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Dolls’ houses + miniatures: The value of craft ********************************************************************

Amy Choi ~Context of Practice 3

COP3 original proposal ************************************

• •

After receiving some feedback

Jumped into things to quickly Had trouble choosing a question Needs more relevance to my practice

T o p i c ~ dollhouse + miniature collections

InitIal proposal

Questions ****************

• What is the value of craft amongst dolls’ houses and miniatures? • How has value of craft for dolls’ houses and miniatures been altered through history?

InitIal thoughts|Ideas

Key area of focus ********************************************************************

Ethical  mass marketing  consumerism  value  Importance of craft

SpecIfIc subject

Over summer

Academic reading

Secondary research *******************************

• Considered frivolous, childlike and feminine • Related to childhood and feminism • Nostalgia and wealth • On longing… Susan Stewart: ‘We cannot separate the function of miniature from nostalgia for preindustrial labor, a nostalgia for craft’ ‘the miniature object represents an antithetical mode of production: production by the hand, a production that is unique and authentic’ Research

Primary research ***************************

National trust: ~ Beatrix Potter dolls’ house at Hill top ~ Uppark House ~ Eco house at Modern Hall Park ~Dolls’ house room at Wallington V&A Museum of childhood


Practical **************

• Explore aspects of 3D illustration ~Ceramics ~Paper craft ~3D paper craft • Publication • 3D activity book ~ build ideal dolls’ house

Practical proposal

Contextual references



Outcome **************

• I hope to develop my 3D skills within ceramics + paper craft • How I can apply this to develop my own practice further • I want to gather an understanding on dolls’ houses and miniatures and the culture, the value of craft • Build a body of work that synthesizes both essay and practical

Potential outcome

Ouil601 cop3 presentation  
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