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Summative Evaluation ****************** Paper Home Designer emanated from the research of miniaturisation in my dissertation. In my dissertation I investigated to what extent does miniaturisation influence contemporary illustrated paper craft? I began this research on the obsession with miniatures and miniature theories then focusing on specific example of miniatures, dolls’ houses exploring the social and cultural history and the impact this had progressing into paper dolls’ houses and the creation of lithography. Taking inspiration from the case studies of contemporary illustrated paper craft including the Printed Peanut and Flow Magazine for Paper Lovers 3 and further reference of Design for Today to emulate the aesthetic of lithography. I learned about dolls’ houses ‘containing a miniature version of their own world’ and the obsession with miniatures provided illusions of control and miniatures being strong in a child’s imagination. After gathering all the research from miniaturisation. In response to my dissertation in order to synthesize the written and practical element I decided to create a paper activity pack for children with miniature activities to create reflect their own world by personalising and decorating their own space, having different themes quarterly provides them with the option to pick and choose since each child’s space is individual to them this enables them to choose an activity of preference. Choosing paper activities was informed by the research on paper dolls in the essay and the idea of scrapbooking enhancing the concept of aesthetically training the eye. Intending that the child to use there space like a scrapbook. The idea is that this paper activity pack will encourage imagination and creativity in a child’s development.

Process and development ********************** • Researching into my dissertation I drew inspiration from case studies, The Printed Peanut and Flow Magazine for Paper Lovers 3 to create the paper activity pack • Drawing reference from lithography and Design for Today • Some media testing was done before developing final outcomes • The format of the paper dolls, garland and stickers were developed on Photoshop

Final designs ***********

Activities include: Paper dolls Garland Stickers

Stickers ***********

Final product *********** • Paper activity pack is designed to encourage creativity and imagination in a child’s development

Pack mockup ***********

Final presentation boards  
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