is your club’s chance to do its own thing and make its mark.

Timeline of Key Dates September 22nd

Region 2 Club Oficers Training Meeting Meeting (COTM) (COTM)

October 15th

November 1st

December 1st

Registration Early Bird Regular form are due for deadline for deadline for Kiwanis Family Key Club Dues Key Club Dues Key Club Dues Key Club Dues Conference Conference

March 14-17

Carolinas Carolinas District District Convention Convention



The Dang Key

Volume 1, Issue 5 October2012

Contact Information Amy Dang Division 7B LTG (980).226.7480 Hannah Walrath District Secretary/Treasure (828.260.6031) Josh Wiggins District Governor (919).22.9640 J. Scott Johnson District Administrator I would like to give a special thanks to

(704).968.1051 Marc Chen International Trustee

"Belforno Inc. Wood Fired Ovens “ By Frank Shepherdson

& The Mecklenburg Kiwanis


For helping to sponsor my Key Club Interna)onal Conven)on! 2008 Pinecrest Dr.Greenville, NC 27858 •(704) 968-1051


October Newsletter  

The Eliminate Project, message from amy dang (ltg), UNICEF, Fall services

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