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I am a fashion artist. I was born in Encinitas, California to a father from Germany and a mother from Santa Fe, New Mexico. At the age of 4 my family moved to Mountainair, a very small town in the geographic center of New Mexico. The 6 years we spent building a straw bale house there were much like a 90s version of Little House on the Prairie. When I was 10 we moved to Freiburg in the south of Germany. I attended public school and was immersed in German culture. After 3 years we moved back to Encinitas where I attended a progressive art, theater, and science high school called Canyon Crest Academy. Every summer I attended the Parsons pre-college program and got a taste of life in New York City. I moved to NYC in August of 2009 to attend Parsons the New School of Design and have lived here ever since.

Self Portrait, 2009/2010

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Unfashion, 2010 page 4

Special K, 2011 page 19

______ gear., 2011 page 7

Urban Cocoon, 2011 page 22

Children On Drugs, 2011 page 10

Bad Toddlers, 2011 page 25

Jacky, 2011 page 13

Born in the 90s, 2012 page 28

Outfit Map, 2011 page 16

Burger Time, 2012 page 31 Quantification, 2012 page 34


Self Portrait

medium: various yarns, metal Fall 2009/2010


This project reconnected me to crocheting and sparked an interest in knitwear. I used various self-created methods to make a poncho of sorts that could be worn any which way. While I crocheted the different textures and colors of yarn, I thought of the different parts of my life and how they connected. I resolved this project when I developed a way to display it in a sculpture class Sophomore year. I chose to hang it this way to emphasize the shape of a draped garment and play with giving it life.





photo A by Parker McComb, photo B by Santiago Felipe, photo C by Elle Rex medium: clothing, various materials, video & photographic documentation Fall 2010



C For the duration of this class we were simply asked to create an outfit for ourselves each week. We could come up with our own method, a theme, or simply explore our character and style. I created several projects based on thematic research and use of different methods I saught to teach or make up myself. Towards the end of this class I was interested in making clothing specifically for use in videos that I edited myself.



____ gear.

collaborators: Haeyeon Choi and Eli Monkarsh photos on page 9 by Ian Markell medium: clothing, online and physical sales, photographic documentation of clothing Spring 2011


Together with Eli and Haeyeon, I developed the clothing brand ____ gear. We used various recycled materials and focussed on deconstructing used garments. Each item had a printed tag that said “_____ gear.� allowing the user to write what kind of gear they saw that garment to be. We had various photoshoots of our products and listed these items for sale on Etsy. At the end of the semester we had a successful sales event with other groups from the class in a rented space.



Children on Drugs

medium: clothing, online and print look book, video look book photography by Taylor Moore video music by Hot Sugar Fall 2011


This 8 look collection was made during a class called Love, in which our teacher Gabi Asfour prompted us to make something that we loved and were proud of. I began sketching and writing down keywords for my inspiration. I was mainly inspired by the creative minds of children and how they choose to dress themselves. I worked fluidly and would make decisions as I came to them instead of pre-planning. I created an online look book and short video of the finished collection as a way to share it outside of school.



Jacky costumes

medium: clothing, fabric, yarn and various notions Fall 2011


I worked closely with director Eleot Reich to create costumes that supported her vision of the play Jacky and put the actors in the proper environment. I studied the script and sat in on rehearsals with the actors to gain more insight to their process and the vision they had. I used materials that were donated, which added to the aesthetic. I researched children’s toys, art, clothing and Japanese street fashion. Eleot was very pleased and the actors kept the hats I made for them after the play was



Outfit Map

medium: fabric, yarn, felt, and various notions Fall 2011


I documented my outfits for over a week and mapped out the reasons why I wore the specific clothes I did each day. I chose to create this map out of fabric and notions so that it would reflect the clothing I was wearing and be tactile. I first started with connecting the 5 outfits I wore with the different influences through yarn, but it came out too cluttered. So for my second version I created a key for each influence and mapped it out in a cleaner way.



Special K

excerpt used from James St. James’ novel Party Monster medium: video, multi-media stop motion Fall 2011


I chose an excerpt from the beginning of James St. James’ book Party Monster about the drug Special K and how it makes the user feel to animate in stop motion. I chose this excerpt because it is whitty and I thought the changing of imagery would be fun to work with. I used various fabrics and notions to reflect the changes that he discusses the mind going through while on this drug.



Urban Cocoon

medium: myself, crochet yarn cocoon, video documentation Fall 2011


When planning this performance piece I looked into myself and how I have grown and blossomed since moving to New York City and specifically living in the East Village. I chose to do this performance in Cooper Square because it has a lot of loud noise that can become comforting and is a mixture of an urban environment. I dressed as I would on any day to show myself as I look now and crocheted myself fully in to a precrocheted piece of cocoon. The performance was stressful because it was hard to pull myself out of the cocoon, which fully reflected my struggle to get to NYC.



Bad Toddlers

medium: appropriated video Fall 2011


For this video essay/collage, I studied the two reality tv shows Toddlers & Tiaras and Bad Girl’s Club. I wanted to cross examine the childish behavior of these “bad” girls and the adult expectations of the toddlers. I studied their mothers and how poor parenting may have resulted in the behavior of these bad girls. I edited together appropriated footage and sound from both tv shows to show my findings.



Born in the 90’s

collaborators: Haeyeon Choi and Carmen Ortiz medium: research, Etsy, paper zine, CD Spring 2012


For this project we extensively researched Etsy and the forms of gifting. Our group decided to work with a zine focussed on a theme that was current to our generation and online culture; the 1990’s. We researched toys, tv shows, celebrities, music, and fashion to create an interactive zine that showed our memories and left room for those of the viewer. We worked with InDesign to create a layout that complimented our work. We then developed a packaging and set up an Etsy store for the various sets of products.



Burger Time

medium: Adobe Illustrator, print, knit swatches Fall 2012


This 5 look knitwear collection was inspired by fast food and a hamburger shirt that I hand knitted earlier in the semester. I designed this presentation so that it reflected my playful style as a fashion artist. I established a basic color pallett and imagined textiles I would work with. I used Eliza Thornberry as my model because I saw her as the perfect mixture between fun and fashion.




medium: yarn photos by Ian Stoner Fall 2012


For this piece, I studied the fashion figure and methods of quantification of the body in relation to clothing. I was interested in the creation of circles around parts of the body through measurements and the relationships created between parts of the body. I crocheted this body suit that could be worn on top of clothing to blend in and be exposed depending on what clothing was worn with it. I had photographs taken of me fixing my hair and putting on my shoes to show that these measurements are carried with us everywhere we go.


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